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Always read my articles with an open mind. It doesn’t always imply all traits present in one person’s chart are similar to another person with identical birthdates or with similar numbers (locations I-X) in their charts. We’re exposed to different childhood experiences, cultural lifestyle and living environment, and social and career influences. Like a free-size clothes that doesn’t fit everyone comfortably, we are all unique people with different personality traits. We developed our habits and self-beliefs through our formative years, and these could influence our behaviours and actions.

TempersDo consider all traits and characteristics mentioned in my articles as generalised observations. You should not assume their traits as stereotype representation. Worst still, you should not assume the observations as factual sign the person will inhibit such traits permanently.

JoJo sent me an email recently and wrote, “I’ve read your book and visited your website to read more. I read your article ‘Til Death Do One Part.’ I was shocked because I have almost identical numbers mentioned in your case study. Moreover, I calculated my Personal Year chart which is almost identical too. Feeling uncertain, I decided to write to you for more insight…

CaseStudy_JoJoTake a look at JoJo’s EON chart.  You can analyse her personality and traits by referring to the basic traits I’ve described in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” You may consider getting my book if you’ve not already done so. It’s always good to know and understand your personality and take an effort to improve yourself.

The Fire is strong in her chart, and we can easily associate them to the fiery and temperamental mood swings. In Five Elements theory, Fire exhausts or weakens Wood. We can also associate that to burning fire exhausting the fuel (Wood) – the hasty, emotional, temperamental, and exhaustive signs are manifested. At times she could also feel emotionally distant from others. Now that JoJo is aware of the negative traits, it remains in her subconscious mind. Through constant self-reminder and positive actions, her tempers and emotions could be better managed and in control. Slowly and gradually, others would find her to be a changed person who’s now more approachable, passionate, and empathetic.

The temper portion, the possibility of cancer, and the possibility of separation – it totally freaks me off. I agreed I’m pretty emotional and temperamental these days. I’ve started learning numerology wanting to see if I can find romance. But am worried to release the unfolding signs…

EON_AnswersOf course JoJo is getting more emotional and temperamental these days. Look at the signs in her PY2014 chart where the Fire is strong. The sensual sparks are strong too. Improving her listening skills is a great idea as she can be more attentive (and tactful) when communicating with others. Otherwise, the negative signs present in her chart could trigger relationship strains with others at home, at work, or in public areas. Reducing her ‘selective listening disorder’ would help her become more aware of other people’s presence and be empathetic towards other people’s wellbeing too. “More haste, less speed”. So she has to plan her actions, stay calm and remain focused to get things done naturally. Yes, she needs to boost up her confidence level and self-esteem too. She could “go with the flow and ride with the tide” to achieve her desired goals. She should avoid jumping ship hastily or move on to new projects without completing the previous or current ones. She has to work towards better mental wellbeing too, and reduce her sugary intake. Even though there are no obvious signs of ‘high risk cancer tendency,’ JoJo still has to maintain proper health care and practice emotion and anger management.

I’d suggest JoJo to focus on changing her habits and mood swings immediately if she wants to find romance in her life. There are signs suggesting her man could already be around and perhaps she’s unaware of his presence. Whether it’s the man of her life depends on her but chances are the romancing vibes are strong in the last two quarters of this year, and especially next year. Most men fear dating with an emotional and temperamental woman especially with unpredictable mood swings. So, positive change is needed.

JoJo may want to spend some time doing self-reflection especially on the knowledge and spirituality building. I look forward to see her at my forthcoming Preview session on 10th April 2014. I’d also encourage her to attend my FEN courses (if time and budget allows) to learn the EON fundamentals through classroom-learning approach. She could learn to understand herself better and create the opportunity to change her life. Perhaps, while she changes life positively, she could also inspire others to change their lives too. For all we know, she could be manifesting on the positive vibes and romancing with the man in her love life sooner than ever.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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