Extra Bits on 1-1-2 and 1-6-9


There are increasing number of searches on this site focusing on patterns like 7-2-9-2-7-9, 1-1-2-3-3-6, 1-6-7, 1-6-9, 6-2-8, 3-5-8, and many others including words like “MH370” and “Paris Hilton.”

Preview3_fotoAlthough everyone wants an answer to the unfortunate event, I feel it’s still sensitive to discuss anything about the MH370 incident or the tendency signs. At its current stage, the Elements of Numbers (EON) method is more suitable for personality profiling and human behavioural analysis. I’d not recommend using the EON method for divination for now. You can use YiJing (I Ching), MeiHua (Plum Blossom) or BaziShenGua (Bazi Oracle) for divination analysis. This means analysing the likelihood of conspiracy theories leading to the different events happening to the MH370 plane, its flight path, or the final destination. But when you use the EON method aptly on a person’s chart, you can identify the Double Effects vibes and these could create stressing moments to some people on-board the plane. If you’re coming for this weekend’s FEN Advance level class, remind me and I might share my MH370 case study observations in class.

EON_Workshop_LifeCodeLet’s focus on the 1-1-2 and 1-6-9 vibes in today’s article. If you want to learn how to derive your own observations, I’ll be sharing the techniques this coming weekend (31 May – 1 June).  If you’ve already registered for the FEN Advance Level course, I’ll also be sharing the LifeCode’s harmonising secrets especially when you’d previously attended PON/LifeQuest/UCM modules. You’ll get to understand its implications and harmful effects if applied untimely. The LifeCode doesn’t work well every time, and it’s not suitable for every person. You’ll discover why the LifeCode pattern is more like an immediate mindset enhancer than a lifetime harmonising cure.

EXTEND11-1-2 [Alone-Alone-Talk]. If the 1-1-2 pattern is in M-N-O locations, the result would be 3-3-6 in P-Q-R location (related to the search for 1-1-2-3-3-6 pattern?). The tendency signs include feelings of loneliness even when the person is not alone. They fear they could not express their plans and visions well to others. The person worry unnecessary and these could create frequent thought-provoking moments and game-changing plans. As a result, there are signs suggesting distracted visions, over promising and under delivering, stuttering or stammering, and crazy busy over trivial matters.

The 1-6-9 Pattern have different representations and meanings to different people. The positive and negative connotations include Alone-Make Money-Success, Alone-Invest Money-Success, Alone-Home-Completion, Leader-Political Stability-Success, Leader-Enforcement-Completion, Mental-Worries-Emotions, Insecurity-Profits-Competitions, Leaders-Bribery-Success, Leaders-Money Laundering-Success, Dream-Believe-Achieve, Innovate-Revolutionary Product-Success, and many more. For a change, I’ll leave the sample word- associations to you to devise your own explanations. If you still cannot identify the traits and characteristics, I’d recommend you to attend my FEN courses.

Now let’s go beyond numbers and venture into the Elements of Numbers (EON) and Five Elements Numerology (FEN) extended theories that I’ve shared in my FEN classes. FEN students learned the underlying principles to identify the traits behind a sequence of numbers. For example, the extended tendency signs include mental manipulation on others, information leaks, fear-factor tactics like secretly leaking rumours on non-existence or unfinished new product’s features to prevent others from buying competitors’ often-better products. The waiting game the next better product is releasing soon withholding impulsive or immediate purchase. Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Do your own analysis on a person or company, and you may find the mentioned traits present especially when the person or company do have the 1-6-9 pattern in their chart, or Personal Year chart.

I’m looking forward to share my extended techniques to you this coming weekend on 31 May – 1 June. I promise you’ll learn more exciting techniques than those taught at the PON, UCM, or LifeQuest classes.

Give Daniel a call at 9853-1777 to register for the FEN Advanced Level course to learn the techniques to interpret number patterns, its hidden signs, and the elemental influences that may affect a person or company.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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