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On Sandwich Number

Sometime back, someone searched for “sandwich number” on this site. I was curious about it and wondered if the term “sandwich” is about the bread (top and bottom layer), or the fillings that’re in...


On EON Time of Birth

Somebody searched for “Time of Birth” this week, and I felt it’s good to explain, based on my research findings, to include the birth time, whenever possible, in our profiling analysis. The birth time...


How to Deal with 369 people

Yes, the above title is exactly what somebody posted as a search on this site last month – “How to Deal with 369 people“. I was intrigued about the search phrase as it’d be...


Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide: Multiple-Effect Vibes

According to this online CNN.com article, the financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein “hanged himself at New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, a law enforcement official told CNN — less than a day after...


On Gerald: Past Outcomes and Future Actions

In the earlier article “On Gerald: Impact of Past Behaviours,” I’ve highlighted some behavioural issues that Gerald might have exhibited previously that could lead to his current situation, including his finances and career. As...


On Roslyn: Compatible Partner?

I’ve posted an article “Case Study on Roslyn” in December last year. I’ve mentioned some events that might happen to Roslyn, and highlighted the potential areas that she can focus and work on, to...

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