Donald Trump and Meghan Markle

According to this Yahoo online article, Donald Trump was quoted to have said, “I didn’t know she was nasty” on Meghan Markle’s comment about him being “misogynistic(prejudiced against women) that she made some years back. And on another Yahoo online article, the UK correspondent Danielle Stacey, wrote why “Meghan Markle won’t be meeting Donald Trump during state visit” on Monday 3rd June 2019.

Was there some form of conflict between them, or the fear of embarrassment towards either party should they meet up?

Well, let’s ponder over the possibilities by checking out the “Relationship / Compatibility” (R/C) Chart between both, and what are the tendency signs for Monday 3rd June 2019. And as usual, I’ll be sharing the details from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, by analysing the screenshot of the R/C chart generated by the FEON+ (Android) software.

From a basic EON keyword interpretation, we can decode the 5-3-8 pattern on their R/C chart as [Stubborn – Fast – Stress]. This implies the stubbornness (number 5) mindset in both individuals right from the beginningthe perceived mindset and stereotyping both had on the other person. Should they be together in a relationship, they’d not hesitate to comment negatively on the other party, often with sarcastic, blunt, candid, and hurtful (3) remarks. Eventually, it could accelerate into a “tempest in the boiling teapot” like effect, stressing (8) them.

Both are principle-minded in their own ways, and expect the other party to respect their positions no matter what. While both Donald and Meghan have same Root 4 as their Birth Root element – which presents the mood-swinging and emotional traits – their methods of actions are different. Donald is like the vocal person who likes to use words (2-2-4 in M-N-O) repeatedly to reinforce his thoughts; while Meghan is like the self-centric and egotistical person who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind (3-1-4 in M-N-O) without hesitation.

This year, their PY2019 chart shows the 5-6-2-8-7-6 pattern, which we could interpret as [Stubborn – Stability – Talk – Stress – Supporters – Responsibility]. Apart from associating the number 6 as money and family, we could relate them with stability and security to the country. Hence, there is the chance and opportunity for them to meet up this year to open their mind and unleash the past resentment in a stable manner, to communicate mutually and move on (rather than stressing themselves unnecessarily), to ensure they have the best interest of their people in mind.

On Monday 3rd June 2019, the “Compatibility Day Chart” shows the 5-9-5-5-1-6 pattern. As we all know, the number 5 is associated with stubbornness, challenges, stumbling blocks, fears, resistance, hard-headed, principle-minded, and many others. Having a 5-5-5 day could make matters worst, and it’s best not to make them to meet at all. Otherwise, the potential of some embarrassment – on both sides – would indicate the true negative sides of them quickly, especially when they don’t control their attitudes and restrain their behaviours and actions. Information posted by journalists through social media is disseminated and read almost instantly, and could spread (and potentially misinterpreted) like wildfire.

The Compatibility Day Chart and the Compatibility Year Chart, were formulated and included into the FEON+ software for extended analysis. External trainers (unless those who’d attended my FEN courses) using these charts for analysis, are likely “copycats” who used the charting format without understanding the underlying reason why the chart was formulated, and how it could provide extra tendency signs.

In the earlier article “PQR 887 and Donald Trump’s PY2019,” I wrote about “potential legal matters that might concern him (Donald Trump) in 2020/2021” and pondered whether I should post a follow-up article later. Meanwhile, especially for those of you who’re anxious, you might want to check out this recent interesting TheRoot article “Professor Who Has Correctly Predicted 9 Presidential Elections Picks Trump in 2020 Unless Dems Impeach Him” for some clues.

That’s all for today’s article.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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