Case Study on Roslyn

I received a text message from Roslyn some time back who asked if I do provide profiling analysis services. I replied I currently don’t as I’d preferred spending the time on training those who desires to realise themselves and others better, and equip themselves with the knowledge and profiling skill sets should they aspire to become a profiling professional one day. FEN students get to learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to equip themselves with the knowledge, underlying fundamentals, and ability to analyse beyond number patterns and personality traits present in a person’s chart.

Roslyn replied, “I have no interest/intention to be a profiling professional. Just wanna have guidance on the current state of affairs and what’s ahead.

Roslyn is not alone in the quest to interpret her life experiences. Even though she attended PON course some time ago, and bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” she could not comprehend the methods or techniques taught in PON class or in my book, fully. To achieve that, would require dedication, commitment, and practices; and the time to explore and evaluate on understanding oneself. There is no fast and easy method to know everything about a person, if you treat any self-help book like a fiction book. Although the tendency signs might be present, a changed person can alter the energies within them and surrounding them. For instance, the tendency signs might suggest negative energies, and a person who transformed his or her life positively, can control their emotions and positive thoughts to dilute the negative energies. The purpose of learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method is to know what tendency signs could be presentwe can take steps to rectify the potential negative energies before they happen, and manifest the positive energies before it comes.

I’ll not cover Roslyn’s personality traits since she has a copy of my book, and she can read them. Rather, I’ll cover some areas of observations that could provide hints and clues to the general situations and outcome Roslyn might face this year, and the relationship with her husband.

The first thing that caught my attention is the strong presence of the number 5 in her birth chart. These could suggest a strong-willed individual who believes in principles, and shows it as she thinks is right and ethical, regardless of the consequences. While she might, likewise, have the flexibility and adaptable attitudes, the “fear and flight” feelings might make her overly cautious of what she wants or plans to do. As a result, she might miss opportunities to achieve some of her goals. While she might be living a comfortable lifestyle, a lot of her time was spent on planning for others, rather than herself. She’s a workaholic by virtue, a stubborn person by nature, and an achiever by abilities.

While concentrating on her work, Roslyn has to take care of her health as there are tendency signs present in her charts that suggest she might fall in the “high-risk group”of people having cancerous and/or diabetic tendencies. This implies the need to cut down on sugary drinks and high-carbo food, and not to aggravate or raise her tempers and emotions unnecessary. While there might be quick successes this year, she might often find herself working extra hard for the sake of others, which could sometimes tire her out.

The ANNUAL CODE signs are suggesting a responsible and family-oriented individual who faced frequent challenges and obstacles, which could cause her tempers and emotions to increase this year. What she needs is to look at the challenges and obstacles as positive pressure rather than stress, and use her passions and creative talents, to achieve her goals. In short, the need for her to work smart, but not hard.

Let’s look at her charts from a fresh angle and using the UNZIP Code that I’ve recently discovered and exploring with current FEN students. Roslyn might often find she’s not receiving or enjoying the rewards and fruits of her labour this year. The likely reason – as she aspires to be the leader of her team (or to achieve excellence, recognition, and perfections), she might have focused too much attention on her colleagues, friends, or customers (she’s working in the service industry). Unknowingly, she might have forgotten, ignored, or neglected, showing her true talents – her creative ideas and communicative skills. This means she might have miscommunicate and caused friction with others, in her haste to chase for her goals. From a health aspect, she might feel restless and mentally tired, sacrificing her time for others, which makes her more critical with her household members, and possibly at work too. As the UNZIP Code method is nonetheless, a ‘work-in-progress’ status, I hope Roslyn can feedback if she was experiencing what I have mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

There might be some communication problems or heated arguments between Roslyn and her husband this year. In fact, she’s experiencing the Double-Effect vibes in 2017, present in her ‘Relationship / Compatibility Chart’, and the ‘Compatibility Year Chart (PY2017)‘. While she might often need to manage her finances for the house and family, she might find herself being overloaded with the financial tasks. They might have made many plans before, and some have yet been carried out, probably because of the husband. While he might have business or made investments elsewhere, there could be frequent quarrels and disagreements between them. With the Double-Effect vibes on her Relationship chart this year, the good things are manifested twice, and as well as the negative energies (including the stress and disagreements, and conflicts). These include her relationship with other male acquaintances, which could trigger frequent jealous bickering between her and her husband.

From an extended EON method, there’re tendency signs suggesting her parents’ health might not be good during the past three years. Her last Double-Effect Year was in 2013, which have triggered and magnified her emotions, tension, and stress; and then, the possibility of some contractual issues during subsequent years,

While it might be a few days to 2018, the Year 2017 energies don’t run out on 1st Jan 2018. Due to the transitional changes between the outgoing (Year 2017) and incoming (Year 2018) yearly energies, the current energies would gradually pass out instead. This means, depending on tendency signs present in the person’s chart, the PY2017 energies can still be felt until around first quarter 2018.

Roslyn is an intelligent lady, with both street-smart and book-smart genes present in her charts. Next year, the 2-7-9-7-2-9 pattern appears in her PY2018 chart, which means she might have many supporters and customers ready to help her materialise her plans. While there might be some plans she had in mind but couldn’t carry out this year, there are signs she might eventually be able to execute them anytime soon. She needs to concentrate on what she wants to do, putting aside the disruptions happening around in the family, if she wants to achieve the success she aspired.

That’s all for my brief and general observations on Roslyn’s case. She needs to do is to read my book again, to understand the tendency signs influencing and affecting her. Most significantly, she needs to control and manage her emotions, mental, and tempers; and work on improving the communication with her husband, for better, happier, and peaceful family relationships at home.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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