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The first line “Love your book…” brightens my day. I’m glad to have a new supporter Wayne who found my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” enriching. I’m happy Wayne has found an affordable means to learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Wayne posted three questions in his recent email and signed off with the words, “Sorry I got so much to ask, and your book made me fell in love with numerology!

Wayne need not feel sorry for asking. He bought my book to understand the EON methods and learn how he could apply the techniques to have a better, happier, and healthier life. Wayne asked,

1) How do I know when to analyse a three-number combination (e.g., 3-3-6), and when to analyse a two-number combination (e.g., 3-6)?

2) On knowing the methods in question 1, how do I go about analysing the number? For instance, when I see a 7 as the Root number, how do I determine if it symbolises “friends & supporters” or “may indulge in extra marital affairs” or “prone to leg related problem”?

3) For health analysis, is it right to say that we only look at the personal year Root number and not the numbers in M, N, P and Q to deduce our health in a particular year?

There are no fixed rules we must adhere when profiling a person. People are different. We think and act differently even when we’re in the same room facing the same problem. Some people like to use their “right brain” while others prefer using their “left brain” to focus on the same issue and identify possible signs of workarounds and solutions. These people are usually the proactive ones who prefer to take charge of their own lives. Then there are reactive ones who worry about over-consuming their brain cells (like phone’s batteries) and prefer to be followers and listen naively to what others said.

You can analyse a person’s chart with one-, two-, or three-number combinations. The Root number is a good example of a single-number analysis of a person’s key traits.

Look at the sample chart which allows me to explain further how you can profile using the different combination patterns.

There are tendency signs and traits we can associate to the number 6. I’ve described the basic ones in my book. Like Wayne, do get a copy of my book if you’ve not already done so. For those living in South-East Asia region, you can buy the book direct from me online.

From basic interpretations on number 6, the traits include money-minded, leadership, political, blunt, law, security, weapons, home and stability.

I’ve used the slide (below right) at my past EON WORKSHOP sessions to explain the extended traits we can associate to number 6, including the luck, wealth, career and health.

On positive side, this person could be a good leader, have interest in politics or involved in the stability of the country, wealthy, popular and influential. On the negative side, this person can be greedy, revengeful, egocentric, heavy-handed, and demanding.

When a person is positive, chances are, they may display more positive traits. When a person is negative or down-and-out, they display the negative traits strongly. Like everyone else, you have both positive and negative traits. It depends on how well you can “adapt and adept” and your toleration towards others. Your conscious and subconscious (and unconscious) minds influence your behaviours and actions. It’s up to you to take charge, whether you want to be a generous person or a “small people” snooping so low beyond your gracious manners and getting petty over trivial matters.

That’s my answer for Wayne’s second question. When profiling a person, we need to look at the “focus and issues.” We need to identify what we want to gather. In Wayne’s Root 7 example, the person can have many supporters and friends because of their charismatic, selfless, and approachable traits. When we focus on the undesirable traits, the tendency signs of sensual, sexual desires, fantasising, and “ever lusting” temptations come about. It doesn’t mean people with Root 7 would all be like that since it depends on their family upbringing and social values.

When we focus on health, there is a possibility this person may have leg problem or experience health conditions related to the Water element. It doesn’t necessary mean the person would be a crippled in later years. The person can take care of his health early to reduce these unwanted health conditions. In general, if you have a Root 7 or have multiple 7s in your birth chart, then you should abstain from taking up extreme sports. And if you have a Personal Year 7, then be extra cautious.  There’s nothing to worry about as long as you take precaution, exercise, eat right, be positive, and have a happy and holistic health.

Let’s look at the sample Birth chart again. Look at the 1-5 in locations MN. It’s all about [Alone-Stubborn] from a basic interpretation, isn’t it? We can analyse them as a two-number pattern. But when the number 6 in location O is identical to the resultant number of the MN (1+5=6), we’d look at them as a three-number pattern. Besides the 1-5-6 in MNO, there are two sets of 1-5-6 patterns in locations K-N-V and MNV.

The 1-5-6 implies [Alone-Stubborn-Money]. In short, this person could try all means to gather his wealth, popularity and other traits mentioned earlier regardless of the challenges and obstacles, if we focus on the negative aspect. On positive side, it could imply this person could make more money from overseas, have overseas funds, or in political matters, have overseas influences and supporters. When there are multiple sets, the tendency signs are stronger.

Incidentally, I’ve explained how the number 5 could show traits of surrounding numbers and used 1-5-6 as an example on Page 155 of my book. I’d encouraged you to check them out as it provides more signs and traits related to this number pattern.

Now look at another three-number pattern – the numbers 7-5-3 in locations V-N-L of the PY2012 chart. If you’ve attended my EON WORKSHOP sessions, you’d know why we can identify such patterns in the “unconventional” sequence which are different from the linear approach many “Power of Numbers” (PON) students have learned from their mentors. The 7-5-3 vibes could suggest legal entanglement, lawsuits, loss of money, and carelessness in money-related matters. This means that this person may be more careless resulting in unnecessary spending, losing money, or at extreme end, involved in court cases and legal entanglement issues this year (2012).

The 8-4-3 pattern in location STU suggests relationship or communication problems resulting in unnecessary quarrels and tension. At extreme end, it could lead to separation (for married couples, partnerships) or divorce (for married couples). If you have 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3) pattern in any location on your Birth chart, try to communicate more to others, and improve on your EQ. You need to learn to be more tolerant, empathetic, and stand by your moral values if possible. Could the 4-8-3 in this person’s PY2013 chart imply separation from loved ones next year (2013)?

Look at the 3-7 in locations IJ which we’d associate to the early stage of the person’s life. In basic interpretation, 3-7 means [Fast-Supporter] which implies this person may be prominent when young. Since locations I-J is in the Father sector, this person’s popularity may be related to his father’s career or personal life.

That’s all for today’s article. In case you’re still wondering, the sample Birth chart is on Bo Xilai, a former Chinese politician. I’ll explain Wayne’s third question in another article.


I hope you’ve learned something useful in today’s article. Practise what you’ve learned so you can improve your knowledge on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to understand yourself and others better. Let others now about EON and get them to buy my book as they could learn to improve their lifestyle too…

I also look forward to sharing more extended techniques with you at the 6th EON WORKSHOP this coming Saturday on 29th Sept 2012. Call McCoy at 8356-0179 to register for the workshop now and learn many extended EON techniques.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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