On Harvey Weinstein’s Career vibes

One of the key areas that I’d like to value-add at the coming FEN WORKSHOP session is to explain the underlying insights on how each number (i.e., 1 to 9) could impose different influences (internal, external, or both) in an era, by using the Visualisation Profiling (VP) techniques. I have posted an introduction of what visualization profiling is all about at my main domain site – www.RonWZSun.com, and highly recommend that you check them out.

If you still don’t know what the VP is, why not take this opportunity to attend the FEN WORKSHOP. I will show how you can apply the VP technique in your analysis in an easy and simple way. Some of you might feel foolish (for lack of a better word) after class for your ignorance on what nature has given you – your five senses. Of course, you’ll be smarter and becoming more observant after the session. To rephrase it in another way, applying the VP technique is like storytelling time, where you look at a person’s chart and then recall vividly what each number implies. What’s more – you will be able to associate the pairing numbers like 1-6, 2-7, 3-8, 4-9 as closely-linked, and consider them as having the same Yin-Yang element associations. Besides, when you look at the number 5, you will recall what was taught in class, and now it seems so unforgettable to identify the number 5 to its dual characteristics.

A person seeking your advice to analyse their charts, has his or her own story to tell, and more likely it’s not a happy one. People with good stories generally would not bother having their charts analysed, since they felt they are in excellent luck, and need no one to help prolonged or sustain their luck. No matter how hard you tried telling them the potential issues, they’d laughingly said that “it would only happen to other people, and not them.” They might come seeking your advice when they no longer could enjoy the benefitting vibes. What is your role then? Well, besides the need to remind yourself to be a good listener, especially when you have certain number patterns in your chart, you must be a good story teller too. Tell them what might have happened – positive and negative outcomes – once you have identified the clues, and then suggest various options after correlating the signs present elsewhere in their EON charts. You can next provide practical and achievable suggestions that could help them in any way possible, when you understood his or her life path energies. And you’re encouraged to guide them to make a transformation change, and to move on with their lives in more positive ways. Let them know you can’t change their past since it is history, but you highlight the present situation and get them to understand that if they don’t fix it, the extreme worst scenario might come true. The future is too early for us to conclude, but its outcome is mainly influenced by the type of positive actions they take today.

So far, I have mentioned about the need to understand the fundamentals of each number, from 1 to 9. What better way to illustrate my point is to use an example. Let’s review the case of Harvey Weinstein. He was recently been accused by other celebrities of committing numerous sins, like multiple allegations of rape, sexual harassment and trading sex for movie roles, as reported in this Fox News online article.

Some of you might be able to identify number patterns relating to bad EQ communication problems, and the flirtatious and sensuous nature. After attending the FEN WORKSHOP session, you will find it easier to identify other traits in the charts. This means a person whose charts are similar to those displayed in the screenshot, could inhibit traits like manipulative, materialistic, emotional, and some others. The health symptoms include selective listening disorder, diabetes and cancerous tendencies, power hungry, spiritual senses, and sexual. And within a few years’ time, especially if they neglect their health, the tendency signs are suggesting some form of heart-related conditions like cardiac arrest or heart attack. That’s only when they don’t take care of their health. And if they do, the health conditions might not be so bad after all. At the least, they might suffer from some chest tension or heart-related ailments instead.

One more sign you will learn at the FEN WORKSHOP is about the Career Element, which is not the same as the suitable type of business or career a person could work in. The Career Element is unique to the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles due to its applications by using the Five Element concepts to profile a person. Of course, some trainers who previously attended my earlier FEN courses, could already have shared some information on the career element. Every year, the energies of the Career Element changes and fluctuate accordingly to the influences of the year. That sounds logically since it’s not like every year you wanted to change jobs, or every year you got promoted, and so on.

Harvey lost his job. There are tendency signs present in his charts suggesting strong controlling energies affecting his career this year too. And that’s not the only clue you will learn in my workshop session – there’re signs about the wife and female companions. I’ll explain in class why his wife, and the various ladies are so uptight and decided to reveal the truth now. You might have already acquired the basics of profiling elsewhere, but that might not be enough to identify clues beyond the constraint of numbers. Go beyond that, and you will be building a knowledge base of extended EON fundamentals and visualisation profiling techniques that could help improve your own lifestyle, and that of many others.

I have set the FEN WORKSHOP course fee at an attractive, introductory rate as I want more students to learn the practical, extended EON techniques. The FEN WORKSHOP is now confirmed – thanks to those who’d registered earlier.

Register now to confirm your attendance.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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