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In my article “On Relationship Matching” posted earlier, I wrote about the challenges faced by both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, based on their Relationship/Compatibility Chart. I also highlighted the possible effects of the 4-5-9-5-4-9 patterns present in their R/C Chart. Unless both could come to an amicable solution, respect and trust each other, the ones who’d suffered most are their kids as it could affect their upbringing values, beliefs and mental states.

Today’s article is kind of follow-up to my earlier posting. I’m sharing an overview perspective of the relationship between USA-Donald Trump, and USA-Joe Biden. I’ll also highlight the possible influence on the election day, assuming if 3rd November 2020 is still the official confirmed date.

Oh, before I continue, do take note that whatever you’re about to read might not come true, or is a definite representation of the result. What I’m about to share is based on the patterns present in the charts. Whoever wins the election, is a decision made by the US citizens.

Let’s start out with the R/C chart (US-DT, for short) of USA-Donald Trump, which is easier for me to start sharing since most people could associate his current leadership style.

Oh, one more thing… the screenshots of the two charts shown below in this article, were not taken from the standard FEON+ v1.x (Android) software tool. Instead, it was screen-captured from a new unreleased, “work-in-progress” Pro edition (currently indicated as v2). Designed to be scaleable (height or width) to support different mobile OS platforms and multiple devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets. There are more visual feature options available – all these are possible as a result of my extensive, continuing research and discoveries to enhance the EON/FEN profiling method; and my metaphysics software development experience over the years. This new software is targeted for anyone who currently, or aspire to provide professional profiling analysis and consultation services. No release schedule yet, as I’m developing it based on milestone achievement, and not timeline completion. I decided to showcase just one of the many new enhanced features you can look forward to, due to the extra visual clues available, and its easier relevance to today’s article.

The US-DT chart shows similar 4-5-9-5–4-9 patterns, as the R/C chart of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie that I’ve posted in an earlier article. This implies, the potential challenging times with constant stumbling blocks, obstructions, and mood-swinging communications. Again, it’s due to the multiple 4s (mood-swinging tendencies), the 9s (high hopes, but often unrealistic aspirations), and the 5s (fear and flight, or fight).  The Day Chart (for 3rd Nov 2020) has a Double-Effect-like reflection with their R/C chart, showing the 5-4-9-4-5-9 pattern – implying potential huge challenges for him on that day. Many of you could easily associate what I’ve just described to the current situation many Americans are facing back in their home country.

There is a radar chart of the US-DT relationship. The Wood element is strong. We could associate the Wood element with numbers 4 and 9. The traits include planning, strategies, and visions. However, when there are multiple sets of 4s and/or 9s in close proximity, these activities could lead to scheming-like habits. Donald has Birth Root 4 in his natal chart. And since the number 4 is associated with the Wood element, we could also interpret the radar-chart in “R/C Elemental Strengths” option to denote a self-beneficial relationship. And as explained multiple times in past articles, the number 4 is like a plant, constantly swinging left-right, front-back, and repeating the process again when influenced by strong wind (Metal element – anxiety, worries, mental and cognitive states.)

The Compatibility Year (PY2020) chart shows the 4-8-3-2-7-9 pattern. It could denote a separation or communication strained (4-8-3) from his supporters (2-7), and could influence the outcome of his vision (9). The 4-8-3’s separation effect can have extreme implications – separation from loyalists, or separation from protesters. Thus, whether it’s good or bad, depends on a majority of US voters to decide what they want the vision to be – a successful closure to the end of Donald Trump’s presidency, or a popular renewal of his presidency for the next few years.

Now, let’s look at USA-Joe Biden (US-JB, for short) chart. The 6-1-7-8-4-3 pattern in the R/C chart could denote some sort of communication issues between Joe and the US citizens in general. Perhaps it could be the way he communicates due to poor EQ or tactless (8-4-3, 4-8-3), causing conflicting views from his supporters. We could interpret the 6-1-7 pattern as [Stability – Leader – Supporter]. What this implies, Joe might have the opportunity to become the leader (1) to restore or instill US stability (political, financial, and economic) for the US citizens in general.

The 8-4-3 pattern in this aspect could relate to a different leadership style, breaking away from traditional norms. This means, his policies, assuming if he becomes the president might often not be well-received by all, but at least benefits the general good.

Joe Biden has the Birth Root 2 (Water element) in his natal chart. This implies; he’s always having mixed feelings, insecurities and sensitive to others; like the raindrops resting on swaying leaves and worrying when it will fall off. He must forge the confidence if he desires to win the race, because water can seep through any obstructing wall when there’s a crack. This means, staying focused and identifying where the stop gaps are.

The 6-8-5-4-2-6 pattern in his Compatibility Year (PY2020) chart denotes the need for relentless and persevering (yes, occasionally getting distracted) pursuits this year. He will constantly face challenges along the way. Like in the phrase, “every dark cloud has a silver lining,” he could treat the challenges as opportunities to brave the storm ahead. He needs to remain focused (number 5) and should not be distracted by negative remarks, and should avoid indulging on reciprocating his opponents with character assassination or making unfounded remarks.

The 4-2-6 pattern implies solidifying his plans and visions by taking action today, and not just talking about it. It’s easier to demonstrate to others what you’ve achieved up to now, with regards to your plans (4), when you show the evidence and communicate (2) with others. Get his supporters (including those sitting on the middle fence, or in opposite camp) to understand what he HAS DONE to date, in his promise mission to them; and explained the steps and delivery timeline. And when you’ve a majority of the supporters’ buy-in, the goals (number 6 – stability, responsibility) can be accomplished.

The radar chart shows strong Water and Metal elements, which we could identify and link them with the self-sacrifice traits. In advanced FEN techniques, we could interpret the Water element in the radar chart, as strengthening Joe’s weak Root 2 (Water element). This implies the possible effect of uplifting confidence, becoming more focused, less sensitive, and feeling less insecure; and the capacity to accept constructive feedback and make changes when needed. For political leaders, we could associate the Metal element to the country’s political and financial stability. This means the intent and focus of Joe Biden might just be thatself-sacrificing to help improve the country’s political, financial, economic, and domestic stabilities.

In general, most people prefer knowing in advance what the plans are for, when it would be delivered (timeline), and how it would be executed. At least, they have clearer visibility on what to anticipate when they made the choice to decide whom to vote. Otherwise, constantly talking about plans (without providing evidential information) is baseless, and is like the usual “over promising, under deliver” sales talk.

Whether the bulk of US voters decided Donald Trump to continue as the president, or having Joe Biden to be their next president, is up to them. Restoring global confidence, having fair-trade agreements, and stabilising the political and economic outlooks, is a major, but an achievable state when the right person with true leadership’s attitude takes charge.

The Relationship/Compatibility chart is not just to analyse the connection bond of two or more people. In today’s article, it’s about using the R/C chart to look at the country-person relationship. You can use it to check on business partnerships, and even for basic stock forecasting.

I hope I’ve shared some insights on how the Relationship /Compatibility chart works, and how it could help you to analyse the relationship or connection bonding strengths between two or more parties. And when you analyse the Compatibility Year (PY) Chart, you have extra clues on how the year influences could influence and/or affect the relationships. With all the information on hand, you can then adopt proactive measures to raise the positive vibes while you consciously also take steps to manage or control the negative vibes.

Lastly, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden could take positive steps and carry out the plans they’ve promised, as November is still a few months’ time. They should do some self-reflections on what they’ve done so far for the country and her people, including showing the factual truths and stopping the unfounded lies and half-truths. They could take quick action to correct the wrongs and missteps, oversights, and escalating domestic protests; it’s not late to stop pushing out the false narratives and propaganda hate-message on racism and human rights. They should also stop playing the blame-game and bashing others. It’s completely up to them to deliver a compelling, convincing, and supporting message to their supporters; and to the world. Positive action speaks louder than words of empty promises…

And ultimately, it’s up to the majority of the eligible US voters to decide the eventual winner in the presidential race.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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