Wavering Lucky vibes

Case StudiesI posted an article yesterday about the changing vibes of the numbers. I mentioned why we should not rely too obsessively on getting only the good sounding numbers that seems so perfect. Like the sine curve on the Rhythmic Cycle, the influencing strength of the perfect and imperfect vibes will go up and down through time.

BANNER4To begin with, let’s call the number vibes in your Birth chart (well, you can include your social security pass, car numbers, and mobile numbers, etc) as “static vibes.”  These are the vibes that we can easily identify to a person’s personality, traits, and characters. If you’re unsure of the traits, do check my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more details.

Next, we will call the number vibes from the periodic cycles (like Universal and Personal Year, Month, Day, and even Hours) as “dynamic vibes.” These are the vibes that could influence a person’s personality, traits, and characters at different time frames. As the numbers from these periodic cycle changes regularly, the influence on a person varies.

Have you ever wondered why the behaviours and personalities of your friends, spouse, colleagues and others do change over a period of time? They changed. They’re influenced by the ‘dynamic vibes.’ It influenced their mindset and attitudes.

The dynamic vibes could also influence a person’s life path and their RELATIONS, SUCCESS and LUCK factors. In short, you could be lucky or successful now, and it doesn’t mean you will be successful and lucky tomorrow.  By identifying the positive vibes today, we can perhaps optimise the energies now so we can “extend the positive energies for the rainy days” should the need arises tomorrow.

Annie emailed me and wrote, “Can you help this guy? Please check his business or financial luck. His business was very good but his partner forced him out of the business. He’s on the run now.  Is he still suitable to do business or better be employee?

CaseStudy_PeterI’m looking at the tendency clues on Peter’s Birth and Personal Year charts. It doesn’t mean his characters would be similar to my observations. So let’s get started…

Peter needs to improve his relations and communications with others. As a business person, he must improve his relations with suppliers, customers, and prospects. He is usually the type who could deliver his promises.

This year, the materialistic-driven thoughts are strong. The dynamic vibes could have distracted his career focus towards relationships or financial strains. From a man of integrity to a person who delves into improper conduct or bad business etiquettes for the sake of instant success and quick-money rolling in. Sad indeed, but that dynamic vibes could have played a major role transforming his good character to someone whom his partner distrust and had to “kick him out” of the business partnership.

Peter has both the street smart and book smart traits. He has both the Social and Academic Intelligence traits. Peter must strive to lessen the wavering thoughts and worries in his mind and stay focus to his true intents. He must regain his confidence and trust others had in him. The tendency signs of stressing on others are high especially last year. Peter must learn to be tactful and put aside the stubborn nature, and not let his current financial or relationship strains (if any) affect his relation with others. He needs to build up the good rapport again. He should be mindful not to make empty promises and deliver what he can. As a person more aptly to resist to changes, Peter must learn to adapt, accept his current state, and change his attitude.

Course schedule for "Elements of Numbers" workshopEverything happens for a reason. The dynamic vibes are strong and it affected Peter. His negative actions could be the reason to his own setback. Transformation and Focus are the keywords. Peter has to take charge of his own life and flip over the negative vibes to positive ones. He should face challenges and consider them as opportunities. As there are intense competitions around, he needs to strategise his plans, focus, and carry them out sincerely.

For now, he must stay calm and focused. Perhaps he should consider working for others for now to stabilise his income and family relationships. Once he’s recharged his energies, he could work hard to regain his integrity and become the person whom others respect and willing to work with.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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