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Some married men just can’t get enough of their greed and lusting feelings with one woman (their wife), and relentlessly continue their love interest elsewhere with other women.

Today’s article is about Mann (not his real name) who prefer putting aside his wife (let’s call her Jessly) to continue his crazy busy lusting desires with two other women.

Jessly wrote, “I found out that he has an affair but I still would like to salvage our marriage. Based on the analysis, do you see opportunity or any way I can help to improve our marriage or prevent separation? Or should I agree to the divorce and move on with my life?

EON_AnswersIt takes two hands to clap for two people to communicate, enjoy, understand, love, and be tolerant with each other to strengthen their marriage bond. No matter how hard Jessly has tried to be adaptable, it also depends on whether Mann is willing to salvage his marriage bond with her. Personally, I’d encourage Jessly and Mann to consult a professional marriage counsellor to find out the root cause to their problem. The counsellors can help Mann and Jessly understand each other’s needs and wants, and to strengthen their positive traits and be gradually getting rid of bad habits. Hopefully, both can embrace and relive their good times together. After all, they were once-upon-a-time loving couples who tied the marital knot happily and made the marriage vow declaring their love ‘til death do them part.’

Jessly is facing relationship problem with her husband Mann and said, “I tried to salvage my relations but unfortunately my hubby chose the other woman.” It was unfortunate Jessly has to experience such setbacks especially when she did her best to change her attitudes and mindset towards Mann.

Do I stand any chance?” Jessly wrote. “My hubby’s number gave me the impression he could get away with all his affairs easily. Is the number vibes on my birth chart weaker than his?

So, let the analysis begins using my Elements of Numbers (EON) method. In this Part 1 article, I’ll share my observations on Mann’s Birth and Personal Year charts. I hope you can get some clues along the way and learn a thing or two. I’ve based my observations on the elements and numbers present in the charts, and my interpretations of the tendency signs present in them. It is by no way, depicting the truth since only Mann, Jessly, and the two girls would know their own behaviours and actions.

CaseStudy_MannMann’s Birth Root number is 9. The tendency signs include success-minded, competitive spirit, fear, greed (possessive), high aims, and dominating.  The surrounding numbers in his birth chart could worsen the negative traits like obsessively self-centric and egoistic behaviours, and the urge to be ahead of others. However, the excessive emotional vibes could hit hard on his mental foresight creating negative signs of “mentally unsound” tendencies. In addition, the excess strong Wood could exhaust the lusting vibes creating a consequential effect of being sex-deprive state. And there are signs he’s more than willing to risk his marriage status with Jessly and chase other companions who could satisfy his lusting temptations.

Here’s an imagining analogyMann is just one of the many trees growing in a swamp. Every tree is fighting competitively for sunlight and rain. The dry spell has caused a drought and the swampy water is fast drying up. The trees are getting dehydrate quickly with leaves turning brown and falling off, and branches cracking and breaking apart.  In despair, as it’s hard to grow skywards, the tree would bend its branches sideway towards other trees hoping to prevent them from getting the sunlight too. Its roots are growing outwards toward other trees to absorb more water. It desperately needs water, water, and water…

Jessly asked if Mann could possibly change his lusting habits to his former self when they’re happily in love and got married. As long as the person is willing to step forward and make a positive change, anything is possible. If Mann is willing to go for marriage counselling and perhaps, for medical check-up on his mental and emotional state, then it’s possible he could control and manage his unhealthy condition. Besides the excessive emotional thoughts affecting his mental instability, Mann must also cut down on his sugary intake as there is a possibility his blood glucose level could be high. Perhaps that could also trigger the ‘high boosting’ lusting temptations.

Jessly wrote, “For the sake of my children, I did try to be tolerant and hope to reconcile. I am not sure if he’s worth my repeated forgiveness. I am not sure if his birth chart for EON shows him as a womaniser or affair for the rest of his life which I’m worried.

EON_mosaicIn theory, a person whose chart has more Water elements (number 2 and 7) has higher tendency to be more sensual and flirtatious. Mann’s problem could be because of an imbalance in the Qi deficiency associated to weaker elements present in his chart. As ‘internalWater dried up fast like a drought, any ‘external’ water source that comes along could ‘quench’ the thirst satisfyingly. A typical sex-deprive person may ‘just do it’ and go for any sex-partner willing to play the game. Sadly, the tendency signs suggest Mann could be such a person. There are tendencies other women could take advantage of his unhealthy urge and manipulated his thoughts, behaviours, and transgressing acts.

People do change because of the changes in social, family, and career life. For some people, the changes and new habits could be temporary and they may revert to old habits. The good news is, not all people with similar charts have high sex drive or have extramarital affairs. Many people with the numbers in M-N-O-P-Q-R similar to Mann’s chart are living a faithful and happy marriage life. The reason – they could control and manage their emotions and tempers well. Most importantly, they could have taken good care of their health and harmonise the Qi energies in their body system.

Immoral LoveA leopard will never change its spot,” so the saying goes. In today’s context, this phrase has slight effect on human beings. Yes, we cannot change our body outlook (skin, face, etc) unless we go for cosmetic surgeries but that is besides the point here. What we can do is to go for self-reflection and change our inner- beliefs and reinforce our moral values. Jessly could consider giving him another chance if there are signs Mann is willing to seek professional medical help to be a better person. Jessly can decide which life path she wants to go if Mann is resisting all efforts to get him to change for the better. Is she willing to be a submissive wife living in the shadows of Mann’s flirtatious lifestyle for love sake and for the sake of her kids? Is she willing to take a bold step and move on with her life… and perhaps be a woman of substance she can be proud of? Who knows, she could create a second chance to find a better man who loves her even more!

Getting psychiatric and/or medical help would be a great start to better life for Mann. A fresh restart… But if he’s insistent on living his own lifestyle the way he’s enjoying now, then Jessly has a choice.  I could only wish Jessly all the best in her decision.

Watch out for Part 2 of my article as I’ll share more observations. Meanwhile you may not be able to identify some of the traits I’ve mentioned especially if you have attended the PON/UCM courses. I look forward to share with you the extended techniques to equip yourself the capacity to identify such traits (and more) easily through my FEN courses. More FEN course details at

Until then, stay happy and remember your moral obligations…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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