Excitement at the 6th EON WORKSHOP

Once again, I’d like to thanks those who’d attended my past EON WORKSHOP sessions. Yesterday (29 Sep 2012) was the 6th EON WORKSHOP session that I’ve conducted. I used PowerPoint™ slides to complement my teachings as it allows me to structure my workshop lessons so I can focus on explaining the extended techniques. See the sample slides I’ve used at the workshop session.

I’ve shared techniques to identify tendency signs including specific missing elements that could trigger possible cancer-related health conditions when manifested abruptly. I’ve also explained the career vibrations that may influence a person in a particular year; the annual influence (by identifying the year, month, day, and hour patterns); the signs of street smarts and exam (book) smart tendencies. I’ve also shared the techniques to check on spouse’s general conditions from a person’s chart (not their spouse chart) and associate the traits of the numbers through the Five Elements concept.

I’ve shown the Rhythmic Cycle slides on Apple Inc. and explained how we could associate the current problems Apple is facing with the influencing vibes shown on the chart. I’ve also explained the reasons Apple could be facing a critical milestone around year 2015, or later months in 2014 leading to 2015 because of the influence of the incoming “Periodic Yearly” energies. I’ve also suggested to the participants that they can plot the Rhythmic Cycle chart of Japan after the workshop, and see if they can identify similar tension-like patterns on the Japan-China relationships.

Yesterday’s workshop was another “exciting” experience for the participants. They learned more on the “Heavenly Send-Off” pattern; the “Seasonal Influence” influencing the element’s energy level in particular season; and the actions a person could do to harmonise the energies in a particular year by identifying their “Annual Code” pattern.

The session was interactive and participants were enthusiastic. Many of them had the privilege to learn new techniques and felt positive. One participant told me after the workshop, something like “Your slides are impressive. You must have taken much effort doing it.” His encouraging words were enough to make my day. I had many requests from previous workshops asking if I could provide the workshop slides to all participants. Sorry, the slides are copyrighted and proprietary.


I’ve received requests to conduct separate EON Course for beginners as these people wanted to learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method direct from me. I’m also thankful to past EON Workshop participants for spreading the good feelings of the workshop and their positive learning experiences to others. I’ll provide more details on the beginner’s course later. Anyhow, students can expect a visual learning experience from me just like what I’ve done for the EON WORKSHOP. I’ll be using Powerpoint™ slides (see sample slides below) to teach the EON methods in a progressive way similar to the learning experience you’d after reading my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. You will learn to associate number patterns to certain traits and why certain patterns have limits, besides learning the key meanings of the numbers 1 to 9, and its traits and characteristics.


One participant (let’s call him “Shen”) asked if we could complement EON with other metaphysics systems. Yes, we can, and we should since no single metaphysics can provide all tendency signs. Shen talked about combining EON methods with the planets to improve the analysis. Why not? For example, McCoy (my EON Workshop associate) is adapting his knowledge on Astrology and EON to profile customers. Some years back, I’ve also shared with him another charting method where we can complement our profiling analysis. Perhaps it may be the right time to introduce these methods in separate profiling enhancement workshops.

Do let me know via email (SunTzu2796@gmail.com) if you or your friends are keen to attend the EON Course, the next EON WORKSHOP, or the Profiling Enhancement Workshops.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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