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Happy New Year 2024

  Here’s to a dazzling New Year for everyone! May 2024 be a year filled with immense success, blessings, and a notable improvement in health, alongside clear and profound visions. Let the year ushers...


On James’ Concerns – Part 1

I had an interesting email chats with James over the past couple of weeks. James attended the UCMHP course, and was confused about the methodologies and application theories learned, and decided to check with...


On NLP: Need to Know?

I noted there were searches like “NLP, unzip code, Baby, Childbirth, May 8 1997, 8 May 1997, Obstacle ’5’ in Personal year, the lust, career” and many others, made recently. I’ll randomly select one...


EON and UCMHP: Different Chart Layouts

I received an email from Laura who wrote, “I started reading your site few days ago as I completed my course with Dr Yeo from UCMHP. Very informative, systematic and respectable site indeed! I...


Common-sense Profiling

Today’s article is focusing on the generalise observation on the way we look at things and the way we profile a person. Usually everything seems so obvious for some people when they look at a...


Extra Bits on 1-1-2 and 1-6-9

There are increasing number of searches on this site focusing on patterns like 7-2-9-2-7-9, 1-1-2-3-3-6, 1-6-7, 1-6-9, 6-2-8, 3-5-8, and many others including words like “MH370” and “Paris Hilton.” Although everyone wants an answer...

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