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On Aliff Aziz & His 2-2 Pattern

I noted there were search requests for “2-2” and “2-2-4” recently. Besides what I’ve already described on the tendency signs of a person having the 2-2 or 2-2-4 patterns in past articles, I reckoned...


Extrovert and Introvert numbers

During one of my FEN classes, John asked if there is a way we can identify if a person is deemed to be an extrovert or introvert. John had earlier attended the UCMHP course conducted...


No Missing Number: Perfectionist?

Sometime back, one FEN student posted in the FEN COMMUNITY (FC) WhatsApp chat group, of Celine’s EON Birth Chart, and wrote, “Can I inquire if one person has missing numbers, what does it mean?” Two...


The Spendthrift 1-4-3

I’m excited and looking forward to the coming FEN WORKSHOP session this Saturday (28 Oct 2017) as it’s a very special day for me. More importantly, I’d like to thank the supportive users who’d register...

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