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Happy New Year Greetings to All!

For the past few years, I’ve always put special effort on the first article “Numerological Predictive Observations” that I’m posting for the year. It’s more complicated (and time-consuming) than profiling a person or subject as the task requires me to apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles for forecasting on different aspects. For many of you, it’s becoming more of an alternate yearly ‘almanac’ of what’s coming and in store for you in 2016. To me, it’s well worth the time spent for research and created the capacity for me to improve my forecast observations.

Once again, I’ve attached the graphic forecast image below on the “Key Trends + Highlights of the Year” to highlight major events that might happen in 2016. You may click the image for larger view.

StocksTalkINVESTMENT. The oil crisis will continue to be a ‘key focus’ this year due to the volatile influencing energy of 2015. However, as the Year 2016 energy sits in, there are signs of possible rebound (on oil prices) around mid-year suggesting reverse upward trend and possible growth around 2017. Unlike the hidden signs of fiery fire (furious ups and downs) of Year 2015, the Year 2016’s hidden energies suggest a more gradual growth effect. The corrections on stock markets could lead to minor crashes on some counters but might not be as severe as the earlier global stock market and financial crisis happened previously. The financial ‘disturbance’ might be short-termed, saved partly by the ‘restart or reboot’ resultant energies of Year 2017.

Industry sectors that could benefit during 2016 include those highlighted in the graphic forecast image like:
• biotechnology and healthcare (like dentistry, mental health, immunology, urology, and gynaecology);
• transportation (like automobile, aeronautics, courier, and postal);
• technology (like software, cloud storage, e-commerce, Internet-Of-Things, and digital consumerism);
• power and energy (like clean energy, hydro tech, LED, green environment, solar, wind, natural);
• agriculture (like forestry, palm oil, and vegetation); and
• education (like academic and adult-learning, knowledge building, and skills upgrading)

Although there are signs of growth trends, it’s upward momentum strength (especially on share price) varies between companies or counters. Investors must do their own ‘due diligence’ in their investment decisions due to the ‘financial requirement of certain group of people’ with different wealth creation mindsets, including short selling, quick profits, institutional manipulations, insider trading, inadequate corporate governance, and legislative oversights.

Action2BUSINESS WORLD. There are signs of increasing start-ups and kick starter-like teams introducing innovative and impressive proof-of-concepts (POC) and actual SKU-released products. Besides the industry sectors mentioned earlier in the INVESTMENT section, We might see more companies (including individual entrepreneurs and home-based business owners) providing on-line marketing, direct on-line purchasing and cloud-based business needs. The awareness of clean energy and alternate energies (like using wind, LED, and graphene) are on upswing and in ‘key focused’. Oh, with the financial sectors and political debates on upbeat, the ‘side effects’ could include increased scandals on insider trading, money laundering, and corruptions. Businesses providing beauty care treatments, Face and Skin-care products (like cream, lotions, and moisturisers) could hear their cash registers’ ringing. As more babies could be born in 2016, and more families participating in home building, it could imply double blessings for many happy married couples. The joy and happiness is also shared by companies providing home furnishing and baby care products.

As businesses and stock markets gradually rebound, we might see upward trends and better improvement around the second half of the year. The influencing energies are also suggesting sudden closure (or collapsed) of long-time businesses, business migrations and takeovers, or companies expanding into new untested markets for profitability and sustainability.

BANNER6NATURE. We might see landslide incidence and volcano eruptions happening especially during the earlier months (1st quarter?) of 2016. Over in S.E. Asia, the ‘periodic’ haze from Indonesia affecting ‘the air that we breathe‘ would still be present but tendency signs are suggesting there’re more smog-like in the air than burning smoke. Elsewhere in the world, there might be extreme fog (ok, smog) too, together with the strong chilling wind and extreme snow and/or flooding (especially during the last quarter); and unusual hail storms, hurricanes and tornadoes creating ‘dramatic’ spout-like effect consequences. Green environmentalist and nature lovers would be campaigning for more nature rights to preserve the forest and reduce global warming. We might see more skyscrapers and buildings supporting greenhouse features and improved techniques on vertical farming.

SG_mapECONOMY. The volatile financial markets and business uncertainty felt in 2015 might continue to affect the global economy during the first half of 2016. Generally, many countries might experience slow but gradual global economy and GDP improvement. However, there might be upheaval on the government or corporate scenes, or increasing corruptions (especially among political and corporate leaders) that might affect the political or financial stability for some countries. In addition, there might be political uproar or debates on increased military or home security budgets or spending needed for ad hoc military tensions, terrorist attacks, and security operations in the region. Sadly, while we enjoyed easy and fast access to better security weapons because of technology advancement, and faster cloud-based dissemination of information and secrecy through social networks, the terrorists are also enjoying using these tools and maximising its uses to impose fears. There might be some successes to contain the terrorist or extremists activities from countries in the East, like China and Japan.

BANNER5HEALTH. There might be more cases of people suffering from mental, immune, dental, and skin-related symptoms. The increasing craze for icing, sweet pastries and cooling drinks might create sudden sugar-rush effect. To an extent, these could lead to more dental visits, and increased diabetic or TIA-like (Transient Ischemic Attack) cases. Other health signs include insomnia, breathlessness, hyperventilating, and limp (hands or legs) injuries. Increasing health consciousness and living healthier lifestyle might indirectly encourage more people to meditate, eat healthily, or opt for holistic well being activities.

WORKPLACE SAFETY. Besides potential increasing road accidents this year, there might be more incidents of people struck by falling objects, and/or workers (or people) falling from heights. There are also signs suggesting more industrial accidents involving workers injured by metal objects or machineries. As a result, there might be more safety enforcements, stop work orders, safety audits, risk assessment activities, and WSH (Workplace Safety & Health) educations focusing on these areas this year.

INDIVIDUALS. The positive and negative external influences from businesses, economies, natural events and calamities do affect us (yes, that includes you and I) directly or indirectly. What I have stated earlier (including the traits indicated in the graphic forecast image) could affect you and your health, so put aside the complacency and belief that “it can happen to others but not you” mentality.

FUTUREYou must do your part if you want to live a better lifestyle in 2016. Give the gift of life and nurture your family members (and others) with lots of love, joy, happiness, and gratefulness. Be role models and show them about mutual respect, tenacity, tolerance, and patience. Focus on teamwork and cohesion, and inculcate inclusiveness and not exclusiveness. Control your mental stress and unnecessary worries, and practice meditation. Lower your high aspirations and unrealistic goals – it’s perfectly normal to be imperfect. HEALTH, not money, is WEALTH. Differentiate your needs and want, and live (or spend) within your means. Making money and spending them on medical bills is unhealthy, or donating to your doctor’s profit wallet is not charity – they get to enjoy in equilibrium while your suffer. So, exercise whenever possible, control your diet when you have the means, and eat healthily while you can.

The Year 2016 has special meanings for you. You may interpret the number sequences as 2+1+6=9, and apply them as follows:

  • 2 – do or act now, and not just talk about it.
  • 1 – you got to do it on your own and not wait for others to start first.
  • 6 – you are doing it to better your health, home, safety, security, and financial stability.
  • 9 – know the ‘final vision’ in mind. Plant the seeds, experience the growth process, focus and complete the task, pursue and achieve the success. Have positive closure.

BetterTomorrow2Learned from the PAST, act positively TODAY, and create your own better TOMORROW. Start knowing yourself better (by applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods) and identify the probable outcomes (like using mind-mapping concepts). Then change your attitude, adjust your thinking, get rid of bad habits, forgive and forget past resentments, and start the new year by “beginning with the end in mind.

Wishing everyone a Happier, Healthier, Enjoyable, Joyful, Loving, Caring, Prosperous, and Better Year Ahead!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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