On Gerald: Past Outcomes and Future Actions

In the earlier article “On Gerald: Impact of Past Behaviours,” I’ve highlighted some behavioural issues that Gerald might have exhibited previously that could lead to his current situation, including his finances and career.

As a person could change their habits, behaviours, and even the limiting beliefs over time, this implies that Gerald’s actions and past behaviours might not be exactly as I’ve mentioned. Or was Gerald showing many of the mentioned traits present?  For all you know, his behaviours could be at the extreme opposite, or he could have exhibited only some of the traits I’ve mentioned.

Whatever it is, the presence of the traits is in the charts, but whether Gerald shows the traits fully or partially, or none at all, depends on his family upbringing, educational and social lifestyle, environment and cultural factors.

In today’s article, I’m expanding on the analysis that Priscilla made, and hope she’d be able to provide guidance to Gerald and others as well, as long as she practise her EON profiling skills regularly to help others, including herself.

[Priscilla] My analysis on his 2018 Personal chart.

  • 2-1-8 energies (talk-alone-frustrations)
  • Root 5 implies challenges, obstruction and changes such as a change of job, which he faces now.
  • 4-2-6 (plan-talk-security) at V-W-X denotes his intention and action to plan financial stability for his family.
  • 7-8-6 (supporter/clients-frustrate-money) at P-Q-R sees him running all around, firstly, to secure a new job. Then his new start-up business is a one-man show. Hence he has to move all over the place, literally do everything from A – Z, and facing a lot of frustrations and obstacles in between!  However, he has good friends and supporters (7) to help and encourage him.

[Ron] While the 2-1-8 pattern is not obvious, it is present in his PY2018 chart. Yes, it denotes the stressful, lonely, and frustrated traits. Anyway, the presence of 3-2-5 pattern could denote some form of [Fast – Talk – Obstacle] that implies other people just couldn’t understand what Gerald is trying to say, or they found Gerald is talking in a gibberish or stuttering manner. More likely so, it could be because Gerald is talking in a quick and fast manner, like getting impatient or vocal, or criticising someone, with his stubborn and principled mindset.

We could also interpret the 3-2-5 as [Criticism – Vocal Communication – Principled Views]. And because of such actions, he could be stressing himself frequently to appease others, for the sake of monetary returns. In some ways, the 7-8-6 pattern denotes the self-sacrificing or self-beneficial pursuits – burdening himself further and sacrificing his time, for the sake of his family.

Yes, the 4-2-6 pattern could have influenced Gerald to plan for his near-future. And he has to take action first, by solidifying his plans before revealing them to others. It’s like the need to have a proper “project chapter” agreeable by the financial sponsors, before sharing the project plan to stakeholders. On a separate note, the number 5 in his PY2018 chart denotes challenging times ahead. Using an analogy, it can be a solid rock, and it can be a soft clay or sand. A rock implies the stubbornness nature is headstrong, self-principled, and difficult to move. A sand means easy to move, flexible, adjustable, adaptable, and afraid to say NO. The ideal state is to be in-between the rock and the sand. What this implies is that Gerald needs to be flexible and put aside his self-ego and principled thoughts, and accept other people’s constructive views so her can adapt his plans accordingly.

On the other hand, Gerald has to be firm when it comes to denying others from taking advantage of his “hunger” and desperation, and not be afraid to say NO in business dealings that doesn’t seem ethical, or projects with infinite timelines without progressive payments. Whatever it is, be it risk-averse or risk-adverse, he has to face the challenges and stumbling blocks as potential opportunities, and look for the “needle in the haystack” and the silver linings in the dark clouds. Learn to let go (of limiting beliefs), stay with open minds (be flexible and empathetic), and be tactful (diplomatic and communicate in a composed and calm manner). These are some mindset changes needed for business sustainability.

[Priscilla] 2019 Personal Chart seems to be a better year with a Root 6 which implies financial stability for his family.

  • The energies of year 2019 is 2-1-3 means (talk/ move -alone- fast) at K-L-N
  • The numbers 3-3-6 (fast-fast-money) at M-N-O reflect a person working doubly hard to achieve wealth and success at 9-9-9 located in P-Q-R. However, the double 3-6-9 (fast-money-success) at M-O-Q and N-O-P though reflect the success, but have to be cautioned to avoid taking shortcuts.
  • The numbers 5-4-9 located at V-W-X is an indication of risk taking.
  • The many 9s express greed which may lead to negative outcomes, and also a need to do charitable acts once attained success.

[Ron] Besides associating the number 6 with money and financial matters, it could also imply home and family responsibility. This means the year 2019 would be a good time for Gerald to focus on managing his career and home/family responsibilities. The 2-1-3 patterns denote that while he has a potential incoming wealth – as long as he takes action and seized the opportunities, even though he might not get as much (money, returns, rewards) as he hopes for. Whatever it is, it is still better than doing nothing at all.

I’m happy with the analytical approach done by Priscilla on the 3-3-6 and 3-6-9 patterns – while we experience the success, we must not forget about the fears. As she mentioned, taking short cuts is a no-no if Gerald wants to maintain continual success and loyalties with his clients. And yes, too many 9s could do more harm than good, and one fast and easy way is what she has suggested – involving in charitable or community projects whenever he can, or once his business is making profits.

[Priscilla] Health for 2019: the 3-3 Fire strengthened by the many 9s wood may burn the 6 Metal, and there is no water to douse the strong Fire. Is that indication that heart may be weak? Regular exercise would help. And as he loves to drink, it would be wise to drink moderately!

[Ron] Wow. Again, I’m happy with Priscilla’s observations and profiling knowledge. From the Five Elements principles, strong Wood could affect Metal. That said, it means possibilities of mental-related health conditions, like mental illness, craziness, madness, mental disorder, dyslexia, sleep apnea, depressions, and even cognitive impact like OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). Gerald has to take care of his immune and respiratory system as well, as these are also related to Metal elements, from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective. It’d be beneficial for him to control his emotions and tempers, as there are tendency signs suggesting he could be in the “high-risk” group of people with stronger cancerous tendencies. Strong Wood could as well affect the Fire, by overloading it unnecessary. It’s like adding many charcoals on the BBQ pit, when the fire is weak. That implies, and as Priscilla noted, it could affect his heart. This means Gerald has to cut down or moderate his alcoholic drinks, exercise, meditate, take proper diet, and have adequate sleep. That’s exactly what Priscilla has suggested! Now, the only thing to hope for, is for Gerald to listen to his mom’s advice – at times, when we look at issues and matters from 3rd-person viewpoints, we are not biased with what we see or perceived. Whatever it is, and as Priscilla mentioned, everything has to be done in moderation, to make the first move by taking a small step. And a big leap for mankindoops… I mean, for Gerald and his family.

[Priscilla] In summary, the new year 2019 would bring some financial security to him but has to maintain good health. Hope you will correct me on my analysis and add in further findings from your observations. Many thanks for your blog with lots of interesting and new researched topics.

[Ron] Yes, there are promising signs for Gerald in 2019. He should start to take actions on his plans and create the opportunities, rather than wait “until the cows come home” as “time and tide waits for no man.”

And now, some extras that I have shared in recent FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes… His 9-Year LuckCycle pillar (9YLCP) is showing the 76/4 pattern. This implies he needs to build the trust and confidence, and helped his clients – as business partners – to grow their financial wealth, with his strategic and innovative financial planning. Based on his “Numerical Energies Chart, Gerald has to focus on completing his plans, be adaptable to changes, improved on his financial responsibility, and be more caring. These are areas he needs to improve on. The negative area he has to cut down or control, is related to his Root number 1. He has to decide if he wants to be the stern “today’s leader” who only lead others,  or the caring “leaders of tomorrow” who lead, care, and inspire his clients.

Let’s hope Gerald can take a small step now, towards a positive change. Learn from past outcomes and build a better future ahead by taking action today. Optimism is good – he needs to rid the bad habits, over-confidence, and limiting beliefs first – before embracing it with a mindset shift. Otherwise, it’s just an inspiring word with no action, almost like pessimismHe could also seize the opportunities when it comes along. Alternatively, Gerald can create the opportunities and ride with the promising tides of 2019.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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