On FEON+ PRO: Checking the Wealth Capacity level for Ariya Jutanugarn

I officially launched the eagerly anticipated FEON+ Pro software for my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students on 27 April 2021. My intention is to allow students who have registered the software, to explore the many new features in this major “professional” release, and to comment on their findings as “early adopters.”

In the midst of adding new features while developing the FEON+ Pro software, I decided to add a “wealth” chart to allow me to track the optimal capacity a person could have. Honestly, it is impossible for anyone to predict how much money or wealth you can get in specific times. Those who claimed you can earn $10 million if you invested only $1000 is just speculating, as there is always a tiny little clause somewhere between the lengthy pages of terms, that protected them from indemnity. Similarly, numerology trainers who claim to know whether you can be rich or not, or who promote “Know Your Wealth” courses, simply seize opportunities to achieve your dreams. Remember, visions without correct action, is like a dream with just hope and nothing’s been done to make it happen. Even if you’re born in a wealthy family, there’s no guarantee you’ll continue to hold or grow the parents’ wealth to the next generation.

I decided to apply the capacity approach, which sounded more logical and relevant when it comes to displaying the maximum level a person can obtain in a certain period, be they based on Year, Month, or Day. Here is an analogy – the maximum wealth capacity is as a large glass jug, filled with water. Whether the jug is empty or not depends on your actions – your thirst or dehydration, your emotions and behaviours, and others – the correct things you did at the right time.

It’s more appropriate to do a comparison analysis when identifying the relative wealth capacity, like doing a Y-on-Y (Year on Year), M-on-M (Month on Month), or D-on-D (Day on Day) visual check.

Master Phat is from Thailand, and has provided me with regular feedback, to broaden my profiling outlook and FEON+ software. Since I launched the FEON+ Pro software, she has been actively using it for her own profiling consulting services. Among the other new features, she quickly tried using the Wealth Capacity chart to verify with her clients.

I received a message from Master Phat with a screenshot of Thai golfer, Ariya’s Birth Chart, together with a line-drawn arrow pointing to the 9 May 2021 day on the Wealth Capacity Chart.

According to this online ChannelNewsAsia article, titled, “Emotional Ariya storms home with a 63 to win Honda LPGA Thailand,” it was quoted, “Thailand’s Ariya Jutanugarn staged one of her biggest fightbacks by firing a final round nine-under-par 63 to become the first Thai to win the Honda LPGA Thailand on Sunday (May 9).

I am pleased that the current status provides visual clues of the individual’s financial capacity. No, this is not based on rudimentary associations with the number 6 only; it is so often a misleading assumption that many external trainers have associated it with money. For example, if you’ve the FEON+ Pro software and plotted Ariya’s chart, you’d noticed that the strength of the number 6 is much stronger on 10 May 2021 (right screenshot) than 9 May 2021 (left screenshot). So technically, the Wealth Capacity level for 10 May 2021 should be higher, but when you looked at the screenshots (scaled to fit the height of the devices) showing the Wealth Capacity, it’s much lower than 9 May 2021.

How to calculate the wealth capacity? I cannot reveal, as these are my IP (Intellectual Property) rights, where the computation module is uniquely designed to allow me to refine the capacity level when needed. Well, all I can say is that it’s based on many other considerations, a result of my many years of research findings on the wealth aspects of a person beyond the number 6. A fast and easy way to check the elemental strength is through the visual “Selected Day Energies” Chart which I have also included.

The FEON+ Pro was designed to support devices installed with different operating systems, like Android, and iOS. Left screenshot shows FEON+ Pro running on an Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A52), while right screenshot shows FEON+ Pro running on an iPhone 12. However, due to some security risk issues, I’m releasing the FEON+ Pro as an Android version first. One FEN student told me I was depriving iPhone users from registering the FEON+ Pro software. True indeed, since I’m primarily an iPhone user and my Android phone is used for development testing and FEN Community WhatsApp support. My apology to those who are waiting for an iOS version; I’d to hold on its release until I fixed the security risk issues.

Besides the Wealth Capacity Chart, I’ve also included the daily EFV Flow and EFV Span. These allow Master Phat, or anyone using the FEON+ Pro software, to advise the probable actions their clients can take, in order to maximise the wealth capacity level for the specific day. For example, the EFV FLOW is showing 7-5-1 code, which suggest the person, which is Ariya in this case, should face the challenges (number 5) ahead as opportunities, and focus her attention on winning the title (number 1) using her skill sets, instead of depending on her luck and supporters (number 7). The EFV SPAN is showing 7-5-8 code. We could interpret the number 8 as managing her attention, controlling her emotions and mind, while tirelessly pursuing her vision to win the Honda LPGA Thailand title. Congratulations to you, Miss Ariya, for your well-deserved award.

More than 30 new charts and text information are included in the FEON+ Pro program. Over the past year, I have included screen shots showing common features, keeping the advanced charts until its release. I’m happy the forward-thinking FEN students have started to use the FEON+ Pro tool to provide more clues and information to aid in their profiling analysis on a much higher level.

I am excited to release the FEON+ Pro software for FEN students first, as I wanted them to enjoy the benefits ahead of others. Even if they feel their profiling skill sets are not as good as they’d hope for, using the FEON+ Pro software could boost their confidence and competence level with the added charting and textual information.

I’ll share more of the advanced features in FEON+ Pro in future articles.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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