Human-Brain Traits and Number-Pattern Traits

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Our human brains are incredibly complex.

When we face similar incidents, whether at the office or working remotely from home on different days, we interpret, think, behave, and act differently. After all, we are humans with emotions and varying behaviours. Depending on our moods, what follows could be our reactions or responses.

Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Profiling Ron WZ Sun Five Elements Numerology EON FEON meganworxThat’s mainly because even though we may be doing the same task at work, we are distracted by external factors such as colleagues, hygiene factors, the environment, and Zoom/Teams meetings. All these play a part in influencing our energy levels and mental wellbeing.

Just like mind mapping of our emotions, we can exhibit different outcomes, feelings, and mood swings at varying moments. Nothing – the behaviours, actions, and results – is conclusive, concrete, or permanent.

I know you will agree with me so far because we are all humans with unique brains that we can use to think critically, systematically, creatively, logically, and rationally. That makes us authentic in our own ways of thinking, behaving, and reacting or responding.



Even though we sometimes follow closely what others say or suggest, we are not robots who follow everything according to rules – the 0s and 1s in binary code that robots depend on as a code of instructions. We can break free and not let others define or confine us, make decisions on our behalf, or decide how our personalities and life paths should be.

Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxWe have the right to control and manage our emotions, choose our actions, and believe in our ability to improve. We can react emotionally to a situation or pause and respond thoughtfully. It’s up to us to decide whether to conform to perceived norms or make an informed choice to shift our mindset for self-improvement.

If we were to follow every perceived trait others insisted that we have, just because they’re based on perceived number-pattern traits, we might as well become robots, doing, thinking, and acting as robots do. Fortunately, we are not robots; we still have common-sense brains that can think, analyse, and interpret.



Today, we may have heard about data analytics tools and what they can do. These tools are based on data collection for analysing and drawing conclusions based on preset conditions. Similarly, the number patterns identified from your charts, whether they are Birth Charts, Personal Charts, or other essential charts, are all based on reasoning and observations of the collected data.

Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxNow, when data analytics tools include some form of intelligent scripting, like AI (Artificial Intelligence) or feedback from other perspectives, they can expand the analytical scope beyond making preliminary conclusions. This means that perceiving a person as having a specific number pattern and consistently displaying such behaviours and traits is no longer conclusive.

We are not discussing mathematical equations where 2+7=9; we are looking beyond those numbers, understanding that each number has varied outputs, and each output can have varied outcomes and consequences. This means that insisting on the assertiveness of number patterns, like 2-7-9 denoting a person likely involved with scandalous or transgressive affairs and eventually ending up as a divorcee if they’re married, is a premature assumption.



This observation is just one small part of an outcome that would be accurate if we were robots. But we are not robots. This means the assumption that a person would be divorced if they’re married only represents one perspective and not the entire truth.

Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON Meganworx

That’s because we are humans with brains. We can choose how we want to use the periodic energies of our Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day numbers. We can either stay trapped in our comfort zone, focused on negative thoughts, or step out of that zone, take charge of our actions and emotions, and move towards positivity.

When we take charge of our own life paths, emotions, behaviours, and actions, we can avoid making mistakes that we know will have consequences that could impact us.

Just like knowing that the traffic light is turning amber and deciding whether to slow down to a stop at the junction or press the accelerator to speed faster is our choice. One thing’s for sure: when we slow down and stop, we know we are safe. But when we speed faster against the red light, we may end up in an accident or, worse, getting injured.



Today’s article isn’t about handing you a fish for a day or providing a number pattern with confirmed traits for application. Instead, it’s metaphorical, reminding you that everything we do must have a reason.

Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxFocus first on finding a solution rather than wasting time looking at the problem. Once you have a solution and are making progress in resolving the issue, you can then spend time examining the underlying root cause that triggered it. Learn from this experience and avoid repeating the same mistake.

When you notice similar number patterns in your charts without facing the expected outcomes, it signifies change. Your perspective, mindset, and behaviour have evolved. It could be intrinsic motivation that changed you, or perhaps extrinsic motivation compelled you to make the change progressively and gradually, knowingly or unknowingly.

Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxSo, when someone tells you that you’ll be rich and highly possible to have assets because you have the 1-2-3 number pattern in your P-Q-R locations of your Birth Chart, they are right to a certain extent. Just like what I have described in my basic EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” – it’s included to get you started in your journey of understanding yourself and others.

When you’ve consistently taken many small steps away from your fundamental knowledge, the assumption “1+2+3 = 6 (rich/asset)” no longer holds convincing evidence. You know that “6 is money” is good for a start, helping you to correlate and understand the basics. But as your knowledge advances, you realise that “6 can also imply corruption, family responsibility, or even mental wellness or depression.



Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxDepending on your numerology knowledge level, always keep an open mind and avoid aggressively and irrationally assuming that one number pattern has only one trait or outcome. Instead of helping others with your knowledge, you could harm them with naivety and foolishness due to limited understanding.

Learn the correct profiling techniques to avoid merely aiming to profile. Instead, focus on providing accurate analysis and helping others discover their capabilities without becoming dependent on you. Otherwise, this would be similar to managing health issues with medication that controls symptoms rather than curing them.

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In summary, regardless of the advice you’ve taken or observations you’ve made on your charts, always think and act rationally.

A Journey of Growth Mindset Begins with this EON book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Character Profiling"Remember, there is no magical pill for instant recovery. You must take consistent and sustainable actions to change yourself, as any effective change must originate from you, not others. When you do that, the transformative change will surprise you, indirectly showing that many of today’s life problems can be resolved through a simple action: a mindset shift.

Follow and support me if you want to see transformative change in yourself and free yourself from being constrained by numbers.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The Personality

As I mentioned in the “Beyond Numerological Predictive Observations (NPO) forecast…” article posted on January 1, 2024, I have other priorities until later this year.

I’ve been harnessing (and manifesting) the positive vibes and energy levels present in my periodic charts and 9-Year Cycle (9Yr-C) for the past few years, building skillsets and strengthening my knowledge and experience at a professional level. That explained the main reasons for my absence… And I will share the techniques later…

I’m creating memories that contribute to a happier state of mind, enabling me to share more insightful transformational knowledge with you.

Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxEven so, I can make time to post articles to reframe your numerology mindset and focus on learning the right profiling method to understand yourself and others better.

Feel free to email me at to share your experiences with learning other methods or reasons why you’re not progressing as expected, especially if you have completed the basic or advanced level with trainers conducting different numerology methods.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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