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It’s been some time. I’m glad the number of visitors on this site has increased even though I’ve not posted articles frequently these days. Well, the over a thousand articles published to date would help you understand my profiling methods are so different from the external trainers conducting other numerology methods.

Although I may seem inactive here over the last few years, it was no waste of my time. It helps me to refocus, recharge, rewire, and re-fire my thoughts about the entire positive psychological framework.

Transformation Change through EON PROFILING course. Ron WZ Sun. Elements of Numbers.I added EQ (Emotional Intelligence) behavioural techniques to my recent EON Profiling course as part of the transformative learning journey. Yes, the students in my EON PROFILING focus group are still actively learning through my sharing of how I analyse a chart. And I look forward to a follow-up online session with them next week, at no cost, so they can continue to learn the right approach to profiling.

Learning to profile a chart is just the first step in the entire EON transformation framework.

Ron WZ Sun. Illusion of Knowledge.As a lifelong transformative learner, I have obtained certifications and credentials like ACTA (Training and Assessment), Leadership and People Management, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Emotional Intelligence, Design Thinking, Enterprise Agile Coaching, Agile/Scrum, and so on. All this helped me to upskill and become who I am today, as a better version of myself. And allow me to broaden my knowledge about profiling to help you develop through EQ and empowerment. And you can transform to become a better version of YOU. These could be integrated within the positive psychology of the EON framework. This is not new, since I have integrated DISC, EONNEAGRAM and biorhythm application techniques into the FEON+ Pro v2 software tool.

I began conducting successful coaching sessions with my EON (Elements of Numbers) and FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students on a pro bono basis. And I’m glad they succeeded in finding ways to focus on more important and urgent tasks. And setting small bite-sized goals to achieve the desired outcome.

During an offline discussion after our coaching session, I told one FEN student that profiling should not be done in a linear way. Instead, you can identify a person’s dominant characteristics and then apply your knowledge in the NLP, DISC and EQ to help others build self-awareness and improve relationship management. And applying techniques like EFV Flow and EFV Span and even getting the affirmation message from my NIPL Oracle deck would help the person know how they can improve and change.

COACHING is another area that could lead to self-discovery, especially when you are concerned about situations or issues in mind, with the mental clutter of ideas going in your head, and not knowing what you can do, to solve the question or the situation. You thought attending a numerology course would help you understand yourself better. But this is far from true because most people could not invest the time and effort necessary to put into practice regularly what they had learned. Or couldn’t go beyond rudimentary knowledge shared by their external trainers.

It's not about ideas. it's about making things happen. Ron WZ Sun. Elements of NumbersAttending a coaching session may not be cheap. Through the conversation, you would notice it’s different from the original subject that disturbs your mind. Often, you get to discover the real root cause that has been an obstacle to your progress.

My coaching skills are based on International Coaching Federation (ICF) coaching standards. Coaching is not counselling, training, mentoring, or having a therapy session. I help you better understand what bothers you and what you can do. And will let you set goals on your own, so that you can progress further. ICF Coaching is not like the profiling life coach courses promoted elsewhere as they are more on mentoring or training, not coaching.

Perhaps, rather than investing time and money in numerology courses to get to know you better, why not invest time in my coaching session?

Find out what you really want to do with your present troubling mind. On a pro bono (free) basis. If you benefit from the coaching session with me and feel the need to pay for my service, you can do so. No obligation for now.

The more you know yourself, the more clarity there is. Ron WZ Sun. Elements of Numbers. Five Elements NumerologyLet me know if you would like a one-on-one coaching session (in English only) with me via Zoom Online. Please email me at SunTzu2796 @ gmail.com or WhatsApp me at (65) 9234-1668 with the heading “[Coach]“. Rest assured the discussion is confidential and private. We can then arrange an opportune moment, even if you stay somewhere else in the world while I’m in Singapore, to have an insightful discussion together.

Since I offer the coaching session (approximately 30-60 minutes) on a pro bono basis (free) for a limited period, you do not waste much, except your time. And you can benefit more.

For me, I’m building a better coaching experience for myself to strengthen my coaching skills. It would help strengthen the EON transformation framework as a complete solution.

Try my free coaching session; it’s free after all. Rest assured there is no hard selling or promotional gimmick used. Just pure ethical coaching conversation.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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