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I was curious to identify the tendency signs that could have caused the former “Glee” star Cory Monteith’s death when I first read about his death from online news site. May his soul rest in peace.

CaseStudy_CoryMonteithAs usual, I took out my Android smartphone and plotted his Birth chart. I then analysed the Day chart for 13 July 2013, including the Combined Day chart.

CaseStudy_CoryMonteith_20130713I noticed Fire and Metal elements are prominent after looking at the Day chart, Combined Day chart, and the Day pillar (Universal and Personal Day vibes). The charismatic star (check the 7-2-9/2-7-9 patterns in locations M-R of his Birth chart) could possibly have died of something related to Fire and Metal elements – perhaps some drugs (crystalline form, Metal) related to Fire element. So, when my daughter casually told me about Monteith’s death, I quickly told her it could be drug-related.

When strong Fire suddenly appears in a particular chart, it could influence the person’s fiery desire. Occasionally, the “heatiness” in the body could hasten the urge. I mentioned when Fire is strong (check my previous articles), the person (especially celebrities and those enjoying high living social lifestyle) may have the urge to consume drugs and alcohol (binge drinking). These could be harmful to their health if they don’t control and moderate their sudden consumption behaviours.

According to this BBC online article, the Glee star was reported to have died from alcohol and heroin.

You can check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” on plotting the Day Chart and the Combined Day chart. The lucky EON students who attended my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions could easily plot the various charts within seconds from their Android smartphones.

UniversalPersonalAt the recent 8th EON WORKSHOP session, I’ve explained the purpose of the Universal and Personal vibes that may affect a person. For example, the Universal vibes could influence every person during that period (Year, Month, or Day) and the Personal vibes could influence the person at the same period. I’ve also explain how to identify the tendency signs that may affect the person on specific Day, taking into considerations other vibes present during that period.

On the day Monteith died, the Universal number is 8 (Fire) and the Personal number is 6 (Metal). The presence of Fire and Metal influence are strong that day.

Checking the tendency signs of Monteith’s health status was straightforward using the EON software that I’ve developed at first for my own usage, and released later to EON students. We can identify tendency signs associating different aspects of life from EON perspective, and death is NOT one of them.

You’ll learn how to identify the Universal and Personal Vibes, and other life profiling methods at my EON WORKSHOP sessions. You will gain more insights and learn the extended EON methods beyond the fundamentals, science and power of the numbers.

Don’t fret if you’re one of those who wanted to attend my EON WORKSHOP but could not. Think and feel positive, and smile. Just look out for my next 9th workshop in Singapore EON@SG WORKSHOP. If you’re staying in Malaysia, here’s the good news. Registration for the 1st EON@MY WORKSHOP would start soon. Sign up early once the registration opens to enjoy the special incentives.

You have the choices and alternatives to improve your personality and life path profiling knowledge. Whatever decision you’ve made, please practise what you’ve learned and apply them ethically. And spread the positive and happy vibes around.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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