An Insightful Dinner

I’d a wonderful time last evening (26 Oct) catching up on the latest Feng Shui trends and mishaps with metaphysics friends at the Singapore Feng Shui Centre (SFSC) Alumni Dinner 2012. We’re also learned useful insights from the five speakers who shared their thoughts on:

–          The past and current trends in Feng Shui consulting, and the need to update ourselves with modern metaphysics and social trends;

–          Introducing “geopathology” as complementary methods to harmonise the energies in our surroundings;

–          Understanding the strength of our names through numerology;

–          Extra insights on face reading; and

–          The outlook for 2013 using the Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ) method.

One lady posted a career-related question and Master Lim began to look at the QMDJ chart to explain his divination observations impressing others with his “QMDJ chinese classic” annotations.

I quickly launched my work-in-progress Bazi (Android) software. I smiled when his explanation matches with what I’d noted on the Bazi chart using a separate BaziShenGua (Bazi Divination) method. I’d conducted classes on Bazi Divination some years ago and taught students how to apply the divination method using the BaziGua software. And it was the right moment last night to compare my “BAZI divination observatory notes” while Master Lim was explaining his QMDJ observation.

Another speaker Charies was explaining the applications of using our names (like birth name, business name, religious name, social name) to strengthen the energies in our life and how we can maximise it to harmonise the vibes. Understanding a person’s name, including changing the names to attract the good vibes, is part of the universal numerology ecosystem.

According to some of the PowerPoint™ slides presented by Charies, my name (RON WZ SUN) has the compound number 6 which is the ideal number to manifest the good vibes of certain traits associated to the number.  It coincides with what I’m doing on the Elements of Numbers (EON) – sharing EON experiences through my book, the articles posted on this web-blog, and my teachings at the EON workshops.

So, why don’t I incorporate the use of a person’s names in the Elements of Numbers (EON) method?

When I first started to do research on numerology, I found many methods (like Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Western, and Chinese) useful in its own context. However, when I started to do research to strengthen my Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I realise that we should consciously remind ourselves to be careful not to unknowingly trigger the negative vibes associate to the number or element. Every number has its associated element, and every element has both Yin and Yang vibes. For every Yin, there is a Yang, and in every Yang, there is a Yin. What this means is that when we manifest the good vibes of certain number, we’re could also be creating the negative vibes of the same number.

I’ve explained the effects of the UNIVERSAL and PERSONAL numbers at my EON WORKSHOP sessions. I’ve taught participants the techniques to look at a person’s life path, and how we can take actions to minimise the cumulative negative effects. We need to understand these before manifesting the good vibes without knowing the negative effects that could happen if we unknowingly trigger it off.

Imagine my business name (Ron WZ Sun) number is 6, my Birth root number is 6, my Personal Year Root is 6, and my car registration number adds to 6. With these multiple sets of 6, does it means more wealth for me this year?  If you’ve read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” or have read the many articles I’ve posted here, you’d know that “one number too many” may inadvertently manifest the negative vibes and these could influence the person unknowingly. With too many 6s, the tendency signs could suggest whistle blowing, greediness, corruption, money laundering, political, social and sexual scandals, and even triggering the quarrelsome vibes in families and their homes.  Do I want all these to happen to me? Of course NOT. Fortunately, my Birth Root is not 6 and my car registration plate number does not add up to 6.

It’s good to know the vibes in your names, and to change them if you think it can help you manifest the good vibes you always wanted. Eventually you must always remind yourselves that good vibes could only be “useable” if you positively change your thinking from within. You cannot sit still, do nothing and expect miracles to happen. If you think changing your name to a better sounding one would do wonders for you, change your name if you feel better doing so.

Remember, “actions speak louder than words and thoughts”. You got to take positive actions to change your perspective first today if you want to become a better and successful person and live the life you want tomorrow.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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