Influencing vibes on Susan Bachtiar

I met Rudy last week in Jakarta, Indonesia. We discussed about the many ways to analyse a person using the Elements of Numbers (EON) and Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) methods. Rudy knew I’ve been focusing on EON the past few years and wondered if he could use EON as an alternative profiling method to Bazi or ZiWeiDouShu (Purple Star Astrology).

“Of course,” I told him. It’s possible and faster to profile a person once you’ve learned the extended methods of EON that I’ve shared at my EON Workshop sessions. I told Rudy many people have tried learning Bazi with varying degree of success. While some simply gave up midway, others are still “moving in circles” debating over favourable and strong elements. That observation compelled me to look beyond my experiences in Bazi, and I’m glad my effort to formulate the EON method has been spiritually fulfilling. The EON method included the Universal and Personal energy components that are similar to Bazi’s Yearly, Monthly, and Daily pillars. Because of this unique feature in EON, doing a life path profiling is so much easier and faster as you’re still using numbers and the elements to profile a person. There is no need to debate over favourable or strong elements, clashes and combinations, and other features in Bazi that may confused the person. EON is much simpler and faster once you’ve learn the techniques to profile a person. And when you have access to my EON (Android) software, you‘ll get the essential information displayed on the screen within seconds.

Rudy provided me with the birth dates of some Indonesian celebrities and asked if I could do a case study on them. I told Rudy I will be using the EON methods instead as there are many people already knowledgeable in Bazi.  I can also provide users with an alternative profiling view.

For today’s article, I’ll briefly explain the tendency signs leading to marriage and divorce using Ms Susan Bachtiar, a popular Indonesian TV Presenter, as case study reference.

By the way, it is also important to read up my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. You can refer to book should you need to recap on the basic methods and references that I’d be mentioning in the later part of this article. You may consider getting my book if you do not own a copy as it’s a worthwhile investment to learn and know yourself better.

Let me highlight the tendency signs, traits, and characteristics mentioned below are based on vibes of the numbers and elements present in her charts. It does not necessary mean Susan will exhibit such traits.

Let’s look at Susan’s PY2000 chart.

The two sets of 7-5-3 in her PY2000 chart presented a different perspective that I’ve shared with the EON Workshop participants, and in many of my articles posted here. Besides potential issues like bankruptcy and lawsuits, the 7-5-3 could also imply legal or contractual agreement. In this case, it’s about the marriage vow made by Susan and her husband.

The 3-3-6 shows tendency signs of passionate vibes than true love that influence the couple’s decision to marry. In addition, there are signs suggesting Susan may have experienced objections or faced challenges from others, perhaps from elderly person like her parents or relatives.

[Note to EON Workshop participants: Check the Spouse and Career elements. It could manifest the vibes that influenced her wish to further her career life and have a home with her loved ones.]

Now let’s move forward to ten years later and look at her PY2010 chart. The 4-8-3 shows tendency signs of relationship problems with others. It could be with anyone including colleagues, supporters, relatives, government officials, spouse, and family members. When a person has 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) in a PY chart, they need to improve the way they communicate with others, and be sincere and truthful with one another. If they don’t take a conscious effort to improve their relationship with others, it could lead to frequent quarrels, and at extreme cases, a separation or divorce.

On health matters, Susan needs to take care of her respiratory, liver, and kidneys, including the lower parts of her body. She must moderate her food intake and cut down on sugary food (like alcohol, carbohydrates, cakes, and potatoes) to avoid increasing the blood sugar level. As there are tendency signs of regular mood swings and mushy sensual desires, it’s important she remain focused and not be swayed or distracted by wild thoughts and emotions. As her intuitional and spiritual senses may be high, it is equally important that she practise relaxation and calming exercises like meditation, yoga or pilates.


If you’re new to the Elements of Numbers (EON), don’t worry too much as you can read my book and learn the basic theories, and digest the many “advanced” articles I’ve posted here.

I’ve shown Rudy how he could profile others using EON without looking at the Bazi chart that he’s familiar with. Rudy asked me to conduct EON courses in Indonesia which I agreed. He noted many metaphysics professionals and enthusiasts in Indonesia wanted an “easy-to-learn-and-apply” profiling method to improve their lives and others. Rudy knows best as he’s a Feng Shui consultant in Indonesia, and has been conducting seminars to corporate organisations, and giving talks to property launches.

Yes, I’m ready to conduct the Elements of Numbers (EON) courses in Indonesia. Send me an email ( if you like me to keep you posted on my EON courses in Indonesia.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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