Understanding the Elements and Numbers in Your Charts

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In my last article, “Blueprint of Your Self,” I briefly discussed the need to learn the fundamental principles of numbers and associated elements covered in my basic EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityOnce you’ve acquired a basic understanding, it’s time to take a few steps forward to the next level—widening the vocabulary of tendency signs associated with each number and its element. This enables you to open your mind, accept, and correlate them with real-life situations.

Your Birth Chart can tell a story of your unique experiences, and only you know that. No one else has the power to know everything about you under the bright sunlight and dark moonlight unless you share it with them.

The problem arises when you don’t know what you’re unaware of and don’t know how to read your Birth Chart.

Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling EON book by Ron WZ SunRefer to my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” if you need to. If time permits, remind yourself to read the two chapters on the Five Elements, which are the core essence of my Elements of Numbers (EON). This sets EON apart from others, as interpreting numbers is just like ABCs – A for Apple, B for Boy, etc. – it’s the elemental influence that truly matters, not numbers.



The Five Elements principles and their interactions, including dependencies and interdependencies, are not new. In fact, they have been included as part of EON and have been practiced for centuries, used in many Chinese metaphysical systems and methods such as Feng Shui, Yi Jing, Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny), and others.

That is why assuming you know the power of numbers without going beyond is just a fallacy. It’s like recognising the STOP sign at the roadside is red. But do you know why it’s red and not blue, green, purple, or brown?

Five Element sof Numerology (FEON+) software available at MeganWorx.com



If you have access to my FEON+ v1.x software (Android), you can speed up your chart plotting and try to figure out if 1 is associated with the Metal element, and 2 with the Water element, and so on. While the software is a productivity tool, you still need to grasp the basics of each number and colour (element representations) in the charts displayed by the software.

When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven't.For instance, if you have a Birth Root 1 which is the Metal element, what does that imply? If you don’t know more than just “Alone, Leader, and Sword,” etc., refer to page 52 of my EON book. It’s that simple and easy.

Don’t skip steps; there’s no need to rush the learning process if you’re truly eager to learn more about yourself. Discover your potential strengths and weaknesses, understand your vulnerabilities, and learn how to control and manage them.



When a Personal Year (PY) comes along, say the PY Root number is 3 (Fire element), what does that imply? Well, it means number 3 is influencing number 1, which means Fire is influencing Metal. Now, visualise what could happen to the Metal if it’s constantly impacted by Fire. The Metal, once cold, would become hot, like the iron used to press clothes. It’s similar to touching a candle holder while the candle is still burning and flickering in the wind or accidentally touching a hot iron metal plate.

To Understand a new idea, break an old habit. Elements of Numbers (EON) by Ron WZ SunSo, what happened then? Go beyond the intricacies and correlate that to your everyday life, the real situations you’re exposed to, and the know-how you’ve built up over the years. When you touch hot metal, it hurts, right? Yes, that’s precisely the case. So, when you have a PY with Root 3 coming into your Birth Root 1, the signs suggest a potential incident of getting hurt.

But wait, that’s not the only conclusion; number 3 (Fire) can also signify creativity, sparks of joy, and rays of hope. Besides hurting you, you can also experience joyful moments, the sparks that trigger your passion, transforming dreams into reality.



Don't Force Pieces that don't fit. Elements of Numbers (EON) by Ron WZ Sun

Just like cold metal that has been in that state for too long, sudden heat can light you up. From another perspective, it could also trigger your anger, hurt feelings (remember touching the hot iron plate), and cause you to become too fixated and focused (like a laser pointer) on things you cannot control or manage.

You can get burned out, like a magnifying glass under the sun with rays shining on a piece of metal or your hand. And when metal gets too hot for too long, it can deform or, worse, melt. In such instances, this could lead to mental despair, mental illness, depression, hallucinations, and so on. When a laser cutter slices through metal, it divides it into multiple pieces, which can be distressing and, in extreme cases, lead to severe depression or suicidal tendencies.



Elements of Numbers (EON) Ron WZ Sun

I’ve just touched on the surface level of elemental interactions. There’s so much more to discover, like what might be the outcome when number 3 and number 1 interact, forming a 3-1 pattern.

Oh yes, when you take a step forward and think higher, you realise that 3-1 equals 4, which represents Passion and Mental equals Plan/Vision. That means creativity, as I said earlier. It triggers you to map out your plan for something, a vision where you can start strategising, and a mission where you can begin your journey to turn your visions into reality.


Wait, wait, Ron, I’m confused,” you might be thinking now…



Kids learn their ABCs and objects quickly and easily through the use of flashcards as learning aids. Similarly, you can get hold of my NIPL Oracle Deck as a quick and easy way to learn the interactions of two numbers and the outcome of the resultant number. Oh, NIPL stands for “Numbers in Positive Light.” And if you are still puzzled, there are phrases at the bottom of each card to help you interpret and understand their meanings.

Numbers in Positive Light (NIPL) Oracle Deck by Ron WZ Sun

On each card, there are multiple traits associated with each number that you can use to form new meanings. For example, 3-1 is like Fast-Alone, which can also be interpreted as “Angry-Lonely.” This means you could be angry with yourself or, worse, keeping your anger, stress, and pressure inside. When things don’t work out the way you deem fit, you might burst out with fiery emotions or display bipolar disorder tendencies.

Get a copy of my NIPL Oracle Deck, now available in limited stock. Use this online link to place your order, and I’ll dispatch it as soon as possible.



No matter how much time and effort you’ve spent learning numerology, whether it’s the Elements of Numbers (EON) method or other methods, commitment, focus, and taking action to make changes are important attributes you must consciously strive for.

Slowness to change usually means fear of the new. Elements of Numbers (EON) by Ron WZ SunOtherwise, your learning is just like reading the latest news about incidents happening, such as a scandal involving a celebrity. You might spread your newfound knowledge with others through WhatsApp or WeChat on your phone without understanding the underlying contributing causes or whether the scandal is true or fake.

It took me years of research before I published my EON book in 2010. Wow, that’s almost 14 years ago. And I’m still observing, researching, and unraveling new discoveries, building knowledge to share through fresh lenses and perspectives.


Great minds discuss ideas by Ron WZ Sun. Elements of Numbers (EON)Come and walk with me on this journey of self-discovery. Just focus on who you want to be, and don’t let others define you should be. While you’re at it, make it a point to undergo transformational change to become a more focused, fitter, healthier, and better person.

Sure, you might not be able to change your destiny’s pathway, but you can take charge to improve the quality of your journey and, subsequently, your experience.

Remember, your outlook shapes your experience.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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