Monthly Archive: October 2012

Times of Your Life

Garrett was kinda insistent in his observation on my formula for the Time of Birth chart.  Garrett studied the Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling from Master Bernard. He also bought my book “Elements of...


An Insightful Dinner

I’d a wonderful time last evening (26 Oct) catching up on the latest Feng Shui trends and mishaps with metaphysics friends at the Singapore Feng Shui Centre (SFSC) Alumni Dinner 2012. We’re also learned...


Bankruptcy vibes on Rich Dad, Poor Dad

According to this online Herald Sun article, “the rich are different from many people as they file for bankruptcy as a strategic business move.” One of them is Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-selling...


World Mental Health Day

The “World Mental Health Day” is celebrated annually in over 100 countries on 10 October. This year, it falls on this coming Wednesday (10/10/2012). There are daily events (27 Sep 2012 – 2 Jan...


To Teach is to Learn Twice

Gracelyn attended my recent 6th EON Workshop and wrote in her email, “Thank you for your time and willingness to share on life path and career profiling. An avid follower of your blog, I...


Same Same But Different

“Same Same But Different.” That’s the phrase printed on some T-shirts my daughter brought back from Vietnam last year. Different people may interpret this phrase differently and the observation made could be surprisingly different....

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