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I’ve just conducted the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) module over the last weekend on 19/20 December 2015. As always, I’ve shared many advanced techniques and new discoveries with the students. As one student puts it, “the Basic module is great. This Advanced module is so interesting and even better!” That comment, to me, is expected as I could only share fundamentals of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to students in the Basic class. Even so, FEN students who’d attended the Basic module previously had remarked they learned a lot, much more practical and applicable steps than the number patterns they’d learned elsewhere.

AnnualCodeI introduced the BIRTH CODE and the ANNUAL CODE to the class, which allows them to understand the elemental influence that might affect them in a particular period, and the subtle hint they could gather from the code pattern sequences. I also emphasised the significance of applying these code sequences to help them, and students can extend the method to identify their DAILY CODE too, if they so wish. The intent is to teach students how to fish so that they can fish anytime to improve their lifestyles. The students were excited as I could plot their charts and reveal their periodic codes in class and explain the tendency influences that might affect them. Naturally, case study analysis of past year’s events that happened would reinforce the application usefulness of the periodic code.

EON_Workshop_LifeCodeThe periodic code is unlike the LIFE CODE that other trainers like to popularise, which to me has limited use over time due to unrealistic supposedly lifelong effect and its potential harmful effects when wrongly applied, or when applied by a person with too strong unfavourably signs in their charts, be it from their birth chart or Personal Year charts.

CaseStudy_JaysonI taught students a practical approach to changing their mindsets based on the energies present in the charts. Sometimes we tend to do things that we shouldn’t be doing especially when the energies associated with the numbers or elements are strong. That could lead to more harmful consequential health conditions, and the irony is, wrongly applying the LIFE CODE has similar outcomes. The unwanted effect might be long-term and expensive as you could be paying for more medical bills than experiencing successful rewards or achieving the goals needed.

When we apply the Five Elements principles, we need to have inlet and outlet flows for energies to harmonise. For example, one student Mike had 459-549 in locations M-R of his birth chart, and that suggest the Wood element is strong. His chart is similar to Jayson’s chart (see screenshot) that I’ve analysed and posted in a separate article. He likes to play role-playing games (RPG) that require the strategic mental focus. I told Mike he needed to take action, to turn on the tap so to speak, to release the excessive build-up energies in accordance to the Production Flow of the Elemental Cycle. I told Mike since he likes playing games on his mobile phone, he should try playing first-person shooting (FPS), shoot-ups, or fast-action puzzles that require quick reflexes and alertness rather than the slow planning thinking he’s used to applying when playing RPG games. Asking people to make paradigm shift might be hard for some, but asking them to try playing different game genre on their mobile phones is much easier and realistic. That’s one reason FEN students commented about my teachings on EON techniques being feasible and practical.

confusionI explained more on the PARENTAL HEALTH techniques and analysed sample birth charts provided by the students. I taught them how to use the FEON+ software to identify the paternal or maternal health signs. One student texted his wife after my analysis on his Personal Year chart and confirmed his mother had experienced unusual bleeding in the year I have identified. I told the students how I chanced on the parental health signs from my own real-life experience, and that inspired me to do research on celebrities whose parent (dad or mom) had suffered poor health signs, in a particular year.

EON_AnswersI took the opportunity to highlight the importance of having smaller class (like having 3-10 students) as it allows me to interact and perform case study analysis real time. It’s all about my research experience and willingness to share, and at the same time, to learn new observation styles from the students. I like the participative and student-trainer sharing approach as it often triggered me to identify extra clues we (students and I) can associate with the numbers or elements present in a person’s chart.

Besides identifying the parental health signs, I also shared the method to plot and analyse a person’s Personal Daily Direction chart. With the ‘Qi Tapping’ approach that I’ve taught them too, students have extra means to decide the ideal direction to maximise the energies, and to increase their success rate when reaching their destination.

Influencing VibesThere are so many techniques to share in class, much more than just number patterns and unrealistic conclusions on character traits students might have previously learned elsewhere. They are not wrong about identifying character traits based on number patterns. Getting hold of number patterns we can associate with certain traits or actions is good. It’s a quick and easy method to pinpoint at specific outcomes. It can build up your confidence level and set the mindset that when certain number patterns existed in a person’s chart, that person is then said to inhibit, behave, or act in ways alike to the outcome or signs associated with the number patterns. After a while, the overconfidence sets in, and you might be blinded by the truth, the fact that not everyone with similar patterns behaved or acted “like that.” A person’s thinking can be changed over time. Our parents and teachers influenced our perspectives during our FORMATIVE (or FORMULATIVE) years. Our friends and colleagues might impose EXTERNAL influences on us. What’s different and sets an individual person apart is the INTERNAL influence – our eventual perspectives, behaviour, understanding, beliefs, acceptance, habits, and actions, that made us unique from others, even if we share the identical birth date or have similar number patterns in same specific locations of our birth chart.

Definite MistressUnveiling number patterns is akin to giving you a fish for a day, telling you, specifically that 8-8 or 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3) is a divorce number, 7-2-9 (or 2-7-9) is a Mistress number, and 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) is a court case or bankruptcy number. That’s an illogical and naive assumption. Even if I give you a fish for a day, you will soon realise that besides the sardine fish I gave you, there are other types of fishes you can eat too. This means there are varieties and variations in the fishes you can eat for a day. This means there are varying attributes that are associated with the same number patterns. And a number pattern can be interpreted differently. This means the more you need to ‘open your eyes wide’ to accept the fact that, for example, a lady with 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) can be a well-like wife or girlfriend with moral values, and not a mistress to someone else.

KnowingPatternsWhat’s more important is to impart to students the means to understand the underlying reasons behind the number sequences, and often the interactions of the elements present. This way, they can then identify the tendency signs associated with certain behaviours, habits, actions, or health signs. The number pattern is like a ‘by-product’, an iconic representation like a road sign symbol. I could then impart to my FEN students the knowledge to formulate their own way to identify character traits from any number patterns. They can fish anytime they want, and have different fishes to eat when they desire. And with the hidden number patterns, FEN students have more accessible means to identify more clues in their personality and life path profiling analysis.

Happy profiling!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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