The Need for Self-Reflections & Help

Someone posted a birth date on my site yesterday or early today, and I thought I might as well share my observations in today’s article by applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I’ll be using the current FEON+ v1.x and the work-in-progress FEON+ Pro software tools as reference, to showcase additional information.

For easier reference, I’ll relate the birth date to belong to “Raymond.”

Let’s begin with the 4-8-3-2-7-9 pattern in locations M-N-O-P-W-R of the Birth Chart. In basic EON theories, it denotes some form of aggravating tensions in the relationships with others, like loved ones, fellow workers, or partnerships. We could associate the 4-8-3 pattern with many traits, like poor EQ or undiplomatic communication skills.

We could associate the 2-7-9 pattern as “over-friendly” characteristics. This implies Raymond might have close relationships with others, particularly with people of the opposite gender, because of his eloquence and charismatic appeal. Still, his lack of diplomatic tactfulness, is often displayed due to impatience and unwillingness to accept criticism.

The contributing factor could be due to his persevering and hasty attitudes toward attaining his goal, and this could have “blinded” him from looking at things from unbiased perspectives, and with an open mind.

Last year, his PY2019 chart is suggesting matters relating to money. The tendency signs are suggesting some form of mistake or regrets, because of “selective listening” habit, carelessness, or quarrels over financial reasons.

This year, his PY2020 chart is showing two sets of 4-8-3 numbers – resulting in the 4-4-8-3-3-6 pattern. From one perspective, the tendency signs are suggesting some form of breakaway or separation states with someone, over relationship issues; and this could involve a third-party, or more. From another extended EON perspective, it could denote “breaking loose” from work colleagues, like resignation, redeployment, or job termination. And the root cause could be related to financial or family affairs. There are tendency signs suggesting extreme sexual activities this year, or being overwhelmed by competitors.

In basic EON theory, we could associate the number 6 with the Metal element, and traits like mental stress, anxiety, worrying thoughts, respiratory health conditions, and wealth. It could also be related to self-ego, pride, financial status, mental health, and “face-saving” attitudes. We also associate multiple 4s with the Wood element, and traits like emotions and mood-swinging tendencies; which at extreme ends, could like to suicidal thoughts.

As the person has posted a birth date on my site, the likelihood of seeking help or knowing “what happened” goes beyond identifying individual personality traits. I’ve shared many techniques beyond personality profiling in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, and these include remedial solutions beyond the basic ones described in my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

The “Numerical Energies” (NE) chart shows the dominant and recessive energies that are present in a person’s chart. You can identify which number, and its associated element, is strong or weak. In Raymond’s case, it displayed a strong number 8. This means; Raymond is often pressurising himself regularly, or feeling stressful. He could be committing himself too much, taking extra burden or carrying a heavy load on his shoulders, only to appease loved ones, family, or for financial reasons. We could associate strong Fire element with anger, bipolar disorder, fiery outburst, and domestic violence; and this could affect his heart and blood pressures.

The NE chart shows the numbers 2, 6, and 9 are in recessive states. This means Raymond has to learn to be more diplomatic and tactful when communicating with others, and strive to be more humble, be more tolerant, and to take on criticism as constructive feedback. He should put aside the “money-mindedness” or “self-ego and prideful” pursuits, and instead, focused on his passionate and creative talents to achieve his goals. While some might find it hard to achieve, chasing “happiness over money or pride” could bring joy and contented pursuits.

We associate the number 9 with visions, hope, success, and humanitarian, among many others. Raymond might be driving himself too hard, to achieve the success he desperately desired. The end target, like achieving his goal or vision, is not the success. Instead, Raymond should focus on the journey and process towards reaching his goals. It is this journey of experience that would eventually transform him to become an experienced and successful individual. While it’s normal to chase after aspiring hopes, Raymond must understand striving to attain unrealistic goals could stress him out. He might want to consider taking smaller steps forward to achieve milestones, and not pursuing timelines to carry out his plans, and at the same time, managed his emotions, tempers, and stress.

His EFV FLOW for PY2020 is suggesting the need to look for help from others, instead of doing everything on his own. Like a common phrase, “Happiness when shared, is doubled. Sadness when shared, is halved.” This means; he needs to entrust others and accept that they could help him do a similar or better work. From a holistic perspective, Raymond needs to allocate some time to practise self-reflections, to identify the wrong steps or actions, and how he could have done better.

His EFV SPAN for PY2020 is suggesting that he needs to open up his stubborn mindset, to eliminate the fear of asking for help, to be less sensitive, and to rid the uncertainties and negative feelings away. Set aside the self-pride, stubbornness, principle-mindedness, and the “I know better” mindset. Instead, he could learn to be more open-minded, and as noted earlier, to adapt and change his communication style from a defensive approach to a cohesive and amicable state.

When applying the Transactional Analysis (TA) method, Raymond could strive to communicate with others in an “Adult-to-Adultego state, and not in a “Critical Parent-to-Rebellious Childego state. When the frequency wavelengths are at similar levels, communications are said to be on equal, cohesive, and positive states.

If Raymond is facing similar stressing times as noted in this article, I’d highly suggest he seeks professional counselling to ease his mental states. Unless he could control and manage a mindset shift, it is hard to do so alone. In the Five Elements principles, strong Wood or Fire elements could influence and affect the Metal element. This could imply Raymond might be facing some form of mental depression and emotional stress. And as mentioned earlier, it could lead to suicidal attempts, at extreme cases, when the emotions are not managed.

Set aside the unnecessary worries and “face saving” fears – get professional medical help could lead him to manageable and brighter times ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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