Rebecca: On Work Matters

Rebecca wrote in her email to me, “I have completed the 2-day UCMHP course with Dr. Bernard Yeo, but I am still at lost on how to do a proper analysis.

Rebecca is not alone in the confusing state as the feedback I have received from FEN students who’d earlier attended the UCMHP classes are similar. For an unbiased opinion, we need to look at the two sides to the coin.  The students might not have grasped the UCMHP theories correctly, like being inattentive in class, constantly at confusing state, or could’ve or could not clarified the unsure information in class. Conversely, it could be the trainer person – he might not have given enough attention to guide his students properly. In a typical adult-learning session, it is almost impossible for students to become proficient in the studies learned within the course period, like a 2-day session. It is important to have “after-class” continual lessons whenever possible. Today, using instant messaging apps like WhatsApp is an ideal method for after-class lessons. Students can form their own profiling chat groups to discuss their analysis. Alternatively, the trainer can set up a special profiling chat group with his students, to guide them whenever possible. While the trainer-students chat group is an ideal setup, dedication and commitment are required from all members, including the trainer, to participate in the discussions actively, and contribute by sharing relevant profiling matters.

Rebecca: That’s great, I really enjoy reading your case study articles. This is involving my workplace, which has been boggling me. I plotted my chart with my current boss (M1). Many 7-2s, so we seem to be very compatible. Our working relationship is good. However, he listened to [another person] when it comes to my salary. Is this relationship good for me? What is the prospect of getting an increment this year? I asked for it in October [last year], but he said he’d think about it. Combined chart for the year 2018 has two sets of 843 – potentially we will separate? How best to handle him?

Rebecca posted a few questions in her email, due to the complexity of her job at work, where there are cross-functional roles between the bosses and staff. For today’s article, I will share my observations on Rebecca’s personalities first, to find out if there is any contributing factor, in herself, that could have caused the issues she’s facing currently. I’ll also share a brief observation on the relationships between Rebecca and her current boss, M1.

Wait a minute… shouldn’t Rebecca approach Dr Bernard directly for advice since she paid a four-figure sum to attend his course?” I could sense some of you saying.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter really to me. When I share my observations, it doesn’t matter whether the person is my FEN student, potential student, or just someone unrelated who needs help. My intent is simple – to teach is to learn twice. When I posted articles with my observations, I’m like teaching you. And as a reciprocal effect, I am learning as well from the feedback gathered. Next, I hope you can be in the FEN COMMUNITY group so that everyone can enjoy learning how to profile others through the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. You don’t have to spend too much on expensive courses that came with minimal “after-class” support. I took the challenge (and risk) to tap on my own savings, write a book and self-published it. So far, I’ve also posted over 750 EON articles since June 2010. Today, I’m still enjoying the passion (and commitment… plus pride) to allocate time to continue posting my profiling observations, to the best of my abilities. Of course, I can’t give free lunch every time. Your contributions, either by attending my FEN classes, or donating any amount by scanning or clicking on the QR code on the “EON Appreciation” section (right panel), could help to offset the operating and logistic cost of maintaining this site, and my continuing research to expand the EON/FEN methods and profiling techniques.

The Birth Root number 1, with other 1s in close proximity, depicts a person showing traits like self-pride, individualistic, self-centric, innovative and idealistic, leadership abilities, the “I can do better” attitudes, intellectual foresight, and ability to work alone with dedication and responsibility. Perhaps because of her strong Metal element (number 1), she’d always analyse what the other person is saying and tried to correlate that to her logical thinking. And because of this, she might have heard “bits and pieces” when the trainer explained in class. However, because of her number 1, it is unlikely for her to miss the important points, as an intellectual person would tend to clarify issues when there’s doubt, and seek answers as soon as they can. Or was it the trainer?

Now, come to think of it, Rebecca does have the “selective listening disorder” symptom, plus the perfectionist traits. That could have indirectly contributed to her perceived stereotyping and behavioural moods on the trainer during the UCMHP class. She also has to work a little harder on her tactfulness and EQ communication skills with others, for better mutual trust, respect, drives, and teamwork with fellow colleagues and the bosses. She has the traits of a boss too, and when she eventually became one, she must be mindful that everyone working for the company at all levels, are a critical part of the foundational pillars who strengthened the company.

While she pursues her work interest, she has to take care of her health as well, for there are tendency signs suggesting her bad cholesterol is high, and her blood sugar levels are at “diabetic” range. Furthermore, there are tendency signs she might be among the “high-risk group” of people having cancerous conditions. Going for regular health checks and mammograms are essential to maintain a healthier and positive lifestyle. That’s not all – the multiple 1s (Metal) could create unhealthy signs like breathlessness, throat dryness and thirst, depression, bipolar disorder, mental worries and anxieties, sleep apnea, pneumonia, skin irritations and dryness, hyperventilating, hypertension, and more. Eventually, these could exert the negative vibes and aggravated the emotional and temperamental mood swings. Drinking enough water in moderation is good for her too.

From the “Pinnacles and ChallengesChart on the FEON+ software, she has to manage her financial responsibility and carry out the plans needed to achieve her goals with positive outcomes. She must be willing to sacrifice the hardship, be tolerant and persevering, and manage her emotional balance, for better opportunities in her life path. On the challenges‘ side, the number 2 is suggesting the need to be more open-minded, expressing without criticism and making sarcastic remarks, and to communicate with others wholeheartedly, without perceived stereotyping. Furthermore, she must learn to let go past resentments, and be free (breakaway) from constrained or limited mindsets that could stifle her mental thoughts, behaviours and actions toward others.

While finances and materialistic pursuits might not be an issue to Rebecca, she still has to manage her finances for future use rather than living on a state as if there is no tomorrow. On hindsight, that might happen if she keeps on manifesting the negative traits related to Metal elements when greeds control the mind. Staying calm, doing meditation or relaxing exercises, plus positive mindsets could help reduce the possibilities of having an unsound mind and mentally-depressed state.

Rebecca mentioned about her good working compatibility status with her boss M1, because of the multiple 7s and 2s. Hence, she noticed her working relationship with M1 is good.

Perhaps, that might be what Rebecca and other UCMHP students might have profiled and assumed, based on what they’ve learned from the trainer. However, you get to notice more clues with wider perspectives once you’ve learned the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and attended the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) workshop classes. You will find it easier to discover a person’s conscious and subconscious traits, and that “there is more to it than meets the eye.

Her boss M1 is not only “good” to Rebecca, but to almost everyone else, especially towards the ladies. He’s behaving just like a stereotyped “ladies’ man” on the surface. However, he could be like the phrase “still water runs deep,” that’s where he’s constantly on “acting mode” at work when he’s in a calm, controlled state. The numbers 2 and 7, because of the Yin-Yang effects, could also imply sensuous desire and manipulative thoughts. This means Boss M1 might have traits like cunning, astute, or acting like an easy-going person towards others. Hmm… that reminded me of many calculated politicians who embrace their supporters with selflessness emotions at the frontline. However, behind the Supporters’ backs, they could be at the other extreme state. That is, the self-beneficial, self-fulfilling, and mind-manipulating roles at its best. Boss M1 might be just like that. The 7-5-3 (and 5-7-3) in Boss M1’s chart is suggesting a careless or spendthrift person, who doesn’t control his spending, by frequently overlooking on legal fine prints when signing contracts, even though he might be a perfectionist as well.

There are multiple 8s in the Relationship / Compatibility Chart between Rebecca and Boss M1. This could suggest frequent “crazy busy” and hectic work life between them.  Rebecca might have liked that subconsciously as the multiple 8s (Fire) could invoke her creativity, responsibility, passion, and sparks. This means, because of Rebecca’s prideful and leadership-like abilities, she might feel being recognised and appreciated as she could deliver what Boss M1 wants. I’d not use the words “tricked” or “conned” but the indications are along that direction that she might have been misled or manipulated by Boss M1. Well, that might not be true, actually… so it’s up to Rebecca to do some investigative work to find out his “true colours” if that is really what she wants.

This year, the Compatibility Year (PY2018) is showing the 8-4-3-7-2-9 patterns. They might be some miscommunication between Rebecca and Boss M1. If there aren’t any heated arguments or tensions yet, it is best for Rebecca to “ride with the flow” and strengthen her abilities and skill sets, and widening her knowledge preferably. This way, while there might be less pressure on Boss M1 to take action on Rebecca’s increment status, she can enjoy the happy moments by focusing on more fulfilling projects than chasing for increments.

That’s all for today’s article. Enjoy profiling.

I’m looking forward to sharing more insights, and the extended EON/FEN techniques to the new students at the 3rd FEN WORKSHOP class next week, on 14-15 April 2018. See you in class!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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