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generalI noticed a user had tried to search for “Direction Chart” but with negative result. Imagine your frustrations when you tried to search for an answer but could not find any. Perhaps your focus was wrong and you searched in the wrong direction. But when you get the help you needed, you know it can transform your life and perspectives. You can build the resources and knowledge to focus on your goals; and the capacity to manifest the positive vibes in the right direction. It’s always great, happier, and healthier to be more positive. Your minds are more open and your perspectives are broader. And it’s easier to achieve your goals.

EON Workshop - Slide on Focus and Distraction patternsTry searching for “direction” and you can find articles on the Directional Chart used in the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

You can also check my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more information on the Directional Chart.

It’s also useful to check my previous articles if you’re looking for more information on directional charts. For example, I mentioned the extended directional chart could provide the directions leading to different aspects of life including Luck, Success, and Wealth in the article “Going Every Which Way And Win”.

I’ve highlighted the alternative use of Chinese Metaphysics systems like QiMenDunJia (QMDJ) in another article “Directionology, QiMenDunJia & Courses”. Many people applied the QMDJ techniques to gather optimal Qi energies and positive vibes before taking ‘last mile’ action to achieve their goals. You can combine both the Directional Chart with the application use of QMDJ to achieve your goals.

Directions_SlidesAnd in my earlier EON WORKSHOP sessions, student learned the extended method PLUS the Personal Daily Directional Chart which provides you a daily directional chart. It’s like the daily chart in typical Chinese Almanacs marking the various directions to seek the luck, success, and wealth.

The Directional Chart is like the typical street maps where you can identify various destinations (your goals) to go. The Directional Chart acts as a guideline and does not guarantee you will enjoy what you want or need when you achieve your goal. There could be obstacles slowing you down, challenges distracting you away from moving towards your goals, and health conditions stopping you from achieving your goals.

If you feel the need to do something to achieve your goals, the Directional Chart can provide a mind map showing you the different destinations you can go. Remember again, it’s not a “sure-win” map with “money-back guarantee” confirming you shall achieve your goals.

Eventually, how you use the map (directional chart) to reach your target destination (your goals) and whether you can feel the positive vibes (your results)  mainly depends on your thoughts, behaviours, and actions.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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