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Rachel recently sent me an email asking, “How much do you charge for birth date analysis with a printout, especially on lucky 4D numbers?” I replied to her, “I don’t do consultation as I’m focusing on my trainings and research on my Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. Furthermore, I’ve put aside any plan to research on 4D numbers as it might create false hope.” Rachel then emailed me again, “Can check my financial matter as, until now, it’s still not going well.

Like any game of chance, there is no sure-win, 100% accuracy every time predicting 4D numbers. The process to identify winning numbers still has to come from our own observations and analysis. It’s just like profiling a person’s birth chart – our ability to think, and analyse (the chart) depend on our changing perspectives contributed by the influencing energies affecting us, our mood at that time, the environment we’re in then, and the experiences we had earlier in the day.

ACCURACYIt’s not an easy task to identify winning numbers. Even publishers of weekly 4D guidebooks could not guarantee sure-win numbers that will ‘come up’ on subsequent lottery draws. Automated lottery software computing winning numbers is inconsistent and debatable. Even astrologers and numerologists claiming to identify winning numbers based on a person’s chart are seldom accurate every time. It’s all about synchronicity – our luck (like success, money, and career) does not happen without reason. Instead, we created them with our past actions, consciously or unconsciously. Based on the sets of available patterns, we should have assumed to exhibit certain characteristics and traits. Those are textbook rules. However, in real-life, we know our behaviours and actions vary at different times even when we are in the same room, at home or in office. Luck is a consolidation of understanding past failures and improving on the lessons learned, and our ability to create opportunities. There are other ways to enrich our lifestyle and grow our wealth, including upgrading our skill sets and personal portfolio and asset values. Oh, one more thing, we mustn’t forget about changing our mindset, beliefs, behaviours, habits, and actions.

There are many ways to identify a person’s financial state when we apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. We can always start with the first layer of analysis by looking for the number 6. It’s the number we could associate with money and wealth. When we move on to the second layer of analysis, we could apply the Five Elements’ Yin-Yang principles and identify another “money-related” number. And if that is not enough, we can broaden our observation radar by moving on to the third layer of analysis by applying the advanced EON techniques. We could identify more elements and numbers associated to the personal wealth. This means the number 6 is not the only “money” number many external numerology trainers had popularised and assumed. Every one of you has your own personalisedmoney” number, and you need not have to rely on checking out the number 6 in your chart.

CaseStudy_RachelNow, let’s analyse Rachel’s EON chart and sees if we can identify tendency signs suggesting financial strains. I will start with Rachel’s birth chart and restricting my analysis to financial matters, putting aside other aspects like home, family, career, and health. The 1-6-7-4-8-3 patterns (in locations MNOPQR) could suggest [Self – Money – Friends or Social Luck – Plan – Stress – Agitate]. This could suggest Rachel might be hesitating in investing her money on other people as it might often lead no “unhappy” outcome. The tendency signs include spendthrift and at the extreme end, the habits of a thrifty, miser, or calculative person. As we could generalise the 4-8-3 pattern and associated that to “separation,” it implies Rachel might constantly find her money separating from her. In short, it means Rachel has to take action to moderate her financial spending, including the hope to accumulate her wealth through circuitous or unconventional ways. What it means is not to rely on boosting her “indirect wealth” through short-term passion like gambling on 4D numbers. The amount of money saved, if she has not used it for gambling, could be better utilised for rewarding long-term pursuits like investing the money on bonds, ETF, trust funds, or stocks. It’s equally important to know of the seasonal influence on stocks so that she can narrow her investment choice on the stock counters within the industry sectors influenced by the yearly energies.

StocksTalk_20151003I noted some extra “subconscious” signs from Rachel’s “Time of Birth” chart, suggesting some form of contradicting personality traits. On the surface, we might interpret her as a cautious and prudent person. However, beneath the reserved face mask lies a person who is willing to spend or sacrifice her time (and possibly money) on friends. Her financial strains might not because she overspends or indulged in self-gains. Instead, she might have spent beyond her means to benefit other people more than herself. As a result, one of the mental distractions might be because of disagreement issues, the fear of saying “no” to opportunistic temptations, or being gullible, like listening and believing in others easily. From her “Combined Birth Date and Time” chart, I could identify signs of hesitation or lack of confidence in carrying out plans. Her visions of successful gains are well in place, but she feared challenges and obstacles, the insecurity that whatever she does might not be the best way, and hence the need to rely on friends’ advices before she could take action. Rachel has to learn to improve her self-confidence and reduce the reliance on others to help her make financial decisions.

CONTROL_FINANCEThe 1-8-9-8-1-9 pattern (in locations MNOPQQ) in her Personal Year PY2015 chart signified probable narrow-mindedness and overconfidence due to her perfectionist thoughts. She might have felt constant stress accumulating her wealth and fulfilling her financial goals. She might have invested in stocks or on overseas projects, and could have suffered some monetary loss. Once again, understanding the seasonal cycles and yearly energies influencing stocks is important as we could associate the Year2015 energies with the number 8 (2+1+5=8). We associate the number 8 with FIRE. The tendency signs (of number 8) include volatility, stress, crazy busy, tempers, agitation, Creative minds, passion, hard work, and financial responsibilities. We have seen huge volatility and bloodbath situations on the stock markets this week. From EON perspectives, we’re now in the transitional phase of the outgoing Year2015 and current Year2016 energies. The energy of volatility (Year2015) is mixing up with the energy of gradual growth (Year2016), and it created “sweet and spicy” temperamental mood swing-like experiences for all. Rachel might be focusing on the wrong areas last year in her pursuits for financial excellence. There might be other opportunities coming her way, but she could have put them aside, or distracted by other life aspects (including stress at work, family and home). The tendency signs are suggesting many “subtle” wealth opportunities last year, but because of her perfectionist or OCDlike tendencies, she’d missed the few opportunities when it came knocking at her door.

confusionThis year, the 1-9-1-1-2-3 pattern (in locations MNOPQR) is present in her PY2016 chart. It is a promising pattern, and the energies looked favourable. From basic layer of analysis, it could suggest something, like “I could achieve success on my own by focusing and prioritising on my goals using my mental, and intellectual skills. I must also be prepared to take extra effort to think of Creative ways to achieve my goals.” Whether Rachel could grow her wealth this year, it depends on her mindset, attitudes, focus, and behaviours. She must also look at innovative ways to improve her financial means. She must constantly remind herself not to be distracted by other ad-hoc opportunities that might look good at first but not so eventually. Yes, there are stumbling blocks and hidden signs of mental distractions, and it could divert her attention elsewhere. She must attentively follow the phrase, “perseverance leads to success” if she wants better wealth accumulation. On a side note, it could also imply Rachel might have started on some pursuits last year, and she might be seeing favourable results this year. The perfectionist attitude (present in her PY2015) could, in positive ways, manifested the gradual financial wealth. It’s just that she might not have noticed them as it was a “work in progress” state. With the “completion and success” state this year, Rachel could see her wealth improving this year. Even so, she has to take care of the negative energies that might influence her attitude. There might be mental stress too with the present of number 1s in her PY2016 chart. The 1-2-3 pattern (in locations PQR) is present in her PY2016, and could suggest coming wealth. She should not be too complacent and expected it to be her entitlement rights to the wealth. She needs to work hard, take action, and act positively to receive her Year2016 ‘privileges.

On a side note, I have shown sample birth charts of people with 1-2-3 patterns in my FEN Advanced level classes, and shared insights why some people could gather more wealth and assets that others because of their positive actions and perseverance. What this means is that even if you have the 1-2-3 pattern in PQR locations of your birth chart, it doesn’t imply you will have wealth and assets at your later years. On the contrary, it just means you have, sort of, the privilege to easier access to wealth entitlement and whether you can cumulate and sustain the wealth level depends on your past actions and habits. If you gamble your wealth in your 30s-40s, it would take a longer time to regain the lost wealth, but you have the strengths and energies. However, if you gamble and lost your wealth in your 50s-60s, it would be harder to grow the wealth because of your age, health, mindset strengths, and lack of persistent energies. That said, do protect your wealth and assets when you have the privilege. Don’t abuse them and demand it as an entitlement as it’s no guarantee your wealth or assets will remain or grow in your later years.

HEALTHRachel’s PY2017 chart is more exciting and interesting as there are two sets of 1-2-3 present. This means even more opportunities for Rachel to double her wealth at later this year and ride with the tides of money waves next year. Whatever it is, she must always remind herself of her roots, and to put aside some money for charity donations, or actively involved in community or social services.

Though I have mentioned earlier my focused on financial aspects only, it’s important for Rachel to take care of her health as she’s no longer young and physically active as before. She must take care of her immune and mental health, have regular exercises to strength the fitness and heart, and take healthier food. The numbers 8 and 4 present in her Opportunities and Challenges chart (displayed on the right panel of the screenshot, and available on FEON+ software) suggest the need and responsibility to manage her financial wealth to grab the opportunities when it comes, and the need to focus on her actions and carry out her plans to transform obstacles into challenges. And the number 6 presents in the LIFE PATH PERIODS denote the need for responsibility at home, to take good care of the welfare of her family members and loved ones, and to ensure she and her family lives a happier, healthier, and conducive lifestyle.

The positive signs on improving wealth accumulations are there this year; all it needs is for Rachel to recognise the signs, create opportunities, and take prompt action.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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