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Steven: She said 70% accurate.

Ron: More than 50% accuracy is good. The rest are influenced by her upbringing and experiences and that could have changed her limiting beliefs. Can check what’s in the 30%? I need to know to improve my analysis and/or to find out if she hasn’t experience it yet…

Steven: Don’t like dessert and sweet food.

Ron: It’s good she has no sweet cravings as it could increase the blood sugar level. Great that she’d changed already. Tell her to further change her habits so the 70% accuracy becomes less than 40% by end year.

I was conversing with Steven the other day after posting my case study article “Cindy’s Career and Financial future” on this blog.

Diabetic_TendenciesI’m glad Cindy has changed her eating habits consciously as the tendency signs suggesting ‘diabetic-like’ symptoms are strong and present in her chart. The purpose of profiling a person’s tendency signs is to highlight the potential impact a person could experience if they do not make a change to improve their lifestyle. “No… it’s less than 50% accurate. I used to be like that but I’m less of that now,” is what I’d normally tell people when they analyse my birth chart. The reason – the tendency signs are there, just like a “leopard can never change its spots.”  Yes, I can change myself to strengthen the positive vibes and control and reduce the negativities in me. You too, can make a change for a better, healthier, and happier days ahead.


Emily was excited after I’ve posted her friend Cindy’s case study article, and asked if I could do a case study profiling analysis on her. She’s also asking about her career and finances.

forest_treeLet’s begin with an analogy. Imagine you are just one tree among others in the forest. It’s hot summer time and everyone is fighting for sunlight, oxygen, and water. You become emotional and desperate as water is drying up faster than usual because of the drought weather. You felt the competition and the need for survival kicks in. You are angry, fiery, sensitive, selfish, and ruthless. The trunks on your tree is solid but cracking as the ground is dry. You are thirsty and every single drop of water counts. The thrifty and prudence habits are strong.

CaseStudy_EmilyYou don’t care about other people’s feelings as long as you feel OK and happy. But happy you are not as you cannot control your emotions. Like a wild forest fire, you enraged into fiery tempers when you cannot carry out your plans because of frequent stumbling blocks ahead. You expect fast and immediate results and is often hungry for success. You plan to stand out among others so you can enjoy more rewarding benefits. If you know any short cuts to success, you will not hesitate to follow through to achieve your goals quickly, even at the expense of others. You felt there is no time to bother about other people’s feelings as you must survive in this competitive environment. And because of your hasty actions, there are times you overlooked important and sensitive issues as you’d considered them as trivial matters. You keep changing plans and left many of them half-completed. Others are not happy with your empty promises.

There are times you simply listened to other’s suggestions without considering the outcomes. It’s not that you believed in them but more like you just want things get done quickly. There are occasions where your financial pockets are burned and you might face disputes over contractual agreements. You quarrel with others as you felt they are ‘not in sync’ with your visions and beliefs. You just don’t understand why others are always bickering and finding faults with you for no valid reasons. Perhaps you thought they should be the ones to improve their behaviours, attitude, and respect. No… you are not like the person I’ve described earlier. Arrgghh… No… No….

stubborn_emotional_temperamentalThere are similar tendency signs suggesting Emily might have felt similarly. Her friends could have noticed similar behaviours, habits and actions in Emily. Emily has to remind herself to drink enough water even if she’s not thirsty. She has to learn to control her tempers and flaring outrage and not let it affects her emotional intelligence. Emily can dilute the negative energies by redirecting her active and annihilating energies to do more humanitarian and charity works. The passion and success-driven nature could help boost more community-bonding awareness.

In the Five Elements and Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, strong Wood (numbers 4 and 9) would repel against Metal (numbers 1 and 6). We associate number 6 to money, security, home, and domestic responsibilities. When strong Wood repels Metal, it could suggest that Emily might face frequent financial and domestic issues. Her emotions could affect the happiness at work and at home. She needs to improve her communication skills with her husband, if she’s married. She’s feeling stressful this year with the 888 present in her PY2015 chart. It might trigger fiery outburst, bickering, and frequent quarrels, and affect her relations with others. There are strong signs of strained relationships with her husband (if she’s married).

EMOTIONS2Emily MUST act now to control her emotions as there are multiple 9s in next year’s PY2016 chart. The emotional vibes are excessively stronger. There are extra taller trees planted besides her tree and this means less space to grow upwards (ambitions and ideals) to get the oxygen and sunlight. The competitions are getting worst. Her financial matters are moving southwards, unless she takes preventive measures and positive action today.  I’d suggest Emily to consider going for medical check-ups to ensure she’s physically and mentally healthy. If necessary, a mammogram screening would be great as we can associate woman’s breast to Wood element. When strong Wood repels (and attack) Metal, it could suggest any associations to the Metal elements are weak. These include mental worries, frequent urination, breathlessness, and weakness of the lungs. There could be possible lymphatic-like symptoms. It might affect her mental wellness and her financial stability too. She’s like a canister overfilled with gaseous energies, and it could explode any time.

Emily can do herself (and her loved ones) a favour by seeking immediate medical help especially if she doesn’t feel right. She can consult healthcare professional to release the pressure and tension in her before her health worsens.

In previous FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class, I’ve shared the method to identify the unique career elemental vibes. I’m looking forward to share the career vibes and other extended techniques at the coming FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class starting next month in early May. Please join me if you can as I’ll make known the visualisation techniques to empower you to apply the EON/FEN principles any time.

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There are tendency signs suggesting that her career would be affected in similar ways to her financial states. Her career vibes are strongly ‘attacked’ and it could affect her job, especially if she’s an employee. The signs include office politicking, back-stabbing, favouritism, and bad-mouthing – all negative energies are directed towards her. If Emily is feeling displeasure at work, then she has to put aside her negative work attitudes and limiting beliefs. Teamwork, humbleness, and respecting other colleague’s viewpoints and experiences are important for cohesive work relations. Building up the knowledge to support her job functions would help strengthen her confidence level.

2004JIf Emily is having her own business, she might face similar negative vibes except the pressure is from her competitors and ‘social friends’ who might betray her.  She should consider getting into a partnership and become an investor (sleeping partner). She can then focus on humanitarian works while her partner is focusing on their business.

There are signs of improving career or financial gains in late 2016 and 2017. Emily can use this ‘low’ period to do self-reflections, learn new course and pick up new knowledge. She could also work on holistic activities like meditation, yoga, and Pilates fitness to soften the impact of the negative vibes. At the same time, she has to take steps to harmonise her career and financial vibes for now by changing her mindset behaviours and attitudes. This should help strengthen her positive vibes, move forward, and grab the opportunities when the next ‘financial and career waves’ arrive.

I’m happier if Emily doesn’t experience many of the traits mentioned as it shows that she had made the effort to control the negative vibes consciously. She must remember not to let her emotions overpower her intelligence.

Naturally, I’d encourage both Cindy and Emily to join my FEN Level 1 (Basic) course with Steven once we’ve confirmed the next course date. They can then learn to understand their true self better and control their journey of life for healthier, happier, and rewarding times ahead.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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