Extended Registration Offer for 6th EON Workshop

My first book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” provides the basic theories of the numbers and the effects it could have on a person. Besides identifying the tendency traits, you also learned about the effects on a person’s Health and Career using the Five Elements method.

You can also learn more tendency signs at this Saturday’s 6th EON WORKSHOP sessions. I’d be sharing extended techniques (like Career Vibes, Rhythmic Cycles, Life Path Profiling, Health, Patterns, etc) with you at the workshop, and many of these are sensitive. It’s not possible to share them with you here to prevent abuse and misinterpretations. In addition, you’ll learn more techniques from the manuscript of my second book – get to learn these techniques in advance.

Here’s the good news...

Sign up for this Saturday’s EON Workshop by end Wednesday (26th Sep) and you pay only S$169 (instead of S$196), the same course fee as those who’d signed up for the Early Bird offer. As we need to cater the food (lunch and tea-breaks, Halal) earlier, we need the Wednesday dateline for logistic reasons. You need to have enough energy to handle the influx of extended techniques from me.

The next 7th EON workshop (no schedule yet) would be at $246.

Call McCoy now at 8356-0179 to register now. You can also email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com to register. If you’ve attended my previous workshop sessions, you only have to pay S$89 to attend this Saturday’s 6th EON WORKSHOP session.

See you on Saturday 29th September 2012.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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