Reflections of 2017

On the first day of this year, I posted an article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2017” (NPO2017), highlighting probable events, traits, and behaviours that might be manifested strongly this year. While we do enjoy the full and positive vibes – and many of you have benefitted from it – we also faced the negative and bad vibes too.

As always, there are people being sceptical about the coinciding events that I have mentioned in the article. It is, nevertheless, something that I prefer not debating and arguing about it since it’s a waste of time doing so, besides the unproductive time spent on the disbelievers. As a matter of fact, every metaphysical system has been always a profound and interesting field that many “uninterested” people found it difficult to comprehend.

Since you’re reading this article, it could imply that you might have known, seen, or heard the events I have described in the NPO2017 article. The events were more obvious this year. The periodic yearly energies do change frequently in a year. And at the same time, we are, likewise, influenced by these transitioning and transient energies, be they on our behaviours, thoughts, or actions; or towards the global weather and nature.

Let’s reflect the issues that happened by reviewing the graphic image that I included in my NPO2017 article. Click or tap on the above graphic image to zoom in for a larger view.

Increasing awareness of gender equalities – from LGBT activities and sudden openness of more people proudly revealing their gay characteristics. Disruptive events carried out by radicals and the fight against terrorist acts. The awareness of babycare products and educations for childcare, baby, and young kids – from better teaching methods to fake milk powder in Asia – this is due to the increasing influence of quick money. Yes, “money, money, money” is still a hot influencing vibe for 2017, with the crazy escalating prices and ballooning effects of cryptocurrencies. Let’s not forget about the increasing individual and corporate corruptions, money laundering, and other financial mismanagement by current and ex-politicians, and businesses.

Elsewhere, we see contrasting weather impact on different countries, with extreme snow, flooding, torrential rains and hurricanes never-experienced-before for some countries. And excessive hot conditions, drought, forest fires and wind volatility experienced by the people in some other countries.

From workplace safety and occupational health aspect, we have read about increasing accidents involving falling from heights, people slipping and falling down, and oil spillage in factories, roads, and seas (like the US warship accidents).

The launching of satellites and space tests, including the increasing of missile tests by North Korea – these are the tendency signs showing off military might and technology advancement, and are present in the 2017 vibes.

You can click or tap here to read the NPO2017 article, and here for the past “yearly reflections” articles as well.

In the following few days, we would be welcoming the Year 2018, and receiving both the good and bad energies as well. How it might bear upon us, whether it could benefit us, and how we can identify the tendency signs and take preventive actions – these and more, I’d share in my “Numerological Predictive Observations 2018” scheduled to be posted on 1 Jan 2018.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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