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The Search for “Life Path Periods”

Somebody searched for “life path period” recently, and as usual, I’d be sharing some insights into what it’s all about, in today’s article. I used the phrase “life path period” based on my past...


The Search for “Beware of PON”

I’m not sure what the person is expecting when he or she searched for “beware of PON” on this site. Is he or she referring to an earlier article “Beware of PON’s 8-3 Murderer...


Reflections: Learning Styles

I chanced upon this article “This 15-30 minute routine makes your brain healthier, younger, and smarter“ by Benjamin P. Hardy a few days ago. It was an interesting read, and I recommend you read...


How to plot the time chart

That’s what someone did while trying to search for an answer on “how to plot the time chart.” Considerably, when I developed the Elements of Numbers (EON) System and published my book “Elements of...


On Danny: Health Concerns

  Danny was worried about his health and career prospects, and explained briefly his situation in an email to me. He attended the UCMHP course before, and like many other course-mates, could not profile...

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