Reflections on 2019

It’s time of the year when we look back in the year 2019, and reflect what has been going on.

Let me emphasise once again my observations were simply based on the interactions and cause-and-effect analysis of the year 2019 energies. The comments made in my Numerological Predictive Observation 2019 (NPO2019) article posted on 1/1/2019, were based on my knowledge and understanding in the underlying factors beyond number patterns. Frankly, anyone with related experience and knowledge, would be able to share similar and/or even better observations too…

The volcano eruption (“Fire in the sky”) in New Zealand, and fire (“forest fire”) in Australia and California (USA), the Notre Dame fire (“building on fire”) and probably elsewhere, are present in the Year 2019 signs. Likewise, I also mentioned and indicated in the NPO2019 graphic chart about extreme weather – heavy snow, and drought – again, my observations were based on the signs present in the year 2019 chart. Click the 2019 image for larger view…

Back home, nearer to Singapore and neighbouring S.E Asia’s countries, we have experienced or read about awareness of heightened cases of dengue, tuberculosis, and other blood-related diseases and health conditions. The signs of mental depression are strong, and we have examined or read about unfortunate suicides of some Korean K-Pop singers, and other suicides of celebrities elsewhere in the world.

In my NPO2019 article, I also indicated “Brotherhood fights, riots, merciless killings.” In 2019, we have seen or read about the protests in Hong Kong, the recent strikes in Paris, and riots elsewhere – these are undesirable events that we hope it should not have happened, but it did.

I have shared the techniques to identify the signs in any year, with my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students. While we hope the negative tendency signs would not have come out in the year, there is the need for us to stop the complacency that “it would NEVER happen to me” mindset.

The purpose of posting my NPO2019 article and accompanying graphic chart, as in past years as well, is to allow us to take positive actions to minimise the impact and disruptive effects on us. That means every one of us has an important part to play, stays healthy and happy always, and not asserts the “big brother” (USA) mentality to impose economic, trade, and financial sanctions, or enforced bullying tactics on other countries.

The century energies have changed from 19xx to 20xx – from “I (Self)” to “We (Social).” This means shared happiness, equalities, teamwork, and mutual respect and understandings – these are the signals that we need to “ride with the flow” for worldly pursuits and financial stabilities, and not impose last century’s outdated “self-interest” and bullying mentality. From EON/FEN perspective, USA’s bullying tactics must change, as otherwise, the signs of the next decade 202x would be unfavourable to them. The tendency signs that are present in USA’s EON Chart, are suggesting muddier, quicksand-like effects – these imply distractions, loss of focus and directions, blinded by self-interest or egoistical attitudes, and the concern of self-survival (like fear of falling into quicksand). They need to concentrate on the positives of the Birth Root number 5 presents in their birth chart. One way to divert the excessive WATER element on them, is to concentrate on collaborative teamwork globally, and not the “I, me, and myself” or “Heads, I win; Tail, you lose” attitudes.

Let’s ponder what you have done so far for the past 12 months, and see if there is anything positive that you can include as “life lessons” to push you forward to better times ahead. And for the negative events that occurred to you this year, what’s done cannot be undone – change the mindset to change your behaviours and actions. A small step forward today is still better than thinking of not taking one step ahead.

We would be starting a new decade… so enjoy the best of what you can do positively, for the last few days of the year…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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