Which is better, Bazi or EON?

Sam, a casual friend of mine, asked me the other day, “Which is better, Bazi or your EON?” He then sent a YouTube video link of a Bazi professional explaining what Bazi is, and how he analysed the chart. “He is really good in Bazi,” Sam wrote.

I decided to watch that video. I was appalled, or rather, not surprised by the affirmations made by the Bazi professional (let’s call him, John) in the video about the sample Bazi chart. John mentioned learning Bazi is about identifying the Day Master, and determine whether it’s strong or weak, and checking on the Earthly Branches to see its interactions. He then said that the luck cycle is used to determine when a person would die, followed by the words, “Just kidding 😀” on the screen. That got me laughing, not because of the “kidding” message but the shallow depth of a Bazi professional distributing such video that he could easily edited it out.

Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, claiming to know when a person would die is dangerous, unethical, and inappropriate. And it could create sad detrimental situations. I frequently tell my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students that I don’t know when a person will die, and have no interest to do more research on this area. The purpose of checking on one’s life profile or destiny, is not about knowing our destiny path and fate destination – from birth to demise. To me, that’s an entirely wrong path to take as it could lead to the glum side. And as I have constantly reminded my FEN students and recalled posting it on a few articles some years back – get the Bazi professional, like John, to share when he’d die too, or when his Bazi mentor would die? And to leave a will to charitable organisations if he or his mentor didn’t die on that death day. We all have to perish one day, with our souls leaving the human body. So what’s the point of boasting about the ability to understand a chart and mentioned knowing when a person would die, just to impress others by making a joke out of it?

Next, John mentioned in the video that we could “use Bazi to judge other people, and to a lesser extent, their health too.

A birth chart, be they a Bazi chart, a ZiWeiDouShu chart, a Kabbalah chart, or even an EON Chart, is not meant to be used to evaluate a person. That’s a narrowed, naïve, and simplistic thinking of using what we know to stereotype others hastily, put a confirmation endorsement into their fate and destiny. We, humankind, are not robots that are designed to perform our tasks faithfully, logically, and automatically until we failed, or die. Even robot toys made in the production lines, do not all failed on the same day, after the warranty is over. Some robots took weeks just before they failed. And some could yet take years or decades, before doom days arrived. It’s entirely about how we handle the robot toys, considerably like how we handle our life path – by making adjustment along the way, adapting our habits, thrashing our stereotyping, and giving others an equal opportunity to change themselves, often like we hope others would not stereotype us based on our Bazi chart.

Out of curiosity, I decided to plot the Bazi chart and the EON Chart, since John showed the person’s birth date and birth time on the video. For privacy and ethical grounds, I’ve masked off his birth date and time. One more thing, you’d noticed my Bazi chart (plotted from my BaziCalc (Android) last-compiled in June 2014) has an extra 5th pillar. It’s a unique and important feature that I’ve added into my BaziCalc (Palm) sometime in 2005, after I learned the usefulness of its applications. That was why many Feng Shui experts relied on my metaphysics tools (for Palm OS) to perform FS tasks, based on the 10-minute period, and not the old-school’s theory of 2-hour time range.

There is no such thing as one metaphysics system is better or superior to another. It’s all about understanding how one system could complement the other, and how we can tap on the unparalleled features of each system to place the individual piece of a puzzle into the jigsaw painting. Hence, while Bazi is more popular (naturally) and has many added characteristics, it’s based on century-old theories when the clocks was not invented yet. Its interpretations need to be evolved or updated in modern-day contexts. That is one reason why learning Bazi from ten Bazi Masters would give you almost ten unusual analytical skill sets, and multiple areas to study a chart from different perspectives.

There is no correct or wrong way to read a chart, and it doesn’t really matter if the chart is strong or weak, have lots of interactions (clashes and combinations), or whether you have symbolic stars and nobleman helping you. What’s important is what are you going to do about it, if assuming the chart is yours; and how/when/what are you projecting to take action to enjoy a better life journey – the quality of your life – than followed blindly what others are saying about the road ahead in your destiny path.

From a visualisation perspective, it was interesting to see two contrasting charts based on a person’s birth date and time. For easier identification, let’s consider the chart belongs to Harry. The 10-minute 5th pillar on Harry’s Bazi chart shows extra Earth elements. While many Bazi enthusiasts and professionals may assume the Day Master Geng is heavily held by Earth element, do take note that without the Earth element, Metal Geng is nothing. When Earth element is supportive, Harry tends to become more arrogant, showing disregarded to his superiors or seniors, egoistical, and outspoken. He’s just like the hurricane or tornado destroying things he doesn’t like, or impeding his way. Oh, in case you find my Bazi reading different, that’s ok…as I’m reading Bazi chart from an EON perspective. Enough of Bazi, since I’m not posting an entirely Bazi article here today.

From an Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, that’s where the contrasting signs are. Harry’s Birth Root elements is Water, and number 2. With multiple 2s in his chart, it could imply an “activist-learning style” of a person who frequently does things through feelings, without proper planning. He may not be like the Tsunami, but he could possess the ability to create massive flooding over time. Furthermore, we also associate the number 2 as gossiping, boasting, giving “over promise, under deliver”  unrealistic goals, destroyer (through feelings), and manipulative. He’s like the peak of the iceberg (when he’s strengthened), and like the titanic ship when he’s weakened (when the ice melts). That’s just one trait that I have highlighted, between Harry’s Bazi Day Master (Geng) and EON’s Birth Root (Water 2). In both charts, the similarity included arrogance,  boastful, looks solid and optimistic outwardly, but fearful and pessimistic inwardly.

There are so many traits and characteristics that you can identify after you’ve  learned the basics of the EON method. One way is to obtain a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and read the basic theories. Once you’ve read the fundamental principles, check out other articles here. And when I’ve scheduled the next FEN WORKSHOP class, you can learn more extended methods, including using the Qi Tapping method (adapted from knowledge in using Qi Men Dun Jia) to optimise the energies to create maximum impact for better outcome. One of my Thai students followed the method and experienced the effect of winning at the MBS and RWS casinos when she attended the FEN WORKSHOP class.  And like I told her and the other students in the class, not to misuse or abuse the system as otherwise, you might be inclined to lean towards the negativistic side.

Last year, Harry was facing the Double-Effect vibes as shown in his PY2018 chart. Whether it was a Double Whammy or Double Blessing, is dependent on how he behaved, acted, and lined up his goals. However, Harry is still at a young age of 10 years old this year. So whatever I’ve brought up earlier might not surface yet, or if it does, might not be so extreme, although he could have exhibited similar traits today.

One primary reason why it’s important to learn EON/FEN method to complement Bazi, is the ability to identify street-smart genes especially in a young person’s chart. That when parents need to recognise whether their beloved child could pass the school exams, with positive results or disappointed ones. While Harry is fortunate to have the street-smart genes, whether he could tap on these factors depend on his parents’ family upbringing style. Both his mom and daddy need to review their parenting style to a more motivating one like, “It’s ok. You’ve done your best” than a disciplinary and emotional one like “I told you to study hard, get excellent results, so you can get a high-pay job later” style. They have to determine whether to inculcate to their son, the habits of chasing after materialistic goals or simply pursue happiness. They might want to assume the adult-adult ego state of communication based on the Transactional Analysis principles, to guide Harry to take charge of his own actions and choices.

That’s all for this short comparison on Bazi and EON charts, and its analytical methods. To conclude whether a Bazi or EON professional is right or wrong in his analysis, or how good or bad he/she is, is just from a simplistic and naïve view. What matters more is the ability for them to lead a person to create the opportunity to enjoy a better journey (the learning experience), and not lavishly explained how the next or last destination (the outcome/result) would be, and whether it’s a long or short path ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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