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Susan has chanced upon this Elements of Numbers (EON) site recently, and she was very worried over her career status.  Below is an extract of our email messages:

Susan: Really forward to your blog on this to help me get to a decision. He’s really driving me crazy with all his actions and infiltrated himself to my other social circle. Damaging my work reputation and putting my career at risk. From his numbers, he’s really sick – 666 and 999. But no one will believe me ‘cos he got the ‘millionaire’ number 69. He will not let me have peace of mind, even if I changed to another team. He’s no right to force me to quit my job too.

My first thought was “who is he? Is he her husband or boyfriend, or a colleague? And somebody who has imposed influence over her career status?

Ron: The more you hate him, the more he’ll remain in your life, or his presence is felt. Just wish him all the best and move on with your life positively. Treat it like an annoying mosquito that came, suck your blood, and then flew off. Like in the movies, The bad guys usually die during the concluding few minutes before the show end. Best is for you to stay away from him so you’re not a major part of his remaining life story.

That’s what I wrote to Susan, as keeping all this negative resentment would affect her mental wellness, job stability, and loss of focus. Keeping emotional attachment does not help either. The ideal path is to move on, be free of all resentments by learning to let go unnecessary events or incidents that don’t help us positively.

Susan: Thanks for the advice. My fear is that he controls everything, even my mobile emails, etc., has traces of being tracked by him. He’s really a sick person, given his birthday numbers with 666 and 999. I’m not sure how I can escape from his crutches. The only comfort that I can see is that he should be facing major accidents and not live too long. That’ll be the only way that my life is totally free away from him.

Ron: Don’t be so bad and cruel. You’re equally bad if you think that his life would end soon. Karma…

Susan sent me follow up emails, and I could feel her frustrations and desperation. She learned about the numbers and its interpretations from her colleague, who attended many courses conducted by other trainers. What surprised me most were, her colleague recently attended my FEN WORKSHOP class as well.

And to whoever this colleague might be, don’t practise and adopt the “fear tactics” and negative connotations associated with the numbers that your PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, or trainer who taught PON-style courses, might have imparted to you. Like I have emphasised many times in my FEN class, there are always two sides to a coin, and what we see may not be what it is. Focus more on the practicalities of life, and why you attended my class in the first place even though you attended other courses previously. While it is hard to put aside what the other trainers taught you, use the “two sides to a coin” analogy to explain to others, especially those who have not attended any proper numerology profiling course before.

In subsequent emails, I found out that the “he” that she’s referring to is her supervisor or her “reporting officer” as in large organisations where your achievements, credits, acknowledgement, and even promotions, depend heavily on that person. Susan wanted to switch to a different team instead, and asked whether this will be a beneficial move for her.

Ron: The choice is yours. If changing to a new team makes you happier and with a better prospect, it is a ‘job change’ as well. However, if you think you cannot get out of the “old boss” control even with you in the new team, then you decide if you want to change to another company. Let’s not put too much negativity around even if you don’t like the boss. He might have his reasons for his behaviours, attitudes, and actions. Especially when you don’t feel the frustrations working with him before. It takes two hands to clap. As long as you could change your mindset, all negative numbers and influences are secondary and controllable. You’ll understand more with EON perspectives…

There are few areas that I hope to explain regarding Susan’s case study. As it takes two hands to clap, there has to be a reason for everything that happened. Thus, this will be a multi-part article where subsequent parts (like Susan’s character, and changing job) would be posted another day. In today’s article, I will concentrate on the “relationship” aspect, i.e., Susan’s working relationship with her boss. For easier reference, let’s named her boss as “John.”

Both Susan and John have the number 6 as their Birth Root number. We could associate this number 6 with many characteristics and traits, like forceful, demanding, brutal (like a dagger), sharp (like a knife), hurtful (like a penknife), boastful and talking big (like a great boss who claims to know everything), and prideful (recognition and achievement seeker).

Of course, in that respect are other traits as well, including the positive good traits, and since I have described them in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” I’d suggest you to check them out. You can buy the book online directly from me also, as long as you’re staying anywhere in the world that’s easily accessible by the local delivery or postal staff.

When you have two people with Birth Root 6 working together, it’s like having two commanders meeting in the war room, settling on their strategies to win the simulated war game. Differences abound, sparks ignited, competitive bluntness, superiority thinking, creative passions, ego blemished, rebellious streaks, fiery emotional mood swings, argumentative disputes, and sarcastic criticisms manifestedall these traits, behaviours, habits, and actions, could happen, be seen and felt, eventually. In a typical battlefield, these could lead to an unnecessary “bloodbath” with no true winners, but losers due to the damages done and its results. That’s the Root number 3 in their “Relationship / Compatibility” (R/C) chart.

There are tendency signs of “selective listening disorder” symptoms where they only want to hear the good words, and possibly, nothing else. They might strive for recognitions, achievements, and rewards for carrying out their tasks – partly because of their number 6 characteristics.

While the 6-9-6 in location S-T-U of their R/C chart show potential ability to earn wealth and materialistic achievements, they might often be influenced by the external factors of rushing to get the job done hastily (3-9-3 in locations V-W-X). As a result, they could not achieve as much as they hope (2-1-3), and could be debating on whether to accept the risk, or face the challenges head on (4-5-9). And so again, the feelings of “I, Me, & Myselfself-ego attitude could also lead to frequent sparks, disagreements and tensions (2-1-3). Eventually, this could imply both Susan and John might face regular emotional frustrations as well (4-5-9). While they might occasionally agree on solving issues or conducting on the task or project with common understanding, the self-principled mindset (Birth Root 6) in each of them could trigger disagreements. Nevertheless, and like the flickering candle, the passions and idealistic spark, plus the fiery and swaying nature, tends to be of short-termed consequences. Maybe including the roller coaster-like “ups and downs” mood swings.

From another angle, the number 3, especially when we could find more than one in close proximity and present in the R/C chart, could imply sexual desires, love, and passionate relationships. This means if this R/C chart belongs to a Boyfriend-Girlfriend relationship, there might be passionate fireworks and lovely sparklers around. However, as the R/C chart is based on the working relationship of Susan and John, such sexual desires might not be strong, although there might be a possibility that one of them is attracted (and perhaps, blinded) by the other person’s appealing nature. Often times, a one-sided love could lead a person to behave irrationally and became mentally unstable, taking actions like controlling the other person, and trying to make things difficult. In any case, you’ll get the idea when you watched those love-hate relationship dramas.

This year (2018), the 8-4-3 pattern appears in their “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2018)” which means they might have strong disagreement and heated arguments that could have started as early as late last year. And possibly, the arguments might not be solely about money-related, but rather, about their emotional conflicts over whose plans are best matched and perfect for the projects.

When both Susan and John could come to amicable terms to their working relationships, they could easily enjoy the yields of their teamwork efforts – achieving their KPIs and targets cohesively and happily, and perhaps, just like when they first started to work as a team.

If Susan joins another team, which does not call for her to report directly to John, would that be better for her? I don’t know, since it takes two hands to clap, and unless the root reason is resolved amicably, the fire is not extinguished. I’ll share more insights about her career prospects in the next sequel article.

Until then, I hope you have relished reading this article and have learned something useful with my observations. Profiling is not purely about identifying the number patterns and relating that to default traits and characteristics, just like what Susan interpreted the meanings of the 666, 999, and 69 numbers present in a chart. There is more to it (the number patterns) than meets the eye (your observation).

When you attended the FEN WORKSHOP class, you’ll appreciate the virtualisation profiling techniques to enable you to identify probable underlying root causes, and to see more clues easily to why a person behaved and acted in certain ways.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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