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Dan attended my EON Workshop recently to improve his profiling skills. As he builds up the EON knowledge, Dan became more attentive, curious, and excited over his increasing awareness; and started to ask interesting questions.

[Dan] How would you interpret the Annual Code 54765?

EON Workshop - Slide on Focus and Distraction patternsI’ve always preferred receiving question with specific focus rather than a general one. Knowing what the issue is or which life aspects (like health, wealth, career, study) you want me to focus on allows quicker identifying of the tendency clues. Just like doing a YiJing divination, you have to stay focused and direct your question clearly. Otherwise, you may get an answer that’s ‘neither here nor there’ confusing you further.

I’ve only shared the techniques to plot the ANNUAL CODE at recent EON WORKSHOP sessions. EON students learned the formula to plot the annual (or yearly) pattern to identify clues that could influence a person that year. It’s an interesting pattern (an accidental discovery during my research) that provides both the direct and indirect tendency clues. After knowing the code, we can then focus the direct clue towards the negative vibes, and the indirect clue towards the positive vibes.

A simple keyword interpretation to Dan’s question on 54765 code pattern would be: [Stubborn-Plan-Support-Money-Stubborn]

I’ve decided to post Dan’s question as case study article here mainly to benefit the EON students. I want them to instil the habit of analysing patterns using the various techniques I’ve shared at the workshop and how to identify clues from various perspectives.

AnnualCodeFrom one angle, we can easily identify the tendency clues suggesting the negative influencing vibes affecting a person. Let’s review the 54765 code again: [Stubborn-Plan-Support-Money-Stubborn]. The person may inhibit the stubborn and narrow-minded traits that year. They may display these negative traits when delivering their ideas across and making plans to get external support. And the self-benefiting plans may create unnecessary obstacles and stumbling blocks, and these could affect their achievement outcome. Eventually, it could lead to intense competition, causing more emotional and mental temperaments.

We can also use the ‘hidden pattern’ method to identifying the subconscious thoughts of a person to analyse the Annual Code pattern. It could imply the person may need to take a longer time to convince others of his or her capacities (success-driven mindset and abilities) to deliver the plans for a rewarding outcome. The person has to manage and set the expectations right as otherwise it could further lead to more stressing times ahead.

What do all these clues mean to you, especially if you’ve not attended my EON WORKSHOP session and do not know its purpose?

Well, it means this person has to review his or her stubborn nature and learn to let go of resentment and perceived negative thoughts. In many ways, we can correlate the Annual Code to the yin-yang, and to the positive-negative vibes present each year.

When we look from the positive side, the 54765 code could imply: [Be Less Stubborn – Plan Well – Get Support Sincerely – Think Material Wealth for Everyone’s Benefit – Challenges & Opportunities]. In short, it means the need to stay calm and relax, and plan for everyone’s benefit when completing the plans. The person could view the obstacles as challenges and opportunities with positive mindset. This allows them to create a smoother path towards successful attainment (5+4+7+6+5 = 9)

EON_Workshop_LifeCodeThe ‘Life Code’ that many Power of Numbers (PON) students know remains permanent forever in a person’s life. It implies the energies and influencing vibes from the Life Code would stay and not exhaust. In practical, we know energies move constantly and need regular manifestation for optimal results. That could be a reason some PON students still could not benefit after manifesting the never-changing Life Code energies.

The Annual Code provides you the means to identify signs yearly so you can manifest the yearly energies to maximise the positive vibes. It’s similar in the principles of doing annual Feng Shui auditing to manage the ‘Flying Stars’ influencing vibes in different sectors of your house every year.  The Feng Shui cures are external measures and often may work only after you’ve changed your mindset and attitudes positively. You can also use the Annual Code to identify the signs that could help you focus on the areas to change internally within yourself.

I know many of you are excited – you want to know more on the Annual Code and the steps to gather the pattern. There are no plans to conduct the next EON workshop this year because of the coming festive holidays. I’m planning to schedule the 10th EON@SG workshop before the Lunar New Year holiday starts on 31 Jan 2014. I’ll also be sharing the techniques to look at the YEAR forecast. You’ve the means to start the NEW YEAR (or the Lunar New Year) with a positive difference after learning the extended EON techniques. You can also instil better positive thoughts after understanding your Annual Code tendencies.

EON_AnswersYou can contact McCoy now (mobile: 8356-0179 8282-6593) to ‘book early’ your seats for the EON@SG workshop tentatively schedule for January 2014. He’ll let you know once we’ve confirmed the classroom availability and schedule.

For the Malaysia users, I’ve not forgotten about you too. You can contact Adelin (mobile: +6 018 380 7673) to register for the next EON@MY workshop. As travel and lodging expenses are needed (besides classroom rental) for overseas workshops (outside Singapore), I can only conduct the workshop when there are enough students to form a class. I’m also excited when Adelin told me she has received requests to have the EON workshop conducted in Penang and other states in Malaysia.

Rest assured I’ll be there to share more EON techniques and discoveries with you at the workshop. You’ve read my articles and you know EON is different from other methods. I know you’ve benefited too. Now is the time to you to learn the extended methods personally.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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