Judge on Renato Corona’s 5-7-3

David bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” recently, and was thankful I’d introduced and shared the Elements of Numbers (EON) method with others. David was happy to learn the tendency effects of the 5-7-3 and 7-5-3 patterns from my articles. He mentioned the case of the Philippines top judge Renato Corona who was recently charged for corruption by the country’s senators. Check this article link for more information.

Learning EON is not about identifying accurate signs of the future. No one can be certain of the future when a person can take suitable action currently to change their path of destiny. Learning EON is all about identifying tendency signs that may manifest. For example, if there are tendency signs of success and wealth, the person may not achieve much success and wealth if they don’t take action to make it happen. They cannot simply sit down, fold their arms, and dream that the money and success will come to them. That’s a naïve illusion that remains forever in their dreams, unless they wake up and transform their dreams to reality.

I have mentioned the possible effects and influence of multiple 6s and the 5-7-3 (and 7-5-3) patterns in my book and the articles posted here. For multiple 6s, it created wealth opportunities for the person during that period. With the presence of 2 and 7 (Water), it hastily influenced the person’s thoughts, often sparking off wild ideas, sensual mindsets and wavy pursuits. The thoughts of making more money quickly forged into a ‘to-do action item’ that remains consciously on their minds.

In a “Double Effect Year”, the vibes may strongly influence a person. If multiple 6s are present in a person’s birth chart, the wealth opportunity vibes are present. The temptations are strong and it’s hard to resist. The person can easily be “blinded by money” when the money controls them.

Fortunately, there are many paths to a person’s destiny, depending on their moral and ethical standing. What this means is that it doesn’t always imply a person with many number 6s in their chart will quickly turn to gaining money through illegal or unlawful means, like money laundering, corruption, loan sharks, etc. Family upbringing and cultural values, environment, and social lifestyle especially during growing up years can influence a person’s behaviours and habits. To some extent, people with multiple 6s could also exhibit other traits associated to number 6 (Metal). We can associate these with home, stability, weapons, security (police and military), political stability, direct and proper financial investment, and speed driving. Check my book for more traits associated to the number 6.

On health matters, these people could experience health symptoms related to the brain and mental, immune, breathing, and respiratory, skin and other symptoms associated to the Metal element. Again, check my book for more health signs. When Metal is strong, it could create additional health problems on the person, including the liver, kidney, and heart.

Renato must be mindful not to take too much sugary and high carbohydrate food, carbonated drinks, and liquor to lessen the possibility of high blood sugar level in his body. By the way, you’ll learn how to identify the patterns related to diabetes and the tendency of whether such symptoms are internal (inherited, family history) or through external influence at my 5th EON Workshop on 16 June 2012. Renato has to take care of his health especially his heart this year as unnecessary aggravation and temperaments could trigger unhealthy signs of cardio, brain or respiratory problems.

The influence of 7-5-3 (and 5-7-3) vibes could lead to carelessness and lose of money. At the extreme end, it could result in legal lawsuits and bankruptcy. The 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) patterns do not necessarily imply a person may be losing money or entangled with lawsuits regularly in their lives. Sometimes, the legal vibes could influence the inner mindset of a person. For example, I noticed there were cases where these people worked as police or security officers, or careers related to the law and courtroom, including judges.

If a person has 8-4-3 (and 4-8-3) patterns present in their chart, they need to work on their listening skills. They must learn to be tactful when communicating with others, and be more empathetic towards people’s feelings and views. They must also learn to redirect their excess creative passions towards other meaningful and healthier pursuits that benefit their family rather than external lustful and sensual activities that may break the family apart.

So the next time when you profile a person, don’t hastily assume they are cheaters and habitual money launders if you see multiple 6s in their charts. You cannot assume a person will lose money,  become a bankruptcy, or involved in legal lawsuit because you noticed the 7-5-3 (or 5-7-3) is present in their Personal Year chart. Do not always look at numbers intrinsically where you need to consider human’s feelings and their behaviours. Although the periodic vibes can influence a person, the level of the influence depends on the person’s character and perspective, and how they took charge of their own destiny path.


Remember, learning EON is more than just knowing about the numbers. When you learn EON, you picked up the life-changing knowledge to know yourself better so you can realign your true self and focus on your conscious actions for a better, healthier, and happier lifestyle.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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