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Today’s article is a follow-up to my article “Susan: Work Relationship” posted earlier. Check this link to read the earlier article, if you haven’t already done so, before continuing with today’s article which I will focus on Susan’s career aspect for this year 2018.

Susan: My concern is that the old boss is a very, very cunning boss, based on his numbers. That’s why he’s creating a lot of damage to me. From his number, I’m thinking he might be living a shorter life due to a major accident. Hence, life would be easier for me.

Ron: A quick one – it’s OK to change your job this year since you’ve competitions, and the boss might prefer someone else. Your career luck for these two years is positive as long as you work ethically and ignore peer pressures.

I have described the suitable career or business in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” This is based on the person’s Root Number, and the element suitable to the industry he or she could work with. It can be practiced as a general guideline for numerology and profiling beginners. Nevertheless, when you get on to the next level of profiling, you’ll find it doesn’t matter which industry or job designations you are ‘suitable,’ be they 80% compatible or 60% incompatible. The point is, you are influenced every year by its periodic energies, and it could affect your career vibes as well. That is why you might observe your working attitudes might change between days, months, and years, even though you love your current job and found it rewarding. There might be times you’re so eager to get to work early in the morning, and there are times you dragged the need to go to work by finding excuses or taking urgent or sick leave.

When you have upgraded to the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you will understand why these short-termed, periodic energies that are coming from the year, month, and day could affect your working attitudes and moods as well. In addition, it created the domino-like effects to your work attitude that you might receive from your colleagues, regardless of whether they’re your peers, subordinates, or bosses. When you use the EON method, you’ll understand why identifying the career element is significant than looking at suitable career or business.

And as in my usual approach when someone asked me if they can change jobs, I gave Susan a multiple-choice question where she has to truthfully tell me the answer based on her sincere needs, and not the wants or desire, for a job change. Susan replied and commented why she chose the option, “the boss is tricky and is deterring my career path.” In short, she noted that her boss was not supportive of her work, and feared he could affect her career growth and the working environment. Susan also remarked, “Something happened in 2015. He made me lose all my client bases, etc. Kindly help to advise if I should stop working under him?

As reported earlier, I told Susan she could change jobs as the career energies for the next two years are favourable to her. I’ve shared how to identify the Career element in my FEN WORKSHOP class, and explained how the periodic energies and its elemental influence could affect a person’s career vibes. In Susan’s case, her Career element is strong and favourable, which suggested that no matter where she works in, be they with a new team or in a different company, she might find more job satisfaction than she is now with the current status.

Identifying the Career element and changing job are two separate aspects. While checking on the Career element is one useful and handy means to determine the favourable and beneficial vibes that supports your current career, changing job depends on your real need and reason behind why you felt the urge to resign and work for another company. In Susan’s case, her request to be transferred to work for some other team, where she could work with a new boss.  Anyway, you might want to change jobs because of the following reasons:

  1. The boss is not supportive and biased towards you.
  2. Your career path is stagnant after working over many years. While you received paper or email appreciations, you don’t get the benefits and rewards.
  3. You’ve been accepting extra responsibilities.
  4. You felt you are “undervalued” and your current salary is low, as compared to other companies.
  5. You dislike the working environment. You hated the top-down management approach where the bosses always assumed they are mighty, and you are wrong; and they don’t encourage feedback or valued your suggestions.
  6. You felt your knowledge is inadequate, and wants to upgrade your skills to prepare for better job prospects with higher salary and aligned responsibilities.
  7. You hated the competitive working environment, office politicking, and lack of accountability among peers and team members.

While there might be many more reasons why you desire to change jobs, checking on Career element and identifying the reason to your intentions to change jobs, is just one of the many extended techniques you’ll get to learn from the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class. Once you have identified the cause behind the career change, you can then zoom in on the respective area to find out if the element associated with them is favourable or beneficial. Susan remarked that her boss was not supportive. With that as a cue, I then focused on the vibes related to the supportive aspects from the bosses and management, to determine its presence, strengths, and weaknesses. And when the findings are positive, you can then switch jobs. Otherwise, it is smarter to remain as is, or possibly, realign your priorities again like instead of wanting to get a higher salary, you could focus on improving your skill set by upgrading yourself in the meantime. And maybe, finding a job that allows you to have time to further your studies or skill upgrading.

I’ll now briefly share some observations on Susan’s characters, or the tendency signs that might influence a person’s behaviours, feelings, thinking, and actions, when the elements and numbers are present in a chart. That stated, while Susan might not inhibit or display the traits that I’m about to disclose, it could be present in someone else who has a similar chart (numbers in location I-to-X), or a person who’s born on the same date as Susan. While a person could be having similar birth charts, their eventual behaviours, habits, opinions, and work attitudes could be different and varying. This is because who they’re now, how they perceive others, and how easily they could adapt to changing life purposes, are derived from past experiences, including family upbringings, academic environment, social influences, and moral and civic-mindedness.

Susan is an intellectual person, a woman of substance and power, and usually took initiatives whenever she goes. The prideful, individualistic, and perhaps, proud nature means there are tendencies of having the self-egoistic attitudes, including the “I, Me, & Myself” thoughts that she could perform better than others, is less patient and tolerant, and couldn’t stand procrastinations. There are signs of OCD-like characteristics, which mean she might frequently display the “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” symptom; that things can only be perfect when it’s made her way.

Susan has both smart genes present in her chart, and these imply that she’s both a resourceful and knowledgeable individual. While she couldn’t stand John’s working attitude towards her, I believe she’s aware of the contributing factors influencing John’s controlling nature. Oh, when time permits, I’ll share John’s characteristics in the third-part article.

It is easier for Susan to accumulate and grow her wealth as the signs are present in her chart. Conversely, she might feel otherwise, that the money is not enough to keep up the lifestyle. That’s because of unnecessary spending to satisfy the “show-off” feelings. Whatever it is, Susan has to take charge of her mental well-being and health, and perhaps, control her food intake. There’re signs she might be in the “high-risk group” of people having “diabetes” or diabetic-symptom – it could be inherited, or her siblings or parents might got it, if she does not. In addition, the strong Metal element in her chart could imply she might experience health signs associated with the Metal elements. These include mental depression, shortness of breath, sleep apnea, skin irritations, pneumonia, stroke, chest pains, gastric, muscle strains, worries, hallucinations, anxiety, lung infection or inflammation, liver/kidney deficiencies, breast-related issues, and others. While she might not have experienced full mental illness, it could take place anytime, due to the signs present in her chart. I’d suggest she reads Caleb Andersen’s articles for a start, to help her realise that mental depression and anger can be controlled. I’m thankful to Caleb who contributed the two articles below, and I’m eagerly wanting for more articles from him.

Susan mentioned about the 666 and 69 patterns presents in John’s chart, as cited in my earlier article. She has similar patterns also, from an EON perspective. The number 5 in location M could transform and display the characteristics and traits of its neighbouring number. That implies the number 5 could exhibit traits of numbers 1 and 6, both beings of the same Metal element as well. This further reinforces the potential effects that could bear on her mental health. She also mentioned John having the “lightning” number which she gathered from her colleague who’d learned from other trainers. While I don’t know the reason why the trainers called it a “lightning” number, and calling a spade by any other name, it is more comfortable for me to share one underlying reason on its potential effects. When the number 5 transform and exhibited the number 1 traits, the multiple 1s (together with 6s) in her chart can be associated with a knife, body cuts, surgery or medical operations. This means Susan has to take full care of her health, especially her body and stomach, as there are probabilities of her undergoing medical operations before, if not, later.

The strong Water element (numbers 2 and 7) could suggest Susan might have inhibited the swaying and waving traits of insecurities, sensitive nature, mood swings, and reality distortions. As we also associated Water element with sensuousness, she could unconsciously (or consciously) display the feminine, sensual, presentable, and charismatic appeal towards others. And as explained in my earlier first-part article, this could indirectly influence John’s outlook towards her. Susan could have felt stressful and pressurised by the events surrounding her, including the unnecessary worries of John controlling her, especially during the last year. This was primarily due to the influences of the “Double-Effect Year” vibe present in her PY2017 chart. This implies, whatever I have mentioned about her – her characteristics, traits, behavioursare doubly manifested. While she might enjoy double sweetness, she also starts to taste the double bitterness. And when her chart shows strong Metal elements, these could create the flood of the Metal element present, like the overflowing water damaging the dam.

I hope Susan is feeling mentally sound and healthy, as the signs are suggesting some form of a mentally-stressed individual. Perhaps, she’s in good control of her emotions and mental health, and that’s great! In any case, and as a precautionary measure when a person reaches a certain age, she might want to go for a thorough medical checkup, if she hasn’t done so last year or early this year, to ascertain she’s in good health, and in a positive mental state.

As she was contemplating (or have already done so by now), a change of boss might be a solution to her to reduce the mental strain and fearful worries. Furthermore, as I’d earlier remarked, her career vibes is strong and supportive. Besides loving the positive career push, there are signs of ample opportunities to gain more achievements and success this year. Of course, whether Susan could achieve her goals and seize the opportunities, depend on her mental health, alertness, and focus. With that, she shouldn’t worry too much and unnecessary about John’s controlling her life and calling. Rather, she should learn to forgive and forget, and move on with her life and career.

Switching to a new team is good, but changing to a different environment is even better. That said, if her new boss and team has an office in another location, and she doesn’t get to see John every working day, she could gradually overcome the “fear or flight” insecurities in her.

There are many other methods to check on a person’s life path, including the life forces that could influence a person, and how we can suggest remedial solutions to help a person. Susan’s colleague and the student who attended my FEN WORKSHOP recently, could guide her by applying various methods like using the Five Elements principles that I’ve shared in class, to reduce her strong Metal element, and use the Transactional Analysis approach to communicate with her, in an adult-to-adult tactful manner.

Lastly, a personal note to Susan – many people suffered from mental depression, and many have pulled through, just like Caleb Andersen. The Health Ministry, polyclinics, and private healthcare institutions have been actively promoting healthy mental wellness, and providing professional help and counselling to those who’re serious about controlling the symptoms before it gets worst and hurt yourself, and your loved ones too. Seek help early. Always remember, you’ve a fantastic life ahead, a promising career, and many fruitful years of enjoyment and fulfilment.

Don’t let your health stop you from your life pursuits, passions, and contentment. Create and live the life you want, and enjoy it.


PS: The 3rd FEN WORKSHOP class is confirmed on 14-15 April 2018. Click this link to register today for the early-bird offer which will end this coming Saturday, 31 March 2018. See you in class!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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