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I received an interesting text message this morning from a friend. Tim texted, “Please read today’s newspaper article “Screenagers’ out of touch with reality.” The generation of American youngsters born after 1990s are having problems in relating to others in the real world. Can we say it may have to do with the Years 1990 to 1999 manifesting the hidden characteristics of 191 and possibly 213?

[Ron] Yes you can say so. If you look at 1980-1989… working hard for success is the mainstream mindsets since the vibes are on 189.

[Tim] Many of those born after 1980s are called the “Strawberries generation” demanding a lot and they want it as fast as possible in their ways (1-8-9). Besides, from my own daily work and personal experiences, the views are well reported and shared by many different communication media.

I’m glad Tim’s profiling knowledge and observations have improved after applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and attending my EON WORKSHOP sessions. He has been texting me useful observations on the profiling case studies he’d made on his clients.  Tim’s text message was interesting and I thought I could quickly share my views with you here.

In a separate article, “Ailsa Cameron: When teenagers lose touch with reality“, the young writer wrote, “There’s no denying the internet’s blinding danger. It can grab hold of you when you’re in a dark place and fling you in deeper. But it’s not the sole perpetrator of suicide. What we really need is an understanding as a society…” There are many social networking sites these days, and many of them are populated with negative vibes. Ailsa wrote, “All across social networking sites people openly claim to be “seriously depressed” or “painfully insecure”.

Are we able to identify tendency vibes that could influence people born in different decades?

YearEnergiesYes, it is possible to identify the general tendency signs influencing people born in different decades. In addition, the influencing vibes (during the decade period) could also affect the living ones born before that period.

Let’s look at the periods 1990-1999. As Tim noted, the patterns 1-9-1 (1+9+9=1; 1+9+9+9=1) are there. The tendency traits for number 1 include alone, independent, frank, blunt, and leadership. The tendency traits for number 9 include high ambitions, success, rigidness, assertiveness, demanding, and interfering.  And when we combine both traits of 1 and 9, we can easily identify signs manifesting the “to each his own” mindset and instant gratifications. Every individual has their own views and insist others follow them, asserting their choice as the best decision. The vibes influencing attitudes like “there are no two ways about doing it. It’s either you follow my way, or you’re out” are strong.

The vibes in the 80s era (1980-1989) are different.

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The tendency vibes for 1960-1969 are on the patterns 1-6-9.

Those born in the 2000s are different. The presence of number 2 suggests communication, expression, and gossiping. That could imply social networking, the influence of social medias like the Internet, increasing female leaders, and the quick distribution of confidential information leaks are here to stay for many, many years.

The influencing vibes may affect people born during that period, but the affected level depends on the culture, environment and family upbringing. In addition, the influencing vibes could affect everyone who’s still alive during that period, and not just those born during that times.

There are number patterns present in a century, decade, and year. Once you can identify such patterns and its influencing vibes, it’s easier for you to manifest the positive vibes, and yet at the same time control the negative vibes that may affect your health and other areas. Therefore, it is important to know how the Universal and Personal vibes can influence your mindset and affect your decisions and actions.

BANNER2Take the case of next year 2014. The tendency signs suggest there could be more Kickstarter-like and alternative fuel projects; increasing people involved in immoral misdeeds, domestic violence, and extreme aggressions; and more people suffering from health conditions related to the kidney, liver and mental functions. Optimistic outlooks are on the service, education, and water-related industries.

It’s easier to identify the tendency signs once you’ve understood the fundamentals of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and its extended applications. For now, I could only share many extended EON methods to identify tendency signs and understanding its effects (positive and negative ones) at the EON WORKSHOP sessions.

I look forward to your support at the next EON WORKSHOP session.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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