Where Health Matters in Wayne’s World

In my previous article “Finding Numbers in Wayne’s World”, I’ve explained how you can analyse a person’s chart using the one-, two-, or three-number combination pattern to “focus on the issues” and identify tendency signs. Today, I’ll answer Wayne’s third question which is:

Q3. For health analysis, is it right to say that we only look at the Personal Year Root number and not the numbers in M, N, P and Q to deduce our health in a particular year?

I mentioned on Page 220 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” that we can find out one’s annual health condition. We can look at the Year’s Root number and compare or combine it with the person’s Root Number.

You can consider this as Level 1 method of analysing the healt. As you practise analysing more case studies, your profiling skills will improve and you may find the Level 1 method too limited. That’s where you can progress to the next Level 2. On Page 220, I wrote, “We can also adopt another approach to look at the health aspect. From my own observations, we can also use the identification of the Health symptoms method to look at the health aspects as well…” I’d recommend you to check on Page 220 of my book and read up the details.

The Level 2 method allows you to identify the “strength” of the elements in a Personal Year against the weakest element. It seems more logical since we know a person don’t suffer from the same health conditions associated to the “Health Symptom” element every year. The energies of each of the five elements do vary between years, and these would somehow affect your health.

Here’s my answer to Wayne – You need to look at all elements and numbers in MNOPQ of the Personal Year chart for tendency signs of increasing energies that may affect your health.

Take the case of Tony Scott who committed suicide recently due to emotional stress. Click on this link to read my case study article. I’ve analysed his health signs based on the elements and numbers present in the MNOPQ locations on his Personal Year 2011/2012 charts.

Practise what you’ve learned from the methods described in my book. Check out the articles I have posted on this weblog related to health matters. I believe you can improve your profiling skills with regular practise, and you can identify the health signs that may happen in a particular year.

Exercise, eat healthy and think positivethese are actions you must continue to practise as otherwise, we are the weakest link to our visions of a happier and healthier person. You can control, lessen, or even avert the negative health signs if you can constantly manifest the positive thoughts, and stay happy, and healthy.

I’ve shared many extended case studies on health issues at my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions, including teaching you how to identify tendency signs like cancer, diabetes, and tinnitus. I’ve also shared the method to identify serious health signs that may affect a person. As research takes time, effort and finances, I can only share the extended methods to those who’re attending my EON WORKSHOP sessions. So, come and join me at this Saturday’s workshop on 29 Sept 2012.

Many users have installed the EON Software on their Android OS smartphone. Like me, many of them have enjoyed using the software to plot the charts and analysing them. Their profiling skills have improved. I’m currently providing this software (full version) free to participants who attended my EON WORKSHOP sessions as a gesture of goodwill.

I’m glad Wayne has discovered the Elements of Numbers (EON) and is happily learning them. Wayne wrote in his email reply to me, “I will spread the knowledge of EON. In fact, I’m already doing so in my office. All my colleagues are so amazed!”

Wayne’s enlightening words further manifested the positive thoughts, “Thanks for making me realise numbers are not only for maths!” Wayne, thanks for the support!!!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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