PQR 887 and Donald Trump’s PY2019

Somebody posted a search for “PQR 887” earlier this month. I’m not sure where he learned the theories and Numerology methods from, as there is no such 8-8-7 pattern on P-Q-R location of an EON chart.

In a typical EON Chart, locations U, X, and R can only have the numbers 3, 6, or 9. Hence, the person who searched for “PQR 887” must have got his calculations wronged, or discovered from a trainer who is just as confused as them. This is dangerous as it could lead to incorrect analysis, and could confuse both the person who profile the chart, and the subject person who’s been profiled. Get an automated tool – like our FEON+ software – to ensure such a mistake would not be possible, rather than saving cost in plotting it with pen/pencil and paper.

Putting the PQR location aside, let’s focus solely on the 8-8-7 pattern, and see what I can share with you in today’s article.

In basic keyword interpretations, we could look at 8-8-7 as [Stress – Stress – Support]. What this means that the person (let’s put the person’s name as Alan) could easily have stressed (or pressure or imposing upon) others, or be pressurised by others. An action that Alan took upon others, or experienced from others – the eventual outcome has something to relate to his “supporters” like friends, peers, team members, and anyone who supported him.

However, when I looked at the 8-8-7 pattern from an extended EON/FEN perspective, the charting view has changed. Alan might be enticed to carry out his plan based on materialistic rewards. This could possibly result in the “no money, no plan/talk” attitude. This means Alan might not be inclined to be proactive in doing things first, or lacked the motivation or compelling grounds to get him to execute a plan without getting or seeing the incentives.

We could interpret the 8-8-7 pattern as [Control – Responsibility – Knowledge] which imply Alan might be self-controlling his expenses due to financial responsibilities to ensure he completed his goal, or have acquired the knowledge he needed.

There are so many ways to interpret the numbers and patterns; and it’s incorrect to say that there can only be one way. For example, when I applied the Five Elements principles to the 8-8-7 pattern, I could view it, from one angle, as [Fire – Fire – Water]. And when I tap on my visualisation picturing method, I could see a canvas showing wild fire on the riverside, or at the extreme cases, volcanic ashes and lava flowing down the river currents. Now, when you put that in relation to a person’s character, Alan could be perceived as having some form of a hot-tempered, irrational, and furious (the Fire) person with confusing or vague (the steam of vapour caused by Fire and Water) visions, usually with self-interest or self-beneficial thoughts in mind.

While writing the previous sentence/paragraph, suddenly Donald Trump went into my mind as one such person. No, his birth chart hasn’t got the 8-8-7 pattern. This implies, from his birth chart, he is not always acting or behaving in a current way as he did this year in the US-North Korea summit, and the US-China trade war issues, or rather, the US-Huawei issue. Upon further checking, I noted the 5-8-7 pattern in O-P-Q of Donald Trump’s PY2019 Chart. Yes, as the number 5, being a duality number or a part that can exhibit traits from surrounding number, the number 5 could transform to be like the number 8 or 7. And when we look at the numbers as a group, from P-O-Q manner, we could identify the 8-8-7 or 8-7-7 pattern. And yes, Donald Trump’s PY2019 chart is showing signs of contributing factors that reinforced his hasty behaviours and actions this year.

It also depends on why or how such patterns are derived from. If it’s on the birth chart, the likeliness of the person exhibiting tendency signs relating to the patterns is stronger – like an inherent habit – unless the person has gone through an emotional or some form of a setback, or experienced an unprecedented incident that changed their perception of life. On the other hand, if the pattern is present in the Personal Year PY Chart, then the likelihood of the person displaying such traits or behaviours is only for a shorter period, like just within a year or two. If you’ve access to the FEON+ software, you’d also noticed Donald Trump was facing the Double-Effect vibes last year, with the 2-2-4-6-6-3 pattern present in both his Birth Chart and PY2018 Chart. In short, the need for him to talk, enforce, backtrack and repeat talk again (2-2-4), about the security and stability (6-6) of his country, by imposing critical or hurtful (3) actions on others, including his political opponents, China, and North Korea.

There are so many aspects I could elaborate on, especially when using Donald Trump’s chart as an example. Nonetheless, since the topic today is on the 8-8-7 pattern, and I’ve explained why such pattern cannot exist on the P-Q-R location of an EON Chart, I hope you’ve learned something useful in this article. I’ve also noted I’ve posted an article some years back on the Adolf Hitler’s 8-8-7 pattern too – click this link for more details.  In Donald Trump’s chart, I’ve already provided a subtle hint on the 8-8-7 pattern in his PY2019 chart, and the 2-2-4-6-6-3 pattern in his birth chart. Perhaps, I’ll share more – like potential legal matters that might concern him in 2020/2021 in another article later… or maybe not.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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