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On Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings

According to The Guardian online article, titled “Dominic Cummings’ relationship with Boris Johnson ‘fell off cliff’, says ex-minister,” it was reported that Boris “had been “very dependent” on Cummings for a long time.” Let’s...


Nancy & Her Love Vibes

I posted the two articles “Nancy & Her Career Vibes” and “Nancy & Her Career Vibes Again” early this month. And I’m glad Nancy has commented on the positive changes she’s made, that gradually...


On Karen Bass & Her 4-8-3 Positives

I was reading this CNN online article “Joe Biden narrows down his VP list, with Karen Bass emerging as one of several key contenders,” and decided to check her birthdate. I was initially surprised...


Confusing influence sectors

I’m aware some external trainers conducting other numerology methods, mentioned that the numbers in locations V-U-S (S-T-U in EON method) represents the relationship with friends or customers – known as the “Energy” sector. The...


On Relationship Matching 2

In my article “On Relationship Matching” posted earlier, I wrote about the challenges faced by both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, based on their Relationship/Compatibility Chart. I also highlighted the possible effects of the...

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