Signs of a Temper-a-mental Person

I admit. My article “Domestic Violence and Temper Rising” was incomplete, especially on the numbers associated to tendency traits of anger, abuse and violence. I want to invoke the learning and curiosity mind in you. I want you to understand the fundamentals quickly to better your lives and others. And I want you to exercise your brain – it’s good for you.

John sent me an email yesterday and told me that he could not “see” the numbers 8 and 5 in the charts he’d plotted on Chris Brown, Michael Lohan, Gary Coleman and Tito Orbiz. He also plotted some charts for other celebrities reportedly known for domestic violence or abuse.

John asked if there are alternative numbers with such “fast and furious” consequence. I’m glad John asked. The 8 and 5 (in close proximity) is just one set of patterns with such fiery tendency traits.

Having said that, majority of the cases do have one common sign – the Fire element. And when you add the Personal Year charts, the tendency of the Fire getting stronger and furious are even higher.

There is NO such thing as an absolute trait for a specific number pattern. Reinforcing the statement that 8-8 is a “double confirmed” affirmative sign of violent and abusive nature is, in my personal opinion, not ethically correct. The tendency signs may be there but there is no “100%, money-back guarantee” the person will turn abusive, throw things and whacked others.

I have reinforced many times in my book and past articles – family upbringing, social influence, habits and experiences, and moral mindset do play an active role in influencing a person’s thoughts and action.

When you are learning the “Element of Numbers” (EON) method, you are learning a quick and easy method to know yourself better. Most importantly, you must help yourself first before you can help others. Learn to make adjustment to your habits and lifestyle, and change to a positive, happier and healthier you. Once you have made the changes, you do not have to worry about the 8-8 (presumably) in your chart. You can easily direct the excess fiery energies and focus on livelier, challenging and creative pursuits to achieve your goals. Sure, it can be stressful [8-8: Stress-Stress] but as long as you can control your emotions and anger, there’s no need to worry unnecessary.

When people suddenly became violent in a particular year, it usually implied the Fire energy could be strong during that year. In short, the energies present in the Personal Year chart may shows sign of strong Fire. The negative energies may be at its peak, causing the person to lose their temper that could result in mental outrage. Hmm… signs of a temper-a-mental person!. Sometimes, you can do a macro-level check by looking at the Personal Month or Personal Day chart to find out whether you can identify some clues as well.

Take a look at Chris Brown’s EON Chart. He was booked on suspicion of making criminal threats while under investigation for domestic violence charges on 8 February 2009.

Can you see the strong Fire in the chart?

“No. I don’t see any. I only saw the patterns 1-2-3 and 5-4-9 in his PY2009 chart,” some of you may say.

Here’s some clues – check out my “advanced” articles on the 1-2-3 and 5-4-9 number patterns. Once you have done that, refer to Page 101 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. Then check out the “Emotions” row on Page 132. Can you see some tendency clues?

It doesn’t matter if you still cannot “see” the signs. We are all exposed to different environmental factors that may influence our thoughts of opinion, logic, thinking, and “street-smartness”. You visit this site for a purpose – to learn. Check out my article “Left and Right Brain Thinking” for more information.

Still cannot “see” the strong Fire?

If time permit, attend my EON WORKSHOP on 25 June 2011 (Saturday). I will explain the effects of the numbers with high tendency traits of “domestic violence” and other temper-a-mental moods. You’ll also get to know many other tendency traits, including signs of a “street-smart” person. By the way, there’s an early-bird discount for those who registered early.

Until then, learn to calm down your furious thoughts if you are a quick-tempered, impatient person. A moment of anger can lead to a lifetime of regret and suffering for you and your loved ones. Calm down your temper, and walk away from the place. The negative energies are not worth manifesting.

Think about the happier moments instead, and the good times of your life. And ride on the positive energies that can help bring back the sincere, warm and joyous person in you. Have a hearty smile, and others will smile with you.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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