Relationship Analysis: Will Jane meets John?

Today’s article is the last part (hopefully) of my case study articles on the relationship analysis on Jane and John. To recap, I posted two articles on them earlier, and you can click on below article link to read more about my profiling observations:

Irene wrote back after reading the two articles, and shared more interesting insights on Jane and her troubling thoughts.

Irene: John said he’s attached, but Jane feels John was not stating the truth. Hence, Jane is trying her best to stick by as friends. Do you suppose John was lying about his girlfriend to Jane? Either way, this guy is trying to draw away from Jane, right? John also said Jane was very lucky to know him.

Ron: Personally, it’s a good time and excuse for Jane to get out of the “entrapment” thinking. There might be a hidden reason why John told Jane that he had a girlfriend. Could it be an excuse to advance his self-ego and perceived thoughts that “Jane’s lucky to know him” and not the other way around? On the other hand, John mentioned to Jane earlier that he was still single, which is another confusing matter. Could it be a strategy and scheme of John’s to compel Jane to make the first move and meet up with John, or lose out to become closer? Or could John really have a steady girlfriend now, is not all I’ve stated, and was just attempting to tell Jane the truth?

Irene: Honestly, Jane is very thankful for your articles. It shows a side of John that she didn’t understand. All along, Jane thought John was honest with her and is a simple person, which are endearing factors to her. After reading your articles, Jane decided to probe further of the timeline of John’s girlfriend. John didn’t answer directly and evading towards a different side of the excuses, or a vague answer suggesting he hasn’t got any girlfriend. Jane is still so into this John. Sighs. Love is so baffling.

Ron: As stated in my second article, the influences coming from the Compatibility Year (PY2019) Chart, is suggesting a strong bond between them.

Last week, I was thinking of doing an Oracle with the question, “Will Jane meets John within these three months?” I’m aware Irene have recently started to learn basic Oracle card readings, and told her to perform an Oracle and share her analysis with me. As Irene was busy with her work projects, I decided to perform the Oracle reading on my own, with the same question, as I was curious to find out the relationship progress of Jane and John.

I used the common 3-card spread to determine the influences of the Past-Present-Future (P-P-F) signs. In fact, there are more interpretations of a 3-card spread beside the Past-Present-Future format. These include Situation-Challenge-Resolution, History-Problem-Advice, and many more.

For today’s article, I’ll stick with the P-P-F format. By the way, since I’d designed my own “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL) Oracle Deck to include the Yin and Yang Cards, I’ve enhanced the 3-card spread to include Yin, Yang, and Element influences as well, which is known as my FEN Spread layout.

Before I proceed, allow me to explain doing an Oracle using the NIPL Oracle Deck, has nothing to do with magical potions, mystical or spiritual rituals, shamanism, and so on. It’s just like practicing a modern-day I-Ching‘s analysis. It is more on connecting with our inner-self unconscious mind – our souls, and listening to what it is trying to relay the message to us, for the highest good of all, through the cards.

In my example, I’m doing a remote Oracle reading about Jane, without her to be present. Let me share some basic techniques to reading the cards from the NIPL Oracle Deck. Even if you don’t understand how the Numerology Oracle works, or keen on knowing how the NIPL Oracle Deck is so much practical, but yet different from other decks, just set your mind free. You’ll see that interpreting the cards, is similar to profiling the numbers on the Personal Year chart, and identifying tendency signs that might influence a person’s behaviours, thoughts, and actions.

As pictured from below Oracle snapshot, the order of the Past-Present-Future is 82(1)65(2)81(9).

Let start with the 8-2-1 pattern, which we could interpret as [Stress – Female – Male], or [Relationship loop – Communicate – Pride & Ego]. This could suggest an infinity-like looping on the relationship between Jane and John previously; the stressful times communicating with each other; and the principled mindset, fears, pride, and egoistic perception coming in-between them. The affirmative message on the 8-2-1 card implies the need to put away the blame-game and focus more on discussing with each other on an amicable way. Could this be a coincidental effect of the situation that both Jane and John faced previously, where one person is assumed to be playing the hard game, and the other being a willing player too?

We could interpret the 6-5-2 pattern as [Principles – Obstacle – Talk]. This could indicate some form of obstacles between them currently, possibly due to principles, perceived mindsets, egoistic thoughts, and mental blocks. The affirmative message on 6-5-2 card is focusing not about the ideas, but getting the ideas happened. This could suggest Jane might be compelled to make her dreams come true by transforming the obstacles into a hurdle that she can easily jump over towards her goal.

Next, we could interpret the 8-1-9 pattern as [Stress – Alone – Success]. The card is suggesting moving forward, between now and within three months time. There’s a high possibility of them getting together; or at least one party has made the initiative to ask or persuade the other person to meet up. Whether the meet-up is a success, resulting in a cordial and amicable breakup or a more loving closure, is anyone’s guess. They could meet to talk about their feelings, interest, and how they want the relationship to progress. So, the answer to my Oracle question is a strong YES – Jane will meet John personally within these three months. Unless she intentionally chose not to, as I understand Jane is reading this article as well, and she could influence the outcome of the Oracle question made.

One key USP (unique selling point) about the NIPL Oracle Deck is the ability to extend the Oracle readings by adding the Elements of Numbers (EON) Profiling techniques to interpret the elements and numbers on each card, and understanding its interactions between the numbers. Once again, look at the 8-1-9 pattern – there is much stress (8) between each person (1) who seeks the success (9) they (or one person) so desperately desired.

The affirmative message on the 8-1-9 card is suggesting ‘Success is a journey and not the destination.” Could this imply that eventually, Jane’s success is not being John’s girlfriend within these three months, but rather, the experiences she received, in communicating with John, makes her a better person? Like it’s a wake-up call to her, to consciously be aware that John is not the only thorn among the roses in the flower garden, and that she could explore other roses (and thorns) as well?

The bottom row of the Oracle snapshot show the Yang-0, Yin-9, and WATER element cards. These cards are used for extended profiling techniques that I’d be sharing in future EON ORACLE classes. There are different ways to read the Elements Card. It requires knowledge and availability of the person’s EON Charts, for a more well-informed, knowledgable reading. Meanwhile, to share a basic method here – an easy and quick way to decode the significance of the WATER card, is to associate it with feelings and distorted visions. It’s up to Jane to decide if she desires to remain being swayed by feelings (of love) and having the vague visions (of a loving relationship) with John.

I self-published the NIPL Oracle on an on-demand basis, with limited stocks per batch, unlike the mass-produced commercial Oracle decks that are much cheaper but only for simple and specific use. Click here to read past articles on the NIPL Oracle Deck. There’re much opportunities you can complement using the NIPL Oracle Deck to enhance your usual numerology profiling knowledge, regardless of whether you’ve been trained in EON/FEN, PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber; or even any Western, Egyptian, Chinese, or Indian numerology systems.

Get your copy of the NIPL Oracle Deck to improve your Oracle and profiling practices, or simply using it as a number flash card to assist you to remember the numbers and its associated traits. Over time, I believe your understanding of the numbers, and the 2-digit pattern could improve. Click here to know more about the NIPL Oracle, its application use, and global purchase link.

I wish Jane all the best in her decision. Whether John is her Tarzan or someone’s else, is a choice she has to make. I look forward to Irene updating me on this case in about three months’ time.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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