Relationship Analysis: Still Thinking Of John

After posting the article, “Relationship Analysis: Does John Like Me?,” Irene quickly responded, “Ron, thanks so much for the article. Hopefully, it’ll help Jane to make a right choice.

We had a long chat over WhatsApp about John and Jane, with Irene probing curiosity about John’s character. Below is an extract of our conversation which, I thought, would be useful in understanding how I analysed the charts, and identify probable personality traits and characteristics. I hope you can find interesting clues from our conversation by correlating them to their individual birth charts, and the Relationship / Compatibility Chart.

Irene: All along, if Jane did not ask John out, he would not ask her out as well. Jane has always been the one active in trying very hard to establish a connection. The reason why Jane is lost now is because she has other options available. But John is someone she’s keen to explore more. The last time they met was more than one month ago. In truth, as your article stated – “wait and see.” Communication with John is tough, as he’s extremely protective of his own feelings, and very harsh in his words on Jane. It could be a sign of his insecurities towards Jane by using rough words. John has highlighted that Jane is only a friend to him during the New Year Eve’s dinner.

Ron: Best for Jane to put John aside, and explore her other possibilities. He’s too emotional and temperamental. Good-looking image doesn’t mean good-lasting one…

Irene: Is there any indication in the chart to why Jane is so attracted to John? For the past eight months, Jane has acquainted with other guys who’re a lot more outstanding than John. However, I think Jane is serious about John, because she broke all other bridges with other guys and decided to focus on John. Even though Jane is meeting and hanging out with other guys for the past one month, she’s concerned about John.

Ron: Wood 4 is flowery. He could have painted a beautiful flower garden, and boasting about what he could get along. Wood 9 is about success, hope, and greed. He could have bragged about his abilities, visions, etc. Metal when strong, is like a chainsaw cutting Wood. Jane needs relief, hence the ideal route is to ‘go‘ towards Wood. Jane lacks the planning skill sets – she’s more of a thinker than a doer. John fits the role well. She felt so at ease with him. But he is simply showing his morning glory image. Remember the morning glory only looks great in the break of the day, but appeared folded or withered-like in the afternoon. This means his untold self is hidden, as I’ve already mentioned them. From the Five Elements principles, it’s really challenging for Metal to cut the Wood, and Wood to withstand Metalboth could get hurt after prolonged ‘trying’. Get Jane to explore her relationships with other guys in the meantime, but don’t close the door on John too fast.

Irene: Jane is currently meeting other guys too. Still, I’m just surprised by why she’s so attracted to John. And she’s trying to close the door for John as well. That’s why she didn’t contact him for the past one month.

Irene: Mean John has another person in mind? A 3rd-person in John’s heart?

Ron: Probably. Jane could have ‘spoilt’ John with material comforts… and he could be handling her like a handy wallet.  No hard truth here, but speculations... unless Jane confirmed she’s the one mainly paying for their outings.

Irene: John pays. Jane offers to pay occasionally for smaller items.

Irene: John mentioned he was still alone since the last time they met. Could John be a player instead?

Ron: Possibly. Nevertheless, he has too many plans in mind. If not checked, could lead to habitual scheming thoughts.

Irene: OMG. True. I hope Jane can quickly walk out too. Sighs. Proper girls of an older age are harder to meet somebody they really like. Will Jane stay single for life?

Ron: No lah… It’s a choice. If Jane can withstand John’s nonsense, she can always hitch with him – for good, or for worst.

Irene: John mentioned Jane was a player. Sighs. Where got a girl at her age still can act like a player? Usually a Birth Root 6 women would love to have a family.

Ron: Jane must not behave as if she’s desperate. Merely an excuse, as he’s fickle minded. Ask Jane to put him aside, and love the company of others… life is more than one John!

Irene: But Jane’s usually cool. Work is invariably more important to Jane, than guys. Perhaps age is now catching up. That’s why.

Ron: Anyway, Jane needs the joyous Tarzan… not the dark, secretive Batman.

It’s best to read my earlier article (click here) to know more about what I have noted about both John’s and Jane’s characters, and my observations, especially when you’re confused with certain traits mentioned in this article. I’m using the visualisation technique when giving examples of the flower garden, since John’s Chart has too many Wood 4 (like plants, flowers, weeds and creepers) and Wood 9 (like trees). Jane’s Chart, on the other hand, is like Metal structures (like windmill, wind pillars, or metal poles) in dry land, with a river running nearby.

Let me share more insights on John’s chart, using the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) theories that I’ve shared in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. Using the EFV Flow Code, John is inclined to act in a more stressful mental state than in a calm manner, although he may portray the “un-stressful” outward appearance in the presence of others. That could be what John might be feeling whenever he’s with Jane. Even so, like a Wood in a swampy area been affected by the drought, there is little Water left to support the Wood, which implied the confidence is often, short lived.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) principles, John could be constantly feeling very “heaty” inside his body, like the hot Summer season. The need for the heat inside to expand outward for relief, is substantial. Jane, on the other hand, is constantly feeling mentally stressed with signs of high anxiety and unnecessary worries. In TCM, Jane could be “chilling” inside her body, like the dry, chilling, windy Autumn season. Jane’s EFV Flow Code is suggesting she’s more inclined to look for companions who could give her the comfort of caring, humility, and compassion. And that could be what John has, based on his strong Wood. From the Relationship EFV, the positive sides are suggesting the likelihood of them coming together and gossiping for hours. I believe Jane could feel some form of hesitation in John’s reaction when it comes to a closer relationship suggestion. On the negative influences, the stubbornness and opinionated mindset could create mental block, preventing them from engaging into a loving relationship.

In my recent 7th FEN WORKSHOP class, I introduced the EMF Code, to identify the potential energy movement that could compel a person, like John, to act in another way – like egoism, pride, boastful, self-centeredness, and other traits we could associate with the number 1. The EMF Code is suggesting the need for John to open up, release past resentments, scepticism, and worries, if any, and learn to believe in himself. Jane’s EMF Code is suggesting she has to concentrate on what she needs – her life purpose, contentment, achievement, and attainment; rather than spending time being “blinded” by what she wants – the false hopes, desires, passion, and all other traits, including positive and negative ones, associated with the number 3.

If you have access to my FEON+ software, or as shown in the screenshot, the combined “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2019)” is displaying the 9-6-6-3-6-9 number pattern. Once again, the strong Metal element (number 6) is present, together with the number 9. This could suggest the John-Jane relationship, might be strongly “in motion” currently. Whether it could evolve into an up, close and personal relationship, is up to both. And as I’ve told Irene earlier, while the signals are not favourable for a happy relationship, as long as both could manage, control, or better still, change their negative traits into positive ones, it’s up to them to make or break their relationships.

From an NSQ PROFILING perspective, John’s NSQ chart suggested a person who lacks the willpower (resilience) and has strong scepticism (and trust) on others. While he could look like an action-driven guy, he’s like a NATO (No Action, Talk Only) – rarely heard or seen in the midst of a project, and only appears when the project is closed and completed. Jane’s NSQ Chart is suggesting an emotionally-divided person, with the hesitations and fears. An analogy here is like she was constantly standing on one side of the river, admiring the green grassland on the other side of the river. She wished she could be on the other side; and like a vision without action, it’s still a dream to her. The Relationship NSQ Chart is suggesting two similar like-minded people, coming together, with little driving spirits to take charge to transform their visions and make things happen. They both have to take charge to get things done if they want to form a closer relationship as their combined NSQ Chart is suggesting the scepticism is strong, but the trust, shared interest, and purpose are unclear.

As Irene mentioned Jane has other options. She could explore them, and not worry about becoming a “two-timer” as the relationship between them or John, is not concrete yet. Whatsoever it is, Jane must remind herself not to pursue love, for love’s sake. Remember, true love, when it’s reciprocal, is much happier and healthier, than a one-sided love without sincerity. As a last resort, having a mutually-respected and platonic relationship with John or others, could, likewise, create the happiness and healthier lifestyle too, without obligations and constraints.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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