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Nicholas sent me an email about a case study he’s doing. He wrote, “The numbers are similar. I can say this year he may need to watch out as this year has the whammy effect.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyI was not sure what Nicholas was implying as a double whammy effect means the numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R in the Birth chart are similar to the numbers in the same location of the Personal Year chart.

It’s clear the person does not face a Double Whammy vibes this year (2014) as the numbers in M-N-O-P-Q-R are different.

I wrote to him and got his reply, “I was referring to his Personal year as the numbers are repeated. Appreciate if you could let me know if such case is complicated because I foresee complications.

What Nicholas meant was the numbers 2-7-9 and 7-2-9 appears in the py2014 chart, and it could create a whammy-like effect.

The ‘cause-and-effect’ vibes from a 2-7-9 and 7-2-9 are slightly different from an EON (Elements of Numbers) perspectives. Besides, though there are repeated numbers of 2, 7, and 9, we cannot identify them as ‘whammy’ set of numbers.

CaseStudy_JimAnyway, this person (let’s call him Jim) has to be careful this year as the Water and Wood elements are strong. These may affect his emotions and thoughts magnifying the fuzzy and distracting or distorted visions and unrealistic ambitions.

On health matters, there could be a possibility of health conditions associated to Qi deficiency in the kidney or liver organs that may create consequential urinary and respiratory complications. Strong Water and Wood may also affect the Metal which we can associate to the mental mind, brain, immune, and respiratory organs. This means the possibility of his mental state being influenced by the overflowing fuzzy thoughts and unnecessary worries. Some people could make out the behaviours to a person with possible unsound mind or craziness tendencies.

There is a possibility Jim may have experienced some unhealthy effects a few years ago in 2011 as it was his ‘Double Effect’ year. The energies (positive and negatives) were manifested and magnified. His health condition could be ‘affected’ in April, July and September as the elemental manifestations are strong. If his health condition was good then, then it’s great as it means that he was not affected by the negative vibes then.

HiddenPatternsI’ve shared with the students at my first FIVE ELEMENTS NUMEROLOGY (FEN) Basic Level course on the visualisation techniques. Yes, these students learned the ‘visualisation technique’ to identify the extra traits from a person’s chart. For example, the possible traits present in Jim’s Birth and Personal Year charts include signs of nervousness, sensitivity, fear, unstable, forceful, sensual and sensuous mood swings, demanding, manipulative, arrogance, flirtatious, eloquence, sweet-talking, and stressful traits.

At the FEN ADVANCE LEVEL COURSE, students will learn even more extended techniques to identify new signs from a person’s chart. Jim’s financial state could be improved or motivated this year. However, he has to take care of his health as the excess money may be gone too fast for unplanned incidents like paying for his medical bills. Jim should learn to relax and stay focused on what he plans to do. At work there could be peer pressure, jealousy (and doubts) about his work attitudes and strengths.

AAnnualCodet the FEN Advance Level course, I’ll share with the students the techniques to identify annual health symptoms, and other health conditions like diabetes and ‘cancerous tendencies.’ There are signs present in Jim’s chart suggesting he could fall in the ‘high-risk group’ of people with ‘diabetes’ and/or ‘cancerous’ tendencies. Nevertheless, as long as Jim could take care of his health, have regular medical check-ups, eat proper balanced meals, maintain work-life balance, and have regular physical fitness exercises, he should be able to overcome the negative vibes from manifesting.   

Whatever plans Jim has started to work on, it’d be great for him to complete them this year. If possible, Jim should redirect the unnecessary negative vibes from influencing him by focusing on volunteerism, like doing more humanity and social services. He needs to improve his communication skills with others to reduce relationship strain. Jim could learn to meditate and focus on self-reflections and spiritual pursuits to reduce the strong negative vibes from influencing (and affecting) him.

The ‘Double Effect’ vibes come every nine years. From my research, I noticed many of the subjects (case study persons) focused more on material/career pursuits than their health during the year where they’re experiencing the double effect vibes. We need to be clear when identifying the tendency signs in a person’s chart. Yes, we need to check on the influences manifested from the elements and the numbers. And yes, we also need to check whether the current Personal Year has the ‘double effect‘ vibes as it could be detrimental to a person’s health.

In a normal Personal Year without the ‘Double Effect’ vibes, the person needs to do is to take care of the annual health symptoms that may be manifested that year.

I look forward to share more interesting EON techniques with you at the FEN Basic/Advance Level Courses organised by EON Inspire. Click here to check out the EON Inspire website now…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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