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The Search for “Life Path Periods”

Somebody searched for “life path period” recently, and as usual, I’d be sharing some insights into what it’s all about, in today’s article. I used the phrase “life path period” based on my past...


On Milos Vystrcil PY2020

I chanced upon below two online news articles yesterday that raised my curiosity to find out more about the Czech Republic politician, Milos Vystrcil. Czech president calls senate leader’s Taiwan visit ‘boyish provocation’ –...


On Relationship Matching 2

In my article “On Relationship Matching” posted earlier, I wrote about the challenges faced by both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, based on their Relationship/Compatibility Chart. I also highlighted the possible effects of the...


On Relationship Matching

Somebody recently posted a search on “Relationship matching.” How do you define a good and compatible relationship matched, assuming it’s for marriage and the aptitude or readiness for family life? If you visit many...


Emotional Impact on Hana Kimura

I was watching the “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” talk show on NetFlix over the past few days. In one of the episodes in Season 5, Hassan talked about the mental health state in...

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