New superbugs emerging

In a recent article, it was reported that a new class of superbugs resistant to almost all antibiotics from South Asia to Britain has surfaced and they could spread worldwide.

Could this be another conspiracy theory of pharmaceutical companies releasing the superbugs to boost up sales and stock prices? Or could medical institutions be spreading false rumours to prevent patients from going to their cheaper and better competitions?

If this is the case, there could be repercussion and “karmic” consequences on the culprits. Until we know the truth, the conspiracy theories are baseless.

Putting the chaotic conspiracy theories aside, let us get back to the Elements of Numbers (EON) where you can learn and use it to benefit yourself, and others.

Sometime in June this year, after I have posted my article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2010” here, a few curious friends asked about my forecast for 2011. I don’t like to predict for the sake of forecasting as many of these events are caused by the forces and elements of nature, and are beyond our control. Instead, I prefer to teach and show you how to analyse the signs to take care of yourself. This way, we can all learn from one another, share our experiences, and help others while we are still alive.

Anyway, I told my friends my early forecast on Year 2011. There may be a new emerging virus coming out, and spreading fast; or a medical breakthrough that could possibly resulted in a cure for airborne virus.

For now, no one knows whether the superbug originated from India or some other places. There are contradictory reports made about the NDM-1 (New Delhi metallo-lactamase-1) bacteria. Let’s hope it is an isolated case, over-hyped by the medical experts with profits in mind.

Could this superbug be a sign of more potent virus (or viruses) emerging in the next few months to 2011?

I hope my earlier forecast of an impending virus in 2011 was wrong, and it could be a sign of new medical breakthrough instead.

A quick note on 2011 since it may affect you personally… The risk of having diabetes and high cholesterols is high. Exercise and practise good eating habits now when you can. Although these are signs for 2011, it doesn’t mean they may only happen in 2011. Like a health problem, the symptom may appear anytime now through the remaining months of 2010.

There may be more volcanic eruptions; or the skies may be filled with ashes, haze or smog resulting from forest fires and illegal logging activities. These may resulted in respiratory and breathing problems. Protect yourself and take care of your lungs while you can.

OK, that’s a short forecast for 2011. I hope I am wrong in all negative signs mentioned EXCEPT for the positive sign of a medical breakthrough.

Start to take control of your life for a better future and take charge of your own destiny. Protect your health when you still have the means to do so. Don’t leave it in the hands of fate or your doctors to control your life path. You have a life, enjoy it!

Regards, Ron


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