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Please also check the The Search for “Beware of PON article as I’ve included a handy 10-point checklist that you can use as reference, to decide the type of training style, trainer’s knowledge, course outlines, and after-class support direct from the trainer, before you make the decision to attend the course.


You’d have noticed there are huge difference in my course training & sharing approach compared to other external trainers. I’m a researcher and author first, and second as a trainer. I’m also a certified Adult Educator, trained in Learning & Development (L&D) methodologies. I encourage students’ interactions, and create fun-learning and insightful ‘live‘ case-study profiling experiences that’s uniquely different from other trainers. Huge commercial profits is not part of my ‘knowledge sharing‘ when introducing the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to you. I adopted the same affordability approach I did with my self-published book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” that you can buy at local major Singapore bookstores. directly from me by clicking on this link.

ACCURACYIt’s my passion, contentment, and commitment to help others as much as I could that brings you the EON/FEN/NSQ and other courses with quality-learning at reasonable fees. Check the articles I’ve posted on this site – you won’t get such insightful information from external trainers conducting other courses, usually with rudimentary-level knowledge.

There is no hidden cost involved when you signed up and attend my class. There is nooptional‘ magical ornaments (like plaques, jewelleries, and rings) you’re compelled to buy. Instead, you will benefit more when you attend my courses – you get lifetime follow-up learning experience from the regular articles I’ve posted and the email support, besides the course fee savings. I know you’ll find the articles posted on this site useful, and encourage you to understand yourself and/or others better. People behave and act in certain ways you don’t understand at first, but when you recognise their characteristics you will then know and understand their behaviours and actions. You are empowered to decide the quality of your own life journey (your fate and destiny) by making minor adjustment to your perspectives and tolerance by understanding others better. You can do it. And I know you can do it well.

I conduct regular classes and workshop sessions to students who believe they can make a change to understand themselves and others better.

2004JIf you just want to attend my class to gain knowledge but hesitant to change your mindset and attitudes, you’re probably not the student I want. But when you are committed to spend the time, resources, and your hard-earned money to attend my class, and want to change yourself (and perhaps others along the way), then you are the student I need. I assure you I will share and pass on my EON knowledge and experience to you unreservedly. I hope you can then gain the success needed after learning my visualisation techniques, and change your limiting self-beliefs (with the profiling knowledge) to live the life you want. A bright future full of hopes. My EON KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is on how well you have transformed to a better and positive person. By then, I know you will help me spread the EON awareness and grow the community base with your good-feelings and confidence in applying the EON method to your Human Character & Behavioural Profiling applications.

Training styleInteractive. Participative. Real-time case-study analysis and sharing. Students can stop me any time during the lesson and ask questions on the topic discussed.

Training slides usedVisually, compelling, and immersive slides. Empowers you to visually understand techniques faster. Better than taking notes (and forgetting essential emphasis), and trying to remember keywords by heart.

Learning support: Yes, you get the mentoring support direct from me, even after the course/class has ended. Your learning doesn’t stop after you completed the course; you get to learn more new techniques along the way! And yes, we can’t make you become an instant profiling expert after class has ended, but we can guide you to become a proficient profiling professional, through after-class mentoring discussions!

We can't make you an expert, but we can help you become one

Details of our courses in Singapore can be found at my main site @ (

Register for my classes now. Give yourself the opportunity to understand yourself better and live the life you’ve always desired. And while you are changing your life, help others to enrich their lives too.

EON_AnswersDue to logistics (air tickets, accommodation, classroom rentals), I can only conduct FEN/EON/NSQ classes at overseas locations when there are sufficient participants. Email me if you have a group of friends or associates (to form a class) who’re willing to learn the unique EON/FEN visualisation techniques from me.

Do email me directly via if you’re keen to help me organise the EON WORKSHOP (short modules), FIVE ELEMENTS NUMEROLOGY, or NSQ PROFILING (full course taught in English) in your country (like India, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, China, Thailand, Brunei, Russia, Europe, USA, etc.,)

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