EON on Business Relationships

From the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, it is straightforward to identify the probable signs in a relationship, be they on the couple, between friends or enemies, or potential joint ventures between business partners.

It is easy to plot the “Relationship / CompatibilityChart of two to four people in the relationship by using the FEON+ software – currently for Android smartphones only. At a glance, you can select up to three other charts with the main subject person. This means even if you have plotted four people (using P1 to P4 as representations) in the chart, you need not have to view all four people in the relationships at one go. Instead, you can view them as P1+P2, P1+P3, P1+P4, P1+P2+P3, P1+P3+P4, and P1+P2+P4 combinations. At all times, the R/C chart will change accordingly to the selected choice.

Roslyn attended my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class, and had started to profile more case study charts to strengthen her knowledge, and improve her observation and analytical skills. She asked, “Are they compatible business partners? Can they be in the transportation, beverage, or social media business? My evaluation is that they can, but not sure what to focus on which business could be jointly good for their Water and Wood elements. I’m guessing social media is best.

Whenever a case study question is posted, I’d always encourage FEN students to share their analysis – from their viewpoints, which may vary differently to mine – with fellow members in the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group. Let the share some of the observations made by FEN students:

  • Very business-kind of relationship. Fast money when they venture out together. While they may attract a lot of opportunities for the business, this combination can become very “emotional” due to presence of wood everywhere. They are entering a year of “power” and perhaps building a reputation as PY2018 is 6…
  • The trio has common goals and objectives. Highly ambitious. Different skills set to contribute to the group. Appears cohesive, but actually there are undercurrents as all have self-centre and self-beneficial thoughts. Any one of them is capable of disrupting the plan. Strangely, none of them have a 4 in their charts, nor a 4 in the combined chart. So is there really a plan in place to succeed??? Can a money-driven relationship last with just talks, dreams, and some actions, but with no structure and planner in the group?
  • Not for person 1 and 2. Person 3 has many 4s, but his self-ego may stand in the way. And I wonder how practical is his so-called plans.
  • Did not see any compatibility in this group of people venturing into business. There seemed to be a lot of business opportunities when they work together. However, there are also a lot of emotions, increased greed temptations, stronger scheming urge and emotional vibes – seeing there are plenty of Wood elements present in the chart. Perhaps, there are disagreements in the running of business when they do not see eye-to-eye; often with stubbornness and hardheaded attitudes. There are four sets of 369, which could imply unnecessary spending (expenditures) which could cause disagreements among themselves. Could have a tendency of cheating on others. A lot of ideas might be generated, but all for their own benefit.

Wow, I’m glad with the observations made. The level of depth and understanding of the EON/FEN principles varies among the students. However, I noticed those who shared their observations regularly, are becoming more confident, experienced, and focused in their profiling analysis. I’m glad the visualisation techniques and extended FEN methods that I’ve shared in class, is useful and applicable. Plus, the encouragement of participations, live case-study analysis, and joyful-learning moments in class, opened up a new door of fresh perspectives and widen their profiling horizons. Similarly, I’m confident your analytical skills will improve once I’ve shown you in class, on how the visualisation techniques work and understanding the correlations of the Five Elements interactions with Mother Nature, and its influences on us.

Oh, it’s my turn now to share my views. Let’s start with the R/C chart first by applying the EON methods.

The abundance of ideals with high hopes of successes, are strongly felt in the partnership. However, as there are just too many 9s, there is a tendency of them individually, becoming a “victim of their own success” where greed and temptations could overrule the minds eventually. Each of them might think the successful outcome is due, in part, to their personal efforts, rather than  a cohesive, combined teamwork. The potential consequences – the partnership is like having every one of the many trees competing to grow higher (to reach the sky) in the forest. The individual’s competitive spirits, brutality, arrogance, hard-headedness, and “blinded by success” might affect the partnership eventually. As one student commented, “Could have a tendency of cheating on others. A lot of ideas might be generated, but all for their own benefit.” Furthermore, with too many trees in the forest, it is tougher to see the sun when the crowded trees are blocking the sky. This means, when you can’t see the sun, you might find it harder to reach your goals quickly. The potential delaying, self-interest, and sustainability (of the business) could impact the partnership eventually.

Here’s another analogy – like a BBQ pit with too many charcoals, the burning fire could not sustain and depleted quickly. This implies the partnership might be short-lived, even though there are strong signs of passions, ideas, innovative thinking, and success-driven goals.

While some FEN students might have noticed, and others might not – Charlie has stronger vibes than Andy and Ben. The signs are there in Charlie’s chart – the numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R of his birth chart is identical with the R/C chart. This implies Charlie might easily feel more pressured and “suffocating” than the rest, as he’s like a mini-forest in a jungle – the emotional stress is higher in him than others. He’s facing the Double-Effects influence when together with Andy and Ben. When the yearly energies come into play next year, the R/C PY2019 is imposing a Triple-Effect influence on Charlies, and Double-Effect influences on Andy and Ben. As the influences from these multiple-effect vibes vary depending on the person, it could lead to a Double Blessing or Double Whammy effect.

While Andy might be the one with wealthier capacities, and willingness to invest his money in the partnership, his shrewd and arrogant attitudes could dampen the partnership. Furthermore, he might not be tactful in communicating with Ben and Charlie due to the 8-4-3 present in his chart. His words could be hurtful and demoralising when under stressful and unpromising situations. After all, he is behaving just as astute as any investor and selective in the capital venturing projects.

Roslyn asked if they can be compatible business partners. There are business partners with like-minded passions and compatible personalities breaking up after a few years; and incompatible business partners staying together and growing their business over the years. Each partner has their strengths and weaknesses – identifying long-termed business compatibility could create a false assumption as a person’s self-interest, passion, financials, and lifestyle pursuits, could change over time. While the tendency signs in the R/C chart are suggesting an incompatible outcome, there’s no harm in partnering to get the business going, even if it’s for short-termed goals, and to gain the experience and knowledge. However, they must be mindful that the bonded friendships today could potentially become unwavering competitors (or enemies) later.

Let’s put the partnership compatibility aside, and address Roslyn’s other questions – can they be in the transportation, beverage, or social media business?

Andy has Birth Root 7, and Ben has Birth Root 2. The Numbers 7 and 2 are Water elements. Charlie has Birth Root 9, which is Wood element. As I’d shared in the FEN class, it all depends on what the individual hopes to achieve as the Wealth and Career elements might vary. In typical business, strong profitability ensures sustainability. Most people would look for numbers 6 (money) or 9 (success). From EON perspective, there is the little concern, even if there is no number 6 presents in a person’s chart. In fact, a person without the number 6, or even with or 9-6-6 patterns, could attain and grow their wealth when they took action to grab the opportunities when it comes. That’s by identifying the signs from the periodic vibes, be they be present in the Personal Year, Personal Month, or Personal Day Charts. There’s even an hour vibe present every day, that I’ve shared in class.

Putting the Career or Wealth elements aside, a more harmonising business would be in the entertainment and social media industries. Yes, as Roslyn observed, social media could be one area for the ABC team (Andy, Ben, and Charlie) to start their business together. Social media is about communication, and we could associate that to the Water element. However, social media could also generate excitement, joy, passion, and impulsive spending – associating to a different element instead.

There are so many areas and ways to analyse a relationship chart that I have shared in class with FEN students. You’ll learn to profile charts from different and fresh perspectives. Come and join me in class when the next FEN WORKSHOP course is opened for registration.

That’s all for today’s article. Happy learning…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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